The Nacho Finance team announced a NFT Sale that will happen between the 25th and 28th of November where all Luchador mints will be 50% off, get 2 Luchadors for the price of one!

Let’s look at the Luchadors, and their Black Friday 50% Mint Sale!

With 3,333 different Luchador NFTs, the Nacho Finance Play to Earn game released in the Polygon Ecosystem just keeps getting better. These NFTs are so detailed and made with top-notch 3D mapping that you could 3D Print them and put them on display over your fireplace in the living room for everyone to see, but that’s not all there is to these fiery hunks of meat waiting to fight for glory!

It can be difficult to decide which of the 3,333 unique Luchadors to keep and collect against which ones to look into buying. When attraction gets in the way, calculating rarity is crucial. Let's look at the characteristics that will set them apart and add to their rarity.

The spicy Luchadors feature 13 traits archetypes with over 200 traits contributing to the NFTs rarity and obviously AWESOMENESS!

Black Friday Smackdown
The Nacho Finance team announced a NFT Sale that will happen between the 25th and 28th of November where all Luchador mints will be 50% off, get 2 Luchadors for the price of one!

Keep in mind that there are a lot of rare traits that haven’t been discovered yet and if you’re the lucky one, you’d be sitting on a gold mine!

Minting your Luchador => https://www.nachoxyz.com/mint

Trait Classes

The Head, relates to headwear, especially to the over 60 unique mask kits which greatly vary in size, shape and most importantly and excitingly, pop culture references! Luchadors can wear a lot of things on their head or over their face, it could be a pixel art paper-mask or a huge rusty iron contraption, and let’s not forget to mention that somebody was lucky enough to get their Guy Fawkes mask, remember remember the 5th of November!

The Eye, as you would have guessed, refers to the Luchador’s eyes but also the Eyewear and some special effects as well, some very rare mints have insanely crazy effects such as Laser Eyes or Alien Eyes and much much more. As for the eyewear, they can wear glasses like a scholarly gentleman or a cool superstar, if you’ve thought about it, it’s there, and if you didn’t, it’s there too.

Just look at these, I want the red shades.

The Mouth, as you have guessed relates to mouth shapes and accessories, and some are really really good, like a traditional pipe or a Cuban cigar. We’ll let you discover the rest as you scour the NFT Marketplace to find your long lost brawling brother!

The Neck, big, beefy, strong, manly necks! They can carry a lot of weight around as you know, wrestlers carry other wrestlers around the back of their head all the time, and boom, SMASH them on the ground. The Luchadors love carrying all sorts of adornments around their necks, chains, medallions, SNAKES? yikes.

The Body, towering like a Titan over all mere mortals, hard as a stone, manly as… well a man or more lesser men. A range of 6 skin tones represent the human body characteristics, but as you may have guessed, there are some very rare types of bodies such as alien types, celestial spirits and gold plated robots (Praise the Omnissiah).

The Arms, weapons of mass destruction, bruise givers, limb breakers, bone crushers, you name it, they do it! The most common base are just big manly arms with huge strength as any Luchador would pride itself to have, but, and there’s always a but, some of the more eccentric Luchadors have chosen to enhance their limbs with iron, steel, gold and obviously the rarest of them all, DIAMOND HANDS. We’d like to think he’s holding onto his Nacho bag for all eternity and beyond, as the legends would say in 10000 years from now.

Props to the kiddy plastic candy rings we all loved when we were toddlers, yummy.

The Kit, of which there are six per faction with a total of 60 designs. Two common, two special, and two uncommon kits for each side. All 60 of the standard kits use emblems, patterns, or cohesive color schemes to identify their affiliated side. Luchadors take great pride in demonstrating their allegiance to their Faction and other wrestlers.

The Garment, signifies extra accessories, worn on top of the Kit and most commonly, Luchadors don’t wear any garment, but some choose to wear capes and even wings with the rarest ones being full fledged pimp-like silks and robes! Who wouldn’t like to have the superclass of Mr. Glass’s suit?

The Accessories, mainly worn on hands and wrists, you would think they’d wear watches and gloves and while that’s very correct for some of them, other more unique-minded Luchadors would take some inspiration from Drive and get their hands ready for some head bashing.

Grrr, I’m hungry, why’d you have to show me a Hot Dog like that?

The Weapon, as all respectable and unrespectable Luchadors, some crave violence, huge violence, and there’s no shortage of it through their weapons of choice. Creating pain is what they know best, and some get very inventive. World-ending gem-encrusted gloves, glowing and fiery swords, food items (yum hot dogs) and even Ashbringer itself!

Bash some popping heads with the rubber hammer!

The Footwear, is important, wouldn’t want these beasty toes be struck by a surprise bed leg attack. Luchadors love wearing boots, but some, rare and very rare eccentric choices have been made such as Crocs or Converses.

The Background, does it all, says it all. It relates to the visual behind the Luchador. There are currently over 30 backgrounds, all gorgeous if I may say, some might be catching the eye more than others though like the ‘Respect Money’ plastered all over the place one!

The Environment, another important aspect of the Luchadors NFTs as there are several special ones. They are there to add a backstory and some context to the Luchador and his origins, but most likely it’s just something he really likes to show off and make you, and all other Luchas very jealous.

If you didn’t already get your own Luchador, then it is probably time to treat yourself well and purchase one or more! You will be crying MANTEARS when the Luchadors 3D Game comes out and you can’t be a part of it, crushing skulls, finishing moves with your stabby flabby Hot Dog!

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 25, 2022