As part of this strategy we’re building a rich and detailed visual world for Akiverse, and we’ll be excited to release this as our designers work on it in the coming months!

MaticNews x Akiverse AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Welcome to MaticNews! Please give us an introduction of you and your team! What past experience do you have?
Akiverse: Hello, thank you for having us here today! My name is Taiga, and I am part of the marketing team in Akiverse I will give an introduction about this project along with our team member Ron.

As our CEO we have Hiro Mashita who is an entrepreneur, businessman, and investor. Started out his career in finance and went on to being branch manager, CFO, head of business development, and so on for multiple Japanese companies. Some which are listed on the Tokyo stock exchange on the prime market. He is an early investor of OpenSea, and has good foresight as an investor. A VTuber company that he invested in 5 years ago went IPO recently at a valuation of around 2 billion USD, which was big news to him as well as the startup community in Japan. He sees the future of Web3 transforming the tech and economic landscape and also sees that this project - Akiverse - will be the leader of this space.

As our Chief Game Officer,  we have Tomoko who has been in the digital content and gaming business for about 14 years. And has been involved in a game that has 200 million downloads and about 1.4 million Daily Active Users. She also has experience in marketing and community management for well-known crypto MMO RPG games as well as other services. Her love for games but also her seriousness towards the details are what make an amazing product.

As our CTO, we have Peter who has 13 years of experience in full-stack software engineering, fintech, AI, and math research. A former engineer of Google and Standard AI.

On our advisory panel, we have Joshua. Joshua was the founding engineer of OpenSea and a former engineer at Facebook and is our advisor related to the tech side of things.

Other than the people that I have introduced, we have different team members from different backgrounds, specialties, nationalities, and living in different parts of the world and are a very diverse group of people.

MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any backround story?
Akiverse: Our founders came up with the name Akiverse while developing the concept for the project. We’re building a metaverse retro arcade, so we wanted to honor the epicenter of 80s and 90s arcade culture which is the Akihabara district in Tokyo. It’s famous for multi-level game centers that are unique to Japan, and some of the most influential gaming companies of the arcade era like Sega could be found there. Combining Akihabara with metaverse gave us our name Akiverse.

MaticNews: Furthermore, what is Akiverse? Please introduce the project to us!
Akiverse: Arcades hold a special place in the hearts and memories of our team members, and anyone else who is old enough to have been lucky enough to experience the first waves of video games in arcades and game centers. Kids would go after school to play with the arcade machines, family and friends would go out to play on the weekends, and young people would go there to socialize. It was truly a hub for people to gather, a community was built with lots of positive energy. We thought that we could embrace Web3 technology to bring back the essence of arcade gaming from the 80s and 90s.

Since that initial concept, the project has developed from a recreation of the arcade boom into an entire entertainment universe. Here’s a quick summary of what Akiverse has become:

Akiverse is an Entertainment Universe transforming virtual experiences into an entire entertainment metaverse that is both enjoyable and economically rewarding for all.

We are starting by building a gaming arcade universe combined with blockchain technology that is free-to-play for anyone, anywhere, anytime, making blockchain entertainment ultra-accessible.

In our retro arcade universe, you will transport yourself back to the 80s by playing fun and fast arcade games for $AKIR, or by building your arcade empire with Akiverse Game Center, Arcade Machine and Arcade Part NFTs.

A big feature for us as a platformer is that we have what is called the ODEN-CAN SDK in place.

With the ODEN-CAN SDK that we will be providing the developers publicly, this will allow them to create arcade games for Akiverse enabling a Web3 experience with user-generated content. Developers will be able to earn revenue through this system making Akiverse a diverse platform all while empowering the creators, which we think is one of the important aspects of Web3.

The engine of the Akiverse ecosystem is the Craft System, which creates value and maintains a balanced token and NFT supply to provide a sustainable economy. The Craft System is a scalable ecosystem model that can be applied to diverse entertainment experiences to expand Akiverse exponentially beyond our arcade universe.

MaticNews: What is your mission and vision?
Akiverse: Our mission is to create an entertainment platform that makes Web3 fun and ultra-accessible to everyone. The next wave of adoption for blockchain and Web3 will come from dapps that are designed so that people don’t even know that blockchain technology is under the hood, which is a core component of our design philosophy for Akiverse.

We’re starting by building an arcade universe where anyone can play anytime, anywhere with just a mobile phone and internet access. We’ll be lowering the barriers to entry so that even people with slow internet connections can play.

From there, we are expanding to build an entire entertainment universe that is both enjoyable and economically rewarding for all participants.
MaticNews: Starting from your core, which are the use cases between $AKIR and $AKV?
Akiverse: $AKIR is our utility rewards token and $AKV is our governance token. The uses for each differ but are related.

$AKIR is an ERC-20 token that will enable transactions to take place within Akiverse. The functions of $AKIR will evolve as the Akiverse entertainment platform develops with a dynamic supply mechanism employed, meaning that more $AKIR will be circulated as more activity occurs on the platform.

These are some of the use cases for $AKIR:

A reward that players can earn by playing Akiverse arcade games
A fee for Crafting Arcade Machines. AKIR used to craft Arcade Machines will be burned
A fee for Arcade Machine owners to pay rent to Game Center owners for installing their machines inside Game Centers
Bonuses for staking AKV

$AKV is an ERC-20 governance token for Akiverse. It is a representation of the value of the Akiverse entertainment universe with a hard cap of 400 million AKV tokens.

$AKV holders will receive a proportion of the revenue made on the Akiverse platform, staking bonuses and LP farming bonuses. Holders will also have the ability to participate in key governance votes for Akiverse.

$AKV is required for the Arcade Machine crafting process, and may also be won when players achieve high rankings in gameplay.

$AKV will be released gradually to the market as part of our public sale, staking bonuses and LP farming bonuses. All AKV allocated for the team, advisors and during our seed and private sale is subject to lock-up periods following exchange listings.
MaticNews: Would you like to explain your game overview and gameplay flow? How do you use the NFTs in them?
Akiverse: As I mentioned earlier, there are 4 types of players in the game. The Players, the Arcade Machine Owners, the Game Center Owners, and the Crafters. So I would like to go over each one, but before I do, I would like to explain each of the NFTs and how they work inside Akiverse.

First, these are the main NFTs that we have inside Akiverse.

Arcade Parts NFT
Arcade Machine NFT
Game Center NFT
Arcade Parts NFT

Arcade Parts NFT is the NFT that makes up an Arcade Machine NFT. There are 4 types of Arcade Parts NFT - ROM, Accumulator, Upper Cabinet, and Lower Cabinet. When you gather 4 specific Arcade Parts and do what is known as Crafting, you are able to make an Arcade Machine.

Arcade Machine NFT
An Arcade Machine NFT is the NFT that allows you to play the game, have fun, and earn tokens. Each Arcade Machine has one game inside and is activated for gameplay once installed inside a Game Center.

Game Center NFT
The Game Center NFT is similar to land NFTs in other games. These Game Center NFTs will allow you to place an Arcade Machine inside, enabling visitors of Akiverse or the Game Center to play games on the Arcade Machine. Arcade Machine owners will have to pay rent as a fee to use the Game Center’s space.

These 3 NFTs enable 4 types of users to enjoy Akiverse:

Game Center owners
These players are the landlords of Akiverse, providing space to put Arcade Machines. They set a time-based rent fee and collect them from Arcade Machine owners.

Arcade Machine owners
These players decide on which Game Center space they want to place their Arcade Machine NFTs based on the rent fee that the Game Center owners ask for. They also need to consider what Arcade Machine is most played or trending right now and provide it by setting it in Game Centers.

These players are the ones that visit Akiverse and find a Game Center, select an Arcade Machine, and play a game. There are no fees involved for the players to play and enjoy, so it is a free-to-play game. Players are able to earn $AKIR tokens when they do well in the game.

I would like to go over this after I have explained what the Craft System is.

There are more structures and rules that are currently under construction that will make this a more exciting game, so stay tuned for our announcements!

MaticNews: What is the craft system?
Akiverse: The Craft System allows players to create Arcade Machines, by assembling Arcade Parts and paying a crafting fee in $AKV and $AKIR.

It is the value creation mechanism that both drives the Akiverse ecosystem and maintains a balanced supply of Akiverse NFTs and tokens.

Different combinations of Arcade Parts will be used to create different Arcade Machines. Some parts will be more rare than others, so certain Arcade Machines will be more valuable due to their rarity or difficulty to Craft.

Crafters are the players that look at the current Arcade Machine market in Akiverse and figure out which ones have the most demand or have good profitability, and assemble them using Arcade Parts to then sell them on the open market.

MaticNews: Now that everything is clear, how can we join your ecosystem?
Akiverse: Right now we are in the middle of our Alpha launch, but that is only open for a few more days and is exclusive to Game Center NFT holders. Once we close Alpha we’ll be busy making plans for the Beta version of Akiverse, which will be open to more users.

We’re still in the early stages of building our platform, so all of our ecosystem assets aren’t yet available but you can buy one of our Game Center NFTs trading on OpenSea or participate in the giveaway for this AMA to have a chance at winning an Arcade Part NFT!

We’ll be releasing more assets as we move towards the official launch of Akiverse, so until then the best way to get involved is to join the community by following our Twitter or joining our Discord and Telegram.
MaticNews: Let’s talk about the tokenomics! Please tell us about yours and about why you choose this model?
Akiverse: The challenge for GameFi projects is to create a valuable token ecosystem that provides incentives for both investment and gameplay, allows for new user adoption without prohibitive pricing and has mechanisms in place to manage inflationary or deflationary forces.

It’s not an easy task to design a tokenomics model that addresses these problems. We’ve constructed an interrelated multi-token model for Akiverse consisting of 3 primary tiered NFTs, a utility token and a governance token.

The combination of all 5 tokens within the ecosystem allows for 2 layers of gameplay to occur simultaneously, one layer for Players and the other for NFT owners.

Gameplay is incentivized with a free-to-play model where players can play whenever they like and earn $AKIR tokens while NFT owners can work behind the scenes to earn as much as possible.

Game Center owners earn by renting out space. Arcade Machine owners earn a percentage of players winnings. Crafters combine Arcade Parts to make Arcade Machines that they can earn with or sell to the marketplace. Through the Crafting process, $AKIR is burned to manage inflationary forces.

The relationship between the 5 tokens facilitates a gameplay experience that rewards players and investors. The tokens work together to support the construction of a gaming platform that produces high quality games.  

As more games are created an introduced into Akiverse, and more players engage with the arcade games, a network effect emerges that will grow the value of the entertainment platform.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the Clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned of your whole ecosystem?
Akiverse: We have commissioned a CERTIK audit of our code.

MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
Akiverse:  We’re fortunate to have secured significant investment that allows us to build in the early stages of the project. Once we’ve released the platform, revenue will be dependent on the success and activity on the platform.

As activity on the platform increases we’ll be minting more Arcade Parts NFTs to allow more Arcade Machines to be built. The revenue from these NFTs is a significant input into Akiverse. A proportion of the fees for crafting will also be allocated to the reserve which will finance future developments. Entertainment and promotional partnerships are also avenues for future revenue growth for Akiverse.
MaticNews: What are the current partners and the marketing strategy to have a good amount of users at the launch of the ecosystem?
Akiverse:  As we’re still early in our development roadmap, we’re operating in what most people would call stealth mode focusing on development and releasing some information about the project. In these early stages we’re talking to investors and NFT owners who understand blockchain, like anyone paying attention to this AMA!

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve secured significant investment to build the platform and we are in the process of securing investment from more capital partners. We’re also working with promotional partners who are gearing up to promote the ecosystem before the launch. Once we move closer to the launch of the platform, we’ll be realigning our marketing strategy to target users who would be interested in playing the games on our platform.

As part of this strategy we’re building a rich and detailed visual world for Akiverse, and we’ll be excited to release this as our designers work on it in the coming months!

We also have team members traveling across the world to promote Akiverse and establish partnerships in India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, USA and Europe. If anyone is currently at Token2049 in Singapore, our CEO, CSO, CFO is there right now. And we’re hosting an IRL event in India next month with one of our partners.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, as recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?
Akiverse: Our Alpha launch is coming to a close this week. Following that, these are the main milestones on our roadmap:

Closed Beta
Open Beta
Official Launch

Specific dates will be announced through Twitter, so please stay tuned for the announcement.
MaticNews: Last, but not least, what do you think about the current martlet moment?
Akiverse: After seeing some major projects collapse over the past few months, we’re actually pretty lucky to be in the position that we’re in. You know what they say about predicting the markets, if anyone tells you that they know exactly what will happen then they are most likely lying or trying to sell you something. The reality is that no one knows where the market will head from here, but if we focus on the fundamental indicators of development happening in the space then things are looking promising.

We’re seeing way more development activity than we did in the last crypto winter, so that might mean that this bear market won’t last as long. For us, it gives us a good opportunity to take a breather away from the froth, hype and frenzy that surrounds a bull market and pay attention to building a quality product. So, market conditions certainly may not be ideal for raising the most amount of money, selling NFTs or releasing tokens but we’re fortunate to be able to continue with development of our product despite these conditions and we’ll be ready for when the market turns around to the upside.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 30, 2022