The Overall Vision of the whole Team is a project that can and should be referenced within this space in some years to come. We want to be able to work with different projects, integrate them as a reward option within our game system. This would help us expand.

MaticNews x Arcade Kingdoms AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Another ama on a cross chain project after the big success of past ones! Let's start with an introduction of you and your team! What past experiences you all have got if any?
ArcadeKingdoms: Yes, thank you for bringing us onboard.

The Team behind Arcade Kingdoms has been within the crypto space for over 4 years now, during this time we have had our share of investments in different projects and some of us has had the honours to work with a few projects within the space. We also have the DarkShield Team who happen to be our incubators as well. They have great expirience and we hope to combine both powers to have an awesome project.
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name, is there any background story?
ArcadeKingdoms: The game Arcade Kingdoms was chosen as it fits our game structure where different warriors compete for kingdoms and take over these kingdoms as they win in each level. Plus our ability to support other projects tokens within the ecosystem as well.
MaticNews: What is https://arcadekingdoms.com? Please introduce the project us!
ArcadeKingdoms: Arcade Kingdoms is the  first-ever strategy driven P2E game on the Blockchain. We are
presenting our investors with super simple battles adventures that allows you
over take the different kingdoms within the realm.

It is also a Strategy game as you will find out after the close of our on-going Game beta contest... it would involve the players to carefully calculate before releasing warriors or fighters. Bottom line, its a fun game and you get to earn $ACK while playing it.
MaticNews: On what chains will your projects be available? Is there any plan to expand to new ones?
ArcadeKingdoms: Right now, BNBChain will be the first chain we launch on even for the tokens. Whether or not we expand would depend on benefits of expanding... We are looking at OKX Chain though for ecosystem benefits. But details on that later. Thanks!
MaticNews: What are your mission and your vision?
ArcadeKingdoms: Our Mission is to create an ecosystem of players for our game, build strong relationships and grow our project reach thereby offering value to our investors.

The Overall Vision of the whole Team is a project that can and should be referenced within this space in some years to come. We want to be able to work with different projects, integrate them as a reward option within our game system. This would help us expand.
MaticNews: Starting from your core, what are the use cases of your native token?
ArcadeKingdoms: We have a number of usecase for our Token ACK

In-game purchase
Game assets purchase on Store
Governance and voting
Investment Power
Staking and LP incentives
Earn for playtime
Minting our NFTs

Some of them integrated at our Full Version Launch and others would come as we continue development.

Our structure is simple... Play and Win then Earn. Players earn as they conquer kingdoms and these earnings would also be used within the game to purchase game items and weapons with the game. We plan to have ads in strategic positions so as to create revenue for the team which a portion is used to Buy back these tokens from the Market.
MaticNews: Any ETA on when can we try the game?
ArcadeKingdoms: Our Whitelist contest ends on 10th... winners will get to test the actual Android version of the game.... Public Release will be shortly after that
MaticNews: How can we join your ecosystem? In which phase of the project are we right now?
ArcadeKingdoms: Right now, still setting up for Fundraise and Launch on 16th. So you can participate by getting ready to own a share of ACK Tokens for 0.02 when we hit Launchpads such Wizard Finance etc.
MaticNews: Perfect, simple and clear. Any link to presale page? Or not live yet?
ArcadeKingdoms: You can find more details on our Telegram group or Twitter https://twitter.com/ArcadeKingdoms/status/1555490911991250946?s=20&t=FZBSQjwdpOUUyZwALg5f1w
MaticNews: Let’s talk about the tokenomics! Please tell us about yours and about why you chose this model?
ArcadeKingdoms: Great, this is what our tokenomics look like.

We have
30% for Sales
10% Marketing
LP 15%
Staking 15%
Airdrop 0.1%
In-game reward 25%
Advisors 2%
Partnership 6.9%
Bug Bounty 1%

You can get more details here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1McIYl25PQ_uOaiHcgFVtPMxmtRifK2Ii/view?usp=sharing
MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
ArcadeKingdoms: Revenue source is from fees from purchasing in-game items, Ads we display within the game and also NFT sales in the future.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the Clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned?
ArcadeKingdoms: KYC and Aduit has already been carried out.

LINK: https://coinsult.net/projects/arcade-kingdoms/
This was a priority for us.
MaticNews: Who are the current partners and the marketing strategy to have a good amount of users at the launch of the game?
ArcadeKingdoms: Our current partners include

Darshield Games: Incubator
MobiPad: Launchpad
Lunapd: Launchpad
Marspad: launchpad
Bloktopia: Mutual Partners
Wizard Finance: Launchpad and Mutual Partners
Erax NFTs: Launchpad Partners
Reblock: Marketing Partners
Melegate: Marketing Partners
DODO: Launchpad
Our Marketing is carefully planned to cover some good points... We have marketers in Russia, Turkey, South Korea and even recently have gotten a Chinese marketer. We also plan Billboards and Banners across Poocoin, Dextools etc.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, as recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?
ArcadeKingdoms: Our core focus at the moment is a Good Launch. Our next focus after launch is the full version game launch, building bigger communities and expanding in exchange listings. We are already in talks with very top exchanges for listings.
MaticNews: Thanks for joining us today!
ArcadeKingdoms: We are happy to have participated in this great AMA! The Kingdoms will prevail!

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 7, 2022