A fork tomb is one of the most popular fork based on the Tomb finance protocol. This protocol has the ability to create a fair ecosystem between emission and reward.

MaticNews x CronosFC AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Another cross chain AMA after the big success of past ones! Let’s start with your and your team's introduction! What are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on CronosFC?
CronosFC: We are still two founders, both of us are present today, we have a new communication team composed of three guys and a business dev in charge of new partnerships. Tech wise, we have 2 solidity devs and a web3 dev!
MaticNews: What is CronosFC, please give us a brief introduction!
CronosFC: Cronos FC is a project that mixed gamefi & defi. We have launched a DeFi project during April, then a gamefi betting system, and now we are focused on our ecosystem by developing a new defi system with a new nft collection distributed thanks to a merge system.
MaticNews:  Please tell us about  your merge system!
CronosFC: Yes, the merge initiative is to reduce the old collection's supply because it is hard to give utility to 23K+ NFTs.
To purchase the new NFTs you will need the old NFTs.

Total Supply: 5,555 NFTs

  • 5,000 Players
  • 500 Goalkeepers
  • 55 Captain Goalkeepers

Each type of the old NFTs will be converted in Merge Tokens in the merging page, following these values:

  • One Gen0 Player = 2 Merge Tokens
  • One Gen0 Goalkeeper = 4 Merge Tokens
  • One Gen1 Player = 1 Merge Token
  • One Gen1 Goalkeeper = 3 Merge Tokens

To purchase the new NFTs you will need 2 Merge Tokens created in the merging page using your old NFTs (the exact number will be set after the merge process is closed, based on the total NFTs participating in the merge platform).
MaticNews: What are the benefits for previous holders (we have many here) and what should they do?
CronosFC: Well the benefits for the previous holders will come with this new collection, we will integrate them to the tomb fork we are preparing. For now, the merge process has ended, the mint with the merge tokens will take place next Sunday, on the 7 of August.
MaticNews: Would you like to explain to us your upcoming tomb fork. How will be integrated in this ecosystem?
CronosFC: A fork tomb is one of the most popular fork based on the Tomb finance protocol. This protocol has the ability to create a fair ecosystem between emission and reward.
The collection resulting from the merge will give holders the opportunity to receive a higher return with their NFTs, and they will have the possibility to upgrade it in order to increase their Fork Tomb $BALL token reward.
MaticNews: Will ther be any bond available?
CronosFC: No, they wont be any bonds.
MaticNews: Furthermore, how do you think these integrations can create the perfect sustainability mix for the whole ecosystem?
CronosFC: The NFTs will yield shares, with this share, you can stake to obtain $BALL or accumulate to have a bigger share in the DAO we will setup. So that being, people will want to keep there shares. A leveling of NFTs will be realized in $GOAL to accompany the expansion of the ecosystem.
MaticNews: Vaults looks like a trend in last period, do you have in plan to have them available?
CronosFC: The Vault has been emptied by the community haha, it is in our plans to fill it as soon as possible. This is one of our priorities!
MaticNews: Now that the protocol is clear, please tell us everything on how can we join this new evolution! We shared multiple times in previous period the posts of the merge.
CronosFC: Well next step is the mint, on the 7 of August. We are also planning a launchpad to make the Fork Tomb ecosystem as clean as possible, you have the possibility to participate in the presale to have a real advantage with a lower token price.
The launchpad is scheduled for August 19th.
MaticNews: Awesome! Speaking about the launchpad, would you like to add more about that?
CronosFC: Well the launchpad will, be on August 19th, we will allocate a certain amount of $BALL for it. After that the genesis will take place, with a special something for those who stake their $BALL.
MaticNews: Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?
CronosFC: The fees from all our tomb fork will be used to establish strong partnerships, accros blockchain. Development will be towards a new type of marketplace and a football manager type p2e.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs:  are there any audits or KYC planned?
CronosFC: No, no audit have been made yet, the tomb fork contracts are the same so i dont feel like we need too. Team wise I think we have been here long enough for people to trust us.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, do you have a road map or long-term plans that you can share with us?
CronosFC: Immediately after the merge of the old NFTs we move to the Fork TOMB, grow the ecosystem perhaps directly a swap on our site as well as mini-games, following that we plan to realize a play-2-earn with NFTs in Voxxel, which can be used in a game like Football Manager !
I personally want to build a competitive marketplace, to be able to follow statistics and swap nft + a couple $cro for some other nft.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, do you have a road map or long-term plans that you can share with us?
CronosFC: The p2e will be delivered during world cup to benefit from the marketing done from CDC, im sure they will help, we got a mention from them once with our R2E, im sure it can happen twice. Well im quite optimistic with what I see personnally, im sure we have bright days ahead of us!
MaticNews: And the last question will regarding your opinion: What do you think about the current market moment?
CronosFC: We are optimistic that Cronos users will continue to grow despite the volatility of the market, now it's up to us to produce quality products and make this ecosytem grow with us.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 7, 2022