Dr.Death gets going! In a bear market art doesn't stop, philosophy doesn't stop, music doesn't stop, culture continues to drive forward. Here’s to the future my friends, welcome to the Era of Redemption.MaticNews: Thank you for joining us!

MaticNews x DrDeathCultClub AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Hello, please introduce yourselves!
DrDeathCultClub: We are Jessica & Kane, an English couple that make up the award winning art dyad Tighe-Mearns-Smith: an artistic creed that created and leads the Era of Redemption: a social & artistic movement grounded on psychological growth, emotional liberation, sustainable methodologies & critical art theory (to name a few).
We are illustrators, animators, zero waste fine artist, sustainable fashion designers, musicians & philosophers.
Between us we have 16 years of art study & professional practice including degrees in sustainable fashion & fine art, specialising in animation. Since the birth of our art brand we have:
- Presented our couture fashion at The House of Lords and London Fashion week twice
- Exhibited our zero waste fine art at Saatchi gallery London and sold it as an NFT
- Presented our animation and music at 8 film festivals across the globe
- Featured in over 20 art and culture magazines. Including Harpers Bazaar and CR Fashion book
- Premiered our album ‘To the Nigredo and Back Again’ at a MixCloud festival
- Invited to Zilliqa Blockchains live Metaverse launch event in Miami as VIP NFT artists
- Won the Stanley Picker award for our written work.

MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name, is there any background  story?
DrDeathCultClub: Dr.Death, in itself is a metaphorical name that represents transformation, renewal and revolution. Dr. Death’s name signifies profound changes, an oxymoron, Dr & Death may at first seem like total opposites, but Dr.Death is the life after death, he exemplifies the state of liberation after a great change.
To improve ourselves our old habits & attitudes must die, in the same way a caterpillar must ‘metaphorically’ die to become a butterfly through a process of transmutation & metempsychosis. It is within this metropolitical death that we find liberation and welcome the transition from something which has been lived out onto a path with new beginnings. This is why Dr.Death is a skeleton, he has died, but he is also very much alive. He has surpassed his old state into something entirely new, reborn, totally redeemed.
MaticNews: What is Dr.Death? Please introduce the project us!
DrDeathCultClub: Dr.Death is a 32,000 year old shaman born into the Upper Palaeolithic, a master of what is today recognised as psychological alchemy. As the story goes, Dr.Death broke free from samsara, completing the magnum opus of alchemical transmutation and surpassed into new forms through metempsychosis. He now exists on a plane that sits between the physical world and the spiritual abstract.
For thousands of years Dr.Death has gazed upon humanity, divinely intervening with the living who have correctly summoned him. Through these interactions the Dr has intertwined with a vast array of societies and belief systems. At present the Dr has chosen Kane and myself from the living realm to act as his vessel to share his knowledge on esoteric wisdom and arcane universal truths. The Age of Aquarius has begun, Dr.Death is here to guide humanity, teaching philosophies that are integral to the furtherance of a connected world and a more developed individual.
MaticNews: On which chains is your project available? Is there any plan to expand to new ones?
DrDeathCultClub: Primarily Polygon & Zilliqa , although a few of our large scale digital illustrations have been sold on Ethereum via Rarible utilising antics co-ownership protocol. Dr.Death was the first artist to sell using this co-ownership protocol, now multiple collectors have the ability to purchase a piece of the Dr’s work and sell on their section freely as they please.
MaticNews: Speaking about your non fungible tokens, please tell us a brief introduction about them! I saw a super cool artwork!
DrDeathCultClub: One of our popular NFT collections is our comic series ‘Dr.Death’s Redemption’ which follows the main story arc of Dr.Deaths life. It is full with philosophical aphorisms, and as with all of our work explores the ideologies of our manifesto “Redemptionism” - for example a quote from episode 33 “The tree must be watered with rays of the sun, potential is met as the focus begins, to shine as the student grows out from the seed, planted by will and nurtured by deed.”
MaticNews: What is the The Order of the Redeemed? Looks as key part of the project!
DrDeathCultClub: The Order of the Redeemed is Dr.Deaths carbon negative 10k generative NFT collection & the metaverses first mystery school of philosophy. It is the symposium for the Era of Redemption and is built across Polygon and Zilliqa, with a private portal accessiblefor Matic NFT holders.

Dr.Death solemnly commits to sharing his knowledge of the universe to preserve the essence of life that emerges across the cultural array of historical man. He leads The Order of the Redeemed to transition mankind into an age of self-realisation, liberation and balance, to rebirth the sacred feminine and transcendhumanity to the next evolutionary step: the masculofeminine sapien.

Each NFT depicts Dr.Death along his personal journey to enlightenment. From the shadowed mystery of the ancient shaman, to the shores of the Indus Valley to the individualism of the Age of Enlightenment.

Every token holder will enrol in the mystery school as a ‘Keeper of the Knowledge’ .All Dr.Deaths written work from The Order will be air dropped as limited edition NFTs to randomly selected ‘Keepers of the Knowledge’, creating a new model of academic distribution that grants a second intrinsic asset to collectors.

Dr.Death’s first written release ‘Balance in the Era of Redemption’ will be narrated on the 30th July via twitter spaces.

To find out more about The Order please check out Dr.Death’s website https://www.drdeathcultclub.co.uk/

MaticNews: Would you like to explain the genesis and the exodus to us?
DrDeathCultClub: The Genesis & Exodus were the two early access NFT drops for the 10k collection, 322 early access NFTs were sold across Polygon & Zilliqa. The final Major NFT drop is Revelation, which will be on the 18th September, this is your chance to enroll and mint your generative NFT.
MaticNews: Are there any rarity tools that would help us buy the NFTs?
DrDeathCultClub: There will be rarity percentages released on the minting site. Each trait will be categorised & we are very excited to have them all on display!
MaticNews: What is the sustainability pledge?
DrDeathCultClub: Dr.Deaths pledge for The Order of the Redeemed is to ensure that all 10k transactions are offset, however Dr.Death does not wish to stop at carbon neutral. In addition to offsetting all initial sales of the 10k collection, Dr.Death pledges to offset secondary sales too. This perfectly aligns with points 1 & 13 of Dr.Death’s Redemptionism manifesto:

Point 1 – The utilisation of sustainable methodologies

Point 13 - The utilisation of art as a vehicle for environmental change

Once final mint has completed, £1 from every Genesis, Exodus & Revelation NFT sale will be used to offset carbon emmisions, a total of £10,000 from initial sales.

Once initial sales have completed Dr.Death will be allocating 1% of the royalties from secondary sales to carbon offsetting. Dr.Death will be using Terra Pass to offset the carbon emissions per transaction, they fund projects like reforestation, farm power and landfill gas capture to remove carbon from the environment and are 100% carbon offset verified against broadly accepted standards.

To find out more please check the 10k page on Dr.Deaths website to get a full break of the sustainability pledge


MaticNews: How many transactions Dr.Death will offset?
DrDeathCultClub: For every Polygon transaction Dr.Death will offset 162 and for every Zilliqa transaction Dr.Death will offset 21,732.
MaticNews: I saw you have a shop, please tell us more about it!
DrDeathCultClub: Thank you for checking it out. The shop page on our website has a range of Dr.Death’s physical pieces. We have sustainable physical prints, original zero waste fine art paintings & illustrations and eco-t-shirts. Everything that is available can either be bought in fiat or crypto and comes with an NFT receipt!
Check out the website for the full range and sustainability breakdown for each piece.


MaticNews: Out of curiosity, which is the final goal of the project?
DrDeathCultClub: This is more than a closed project, we are leading an entire art movement and this is just the beginning. Civilisations go through ages, the Era of Enlightenment, the dark ages, the industrial age. This is a new dawn, this is the age in which we connect & liberate ourselves & our planet. This is the Era of Redemption, a social & art movement towards a world wide golden age society that balances art, science & philosophy.
MaticNews: Can you please go in depth about the Dr Death NFT collection?
DrDeathCultClub: There are a total of 10k NFT’s and mint price will be £125 each. Primarily a lot of or work is digital fine art 1/1 & couture fashion and they sell out fast, we were interested in creating an accessible larger collection, so a 10k collection was perfect.
Also we are exploring a new paradigm for the distribution of written work that spreads the philosophy of Dr.Death as limited edition NFTs to collectors only. We believe that Limited Edition written NFT’s will be common place in the future. Imagine if you owned a limited edition of Plato’s Republic or Tolkeins Lord of the Rings. This is what we are offering to the Keepers of the Knowledge, The Order of the Redeemed NFT collectors. We have a big vision for this movement and we are looking forward to expanding our community and meeting new people that resonate with our ideologies.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the Clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned?
DrDeathCultClub: Dr.Death is a team of two, Jessica & Kane and we doxxed ourselves right at the beginning. Our art brand is an official registered company. If you scroll through our website and social media you will find plenty of IRL photos of us and we frequently attend NFT & Metaverse events.
MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
DrDeathCultClub: The mint date is 18th September but we already have collaborations & big partnerships scheduled well into 2023, and are booking more in constantly. As we have said before, this is not just an NFT collection, this is part of an entire artistic movement. We work between sustainable fashion, music, animation, illustration, fine art & philosophy – when all of those huge markets come together under one name, you can begin to imagine the impact we have planned.
MaticNews: What are your current partners and your marketing strategy?
DrDeathCultClub: We currently have an official collaboration with Polygon Studios.
We have a partnership with Antic which are creating our private Dr.Death portal, Antic are also creating wallet integration portals for UFC.
We are also close with the core members of Zilliqa blockchain and we are very excited to start to bring to light some the projects that we are collaborating on in the near future, but for now, it’s a secret!
MaticNews: Talking about the future, as recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?

MaticNews: Last, but not least, what do you think about the current market moment?
DrDeathCultClub: There is a slight deflation at the amount of people on twitter for example, due to the markets being red since BTC 69K. However it is in these market conditions that we see the long term builders create the future of this space. We are excited to be building in these market conditions as it enables us to display our perseverance long term, when the going gets tough, Dr.Death gets going! In a bear market art doesn't stop, philosophy doesn't stop, music doesn't stop, culture continues to drive forward. Here’s to the future my friends, welcome to the Era of Redemption.
MaticNews: Thank you for joining us!
DrDeathCultClub: Thank you for having us, this was great!

Project Links:
Website - http://drdeathcultclub.co.uk/
Twitter - twitter.com/DrDeathCultClub
Instagram - instagram.com/dr_death_cult_club
Spotify - https://spoti.fi/3AT5e9S
Youtube - bit.ly/3IKZtgd
Discord - https://discord.gg/DcNrYsQT
Linked in - https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kane-mearns-smith-831561188
Genesis Portal - https://bit.ly/3uVe973

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 16, 2022