We chose HedgePay because we wanted to bring to life the idea of a decentralized HedgeFi Capital fund that is accessible to everyone and pays the users as the company around it grows in value and in profits.

MaticNews x HedgePay AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, what are your past experiences and roles?
HedgePay: My name is Mason, I am the CEO and one of the founders of HedgePay. I have been in business for over 10 years and have been in crypto since BTC was $7. I have this vision for a token that collects passive rewards for holders that is independent from volume for rewards and I brought this vision to Ed.

Ed is our director of operations. He handles the day-to-day and guides our marketing and design of our products. He is a workaholic, working 20 hr days frequently and is literally the backbone of HedgePay and also my good friend.

Dan is our lead developer who crafted the contracts of HedgePay from conversations and paper into a functioning token. He is a brilliant solidity developer and also another close friend of mine.
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any backround story?
HedgePay: We chose HedgePay because we wanted to bring to life the idea of a decentralized HedgeFi Capital fund that is accessible to everyone and pays the users as the company around it grows in value and in profits. We are in an era of record breaking profits for corporations and we feel that this should be shared with those who support our token. We want to use our profits to generate interest that is then reflected to the holders either in the form of BUSD or HPAY depending on how much they hold. We want our HedgeFi Fund to use DeFi to pay the people who hold our token, hence HedgePay.
MaticNews: On which chains can we find hedgepay.org? Is there any plan to expand to new ones?
HedgePay: Currently we are on BSC but our services are compatible with EVM and can be used on almost any chain. We also are working with Chainlink to make our aggregator DEX utilize their cross-chain solutions, so a user could seamlessly hunt for the best prices between blockchains.

We plan to expand onto Dogechain, Near, ETH, and are currently looking into what it would take to expand onto Aptos. Aptos is shiny and new and could use an IDO platform that is reasonably priced, in my opinion.
MaticNews: Please give us a brief introduction about hedgepay.org!
HedgePay: HedgePay is built to be a decentralized HedgeFi fund that continuously rewards holders of the token regardless of transactional volume.

We took traditional transactional tax structures and instead of directly reflecting to users, created a fund that is staked in various stable pools to generate interest that is then reflected to holders. This fund is broken up into the majority being utilized for stable assets to be resistant to traditional market pressures with small amounts being actively traded on higher risk assets. This creates an aggressive growth model that improves the value of the HedgeFi fund that allows continuous reflections to users whether volume is high or low.

As we release more products like our automated IDO, HPAD, and our aggregator DEX, 50% of the profits associated from utilization is directed to the HedgeFi fund. This rewards users who hold and don’t want to just speculate on market price.

We have a tax structure that is 4% buy and sell tax that uses 2% of each transaction to improve the value of the hedgefi fund, so those wanting to speculate on market price of the token are still welcome in our community but we want to create our ecosystem that makes holding the token so valuable that speculators will want to turn into holders.

By holding 800k HPAY in the wallet, the users qualify for the BUSD rewards that are dispersed continually but recommended to be taken out on a monthly basis.

Other users who cannot reach the 800k mark utilize our staking pools in order to earn their share of the HedgeFi fund that helps them to reach the 800k mark. 20% of the interest of the HedgeFi fund is used in our buyback of the token and rewarded to stakers.
MaticNews: What is the HedgeFi Capital Fund? Looks very unique
HedgePay: Sorry if I am repeating myself here, but it is part of the core of HedgePay. The HedgeFi Capital Fund is what generates rewards for users without relying on transactional volume of the token. Most passive reward tokens require volume to generate the rewards to holders, so when volume is high rewards are high and when volume is low, rewards are low. We use the transactions and profits from the company to put it into a fund that generates interest in the DeFi space and then rewards holders of our token.

This essentially allows us to continue rewarding HPAY holders without requiring them to check the chart wondering if volume is high or low.
MaticNews: Speaking of your core, what are the use cases of your own native token?
HedgePay: The native token is currently used to determine the amount of passive rewards that the user receives from the interest that is reflected from the HedgeFi fund. It also will allow a tier 2 whitelist spot for our HPAD IDO platform for projects that are willing to implement this feature.

Looking forward, HedgePay will be implementing an escrow contract as we build our freelancer platform in the coming months. This platform will allow people to advertise their skills and allow anyone to hire out creators, artists, developers, marketers, influencers, etc. When someone pays for a service in crypto, the money will be held in HPAY until completion increasing our liquidity and value of the token overall. Those choosing to receive their payment in HPAY instead of other crypto will also receive a discount in the performance fee of the freelancer platform. This is something our team is really excited to get underway.
MaticNews: How do you keep good rewards but at the same time sustainable?
HedgePay: We portion out most of the HedgeFi fund into stable staking pools in order to improve the security of its valuation. We then take a small portion and allocate it to our HedgeFi Fund Manager who actively trades it for aggressive growth. We also are building multiple revenue streams within the software division of HedgePay to feed the HedgeFi fund. Also our tax structure will always improve the value of the fund whenever transactions and volume increase.
MaticNews: Would you like to explain how does it work your market making platform?
HedgePay: Our market maker is essentially a bot for projects looking to trade positions in their project or for other projects. We created it so it can be managed through telegram that does not limit the number of positions the user can hold. In the future, we will be building a dashboard for it, but telegram is an excellent management tool for use now, because projects can use it at a desktop or mobile.
MaticNews: Furthermore what are the other services that you offer to projects and how they support your ecosystem?
HedgePay: We currently offer staking vaults, HPAD, DEX, liquidity locking, and audits all in-house. We also have partnered with other companies to offer premier auditing, marketing, and listing services at a discount if they come through us rather than traditional channels. 50% of the profits from these services are directed back to the HedgeFi fund to increase rewards for the users from the interest the fund generates. The rest of the profits are utilized within the company to pay for contractors, salaries, and future marketing and development.
MaticNews: Let’s talk about your tokenomics, what is yours and why did you choose it?
HedgePay: Our tokenomic structure is currently capped at a 1 billion max supply but only 120 million circulating supply. We have a mint feature that will allow us to expand to other chains in the future but doing so will have it backed with liquidity of the native blockchain token. At the current rate our supply won’t fully be available for 20 years, if we stayed only on BSC. More supply will come into circulation with cross-chain expansion but the current rate allows us to lessen the inflationary impact and allows more flexibility as we expand the use-case of our token. After max supply is reached we have plans to begin decreasing the overall supply by utilizing a portion of the HedgeFi fund to buy and burn the token to become deflationary.

Our buy and sell tax is at 4% currently but we started at 18% and 20%. We decreased this, because as our software division begins to produce more MVPs, we can use other revenue streams to increase the value of the hedgefi fund. 2% goes the fund, 1% to marketing, 1% to development. Currently, for the next 8 hours we are waiving our buy tax when using our newly launched DEX hedgepay.org/dex to celebrate its move out of beta and to celebrate HPAD moving out of testing by this weekend.
MaticNews: Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used for future developments?
HedgePay: Through providing services that I mentioned previously and through transactional taxes. We are also in talks with a few venture capitalists which I am hand selecting and vetting carefully before proceeding.

Many have been interested since our launch for what we are planning and offering but it’s important to us to remain true to our core values of security, indefinite reward generation, and accessibility. I have recently discovered a handful of VCs that share the same values we do and want to become a part of what we are building.
We want our token to help our community and if a VC doesn’t see the value in putting our community first then it usually ends there for me.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs:  are there any audits done at the moment?
HedgePay: Yes we have a Certik audit at 99% completion. It took them a few months because we have about 50+ smart contracts that make up our project. We will also be utilizing their skynet service. We were previously audited by spy wolf and dessert finance as well.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us? What is the plan to attract more users to your platform?
HedgePay: Our roadmap includes the freelancer platform I mentioned previously, but we are also working on adding more features to our dex. Further down the road we want to offer more features including futures trading and a lending/collateral protocol.

We also are nearly finished with our mobile wallet app which will have our IDO and DEX built into it. It will release soon but we want to add a mode to it to bring in those unfamiliar with crypto. It will essentially have a guide that will allow the most native users to buy HedgePay and begin staking or receiving BUSD rewards. The current accessibility of crypto for non-native users is low, and by lowering that barrier to entry we hope to improve utilization of crypto globally. There are many out there that are interested but don’t like to feel naive when they are investing in something. This mode will simplify the buying of HedgePay to the point that my mother or grandmother will be able to buy and hold our token without making the user feel uninformed.
MaticNews: And last question, what do you think about current market moment?
HedgePay: The current market is a volatile place. I believe we will likely see another pump before the end of the year, but I believe we will see another dump.

With the upcoming student debt repayment starting in January and the increasing interest rates from the Federal Reserve, I believe we will see many investors tightening their belt.

I also expect a significant worsening of the value of the USD in 2023. Foreign countries seem to be dumping USG bonds as faith in the government to pay its debts dwindle. I see two paths ahead. Either the petrodollar will continue to experience record higher inflation or interest rates will increase to the point of causing a depression.

However, I think this will provide an opportunity as investors look for other stores of value to keep the value of their hard-earned money safe and cryptocurrency will be a good place for that. I expect by the end of 2023 we will see more favorable marketing conditions but that could be even later until 2024. This is just my opinion, I’m not a certified financial advisor and am incapable of providing financial advice, etc. But that is what I foresee happening with our current market conditions.

User Question: Why did you prefer to reward in BUSD and will that be adjusted as time goes on?
HedgePay: I like that binance backed up busd with cash and equivalent assets. Also they chose to go the way of proper regulation by the NYDFS.

We have talked extensively about changing busd rewards to receive a token of the users choice but havent decided on the implementation method from the garnered interest that wouldn't cost too much in gas fees. Still a work in development

User Question: Partnership is one of the great ways to effectively market a project. Can you name some of your recent partnerships and it's benefit to HedgePay?
HedgePay: Lbank for instance was one partnership where we can offer discounted listing services to projects that come through our ecosystem. Profits associated with things like this bring money to the hedgefi fund

User Question: Please explain in details Hedgepay fiat bridge? How many fiat currencies will this work with and do you put into consideration anti money laundry rules?
HedgePay: Yes we have. Laws vary from country to country so the bridge is quite a ways off and will require a significant investment of time and money. Or we can contract it out to those already providing the service. The profit from fees associated with contractors  or whether we decide to build it from the ground up will be allocated to the fund

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Nov 4, 2022