We are using NFTs only through Green Block capital as a tool to rent mining power. The value of the NFT is on its utility to give back Bitcoin to the owner.

MaticNews x JamonSwap AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Hello, welcome! Please introduce yourself and the team!
JamonSwap: I am Luis Fernández, im 40 years old and I have dedicated all of them to the world of business, after finishing my studies in business, I started working in the family business dedicated to the world of real estate construction, in 2016 I discovered the world of cryptocurrencies, I made investments in mining farms and I began to dedicate time to participate in projects, the first where I contributed was BitcoinPrivate, then I was at the birth of what is now Justin's trx casino Wink, before it was called Ante. I have very good relationships with colleagues from the crypto world around the world and in these 5 years I have always tried to work to support growth, adoption and the crypto ecosystem in general.

Chief operating officer, and I work to connect all members of the team, marketing, development, design, etc. and as well as to seek strategic agreements in order to make partnerships and attract more investors and grow our community.

Vicente Chacón:
Chief Developer of Jamonswap .
33 years old, Spanish
He currently manage a telecommunications company where we integrate software with third-party hardware, but now he is full time working in the development of jamonswap and its ecosystem with JM Jsoe Maria and some companies who make some additional works for us, they review all the code made by others before we launch on mainnet.

Vicente have experience in unix systems, he work with networks and servers for companies and our own access network.
They integrate software with hardware like Cisco, Huawei and Mikrotik.
Now is the chief developer in this project in charge of smart contracts and backend.

Well we have many others in the team, we are 10 in total, lawers, designers, community managers.

Carlos Duat who is also here is our community manager, he have also years of experience in crypto markets with a high knowledge about trading laso.

MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any background story?
JamonSwap: About the name was Vicente Chacon, who proposed the name, he doesn't usually talk about other things than code. He said, we are a Spanish team and project, so let's use something well known all over the world. Jamon is known as a delicious Spanish food. We really focus our effort into build feautures and tools usefully for our users. Jamonswap is not a marketing thing itself so we work to attract real users to our platform to use it and be able to manage, exchange or invest their assets in the best way.
MaticNews: Please give us a brief introduction of jamonswap.finance!
JamonSwap: Well, we try to make contacts with other projects to integrate their protocols if we think that can help us to give the users the tools, services or features we think they want. We use many of the Chainlink oracles, keepers, vrf, price feed and we partnert also with other cripto projects like connext for integrate the bridges in Jamonswap, as now we are deploying our SC into other  blockchains. And also simple partnerships to help each other to grow our communities etc or launch their tokens in our launchpad.

It was born as a dex in Polygon netwrok, we decided to be born in Polygon because of the lower fees in th TX  and in gas to communicate with Chainlik oracles, looking around and understanding some of the common mistake sof other projects and dex, mainly linked with the high inflation of their native tokens and or the high APR with rewards coming from nowhere we decided to try to change the direction and build a Dex with a controlled inflation,  making our native token deflationary and offering rewards that can be sustainable in the time.

So, we decided to grow an ecosystem around  our native token Jamon, to make it a utility token wirth burns thanks to the dapps and services it can be used in, and not just a token to beused as reward for liquidity providers.

MaticNews: What is the main reason for using specifically in the jamonswap.finance rather than other ones? Especially for the people who get to know the current dex for the first time.
JamonSwap: Well, we are trying to offer the users the experience using our dex.
We believe the main action in a dex its to exchange assets so we must offer the lower price impact (slippage) possible.
How we did that ? we recently linked our router to Uniswap liquidity so when users exchange an asset in Jamonswap the router find the best price impact using liquidity from Jamonswap and also from Uniswap. This solves the main service for the users come to exchange in our Dex. With higher volume also comes higher rewards for the liquidity providers.

Been true that V3 from uniswap is best protocol to manage liquidity and thats why we are also working to integrate solutions to integrate protocols like the one from algebra that is actually using  quickswap on polygon and its not possible to use but trident has a good protocol open source that also allow to use some of the uniswap V3 features.

It´s also true that we compensate the liquidity providers with rewards in tokens so we are not that far from uniswap rois.
We actually have programmable orderes in our dex,  by now only limit orders but as you can see in the screenshot sent by Carlos we are working in Jamonswap Pro.
This will have a new interface for traders with all the tools they need to trade in dex, stop loss, take profit and limit orders.

MaticNews: Speaking about your core,will you tell more about what is the use case of your native token?

JamonSwap: With this said and the deployment of our contracts in 16 different chains and addind ccip (multi cross chain protocol fron Chainlik).
Yes, we already have 2 strong partners who are using Jamon. Acorn Casino is a decentralized casino with 3 games online, Dice, Roulette and Sports Bets. They are using $JAMON to bet and 40% of the profits are burned. They burned 15,000,000 $JAMON in the first 2 months!

https://www.acorncasino.io/home?chain=polygon is the link to the Casino.

As we said its much more cheap Polygon than BSC for example. We also have GreenBlock Capital, a Bitcoin Mining company that is offering mining services to rent power using Jamon as payment.

You can akso stake jamon and get NFTS from GBC, NFTS are just the digital contract of the power rent.
You can access it at https://app.greenblock-capital.io/mine?chain=polygon
So you can buy it with 3% discount using Jamon or with usdc, and you get wBTC directly to your wallet once mining pool send (weekly). No kyc, no deposits no third parts who have to decide what or when to send funds. 3% of the BTC mined is used to buy and burn Jamon also once per month it happens.

This are by now 2 use cases for our token Jamon but we are working to add more. We are in negotations with another Spanish company Waynance.  They are building payments software with cripto and its possible that we reach an agreement with them to help with the distribution of their PoS in Spanish commerce offering also the possibility to use Jamon as payment in all the stores they have.


We also have a market on our website with some commerce accepting  Jamon and using Waynance software for crypto payments.

MaticNews: Speaking of something “connected to defi”, would  you like to explain to us your algorithmic stablecoin concept.
JamonSwap: Well its not exactlly an algorithmic stablecoin, we use an overguarantee protocol to mint a pegged token with Jamon as collateral. That's why we have leveraged tokens to absorb the volatility of the Jamon token. One must have always the number of  Jamon tokens need to stand the collateral of 1 dollar in Jamon per each JUSD ( pegged dollar token ) in circulation. So when Jamon price goes down, Jamon tokens from JFLUIDO (leveraged Jamon token) moves to JUSD Vault. So the price of JFLUIDO goes lower than the Jamon price because its collateral (Jamon) is worth less, and also the vault will have less Jamon. But if the Jamon price goes higher, JFLUIDO price will go higher than the Jamon price, because Jamon tokens moved from JUSD are not needed for the JFLUIDO Vault. This is more or less how it works, mint and burn has a low fee, this fee is used to burn Jamon.

MaticNews: Out of curiosity will you launch any new project in the launchpad in the future?
JamonSwap: Yes, we actually have agreement to launch 2 projects this month. We are working and also made a parrtnership with other launchapads to grow our launch activity, sharing allocation with them. We have a NFT world challenge and Doge Choco, both are Spanish projects. NFT World Challenge Team were invited by Binance to present their project in the last Binance event in Paris a few weeks ago. We don't give FA about the projects we offer but they can have good potential. 3% fees are charged and used to buy and burn Jamon.

MaticNews: Also speaking about the nfts, an upcoming trend in the chain, which are your features regarding them?
JamonSwap: We are using NFTs only through Green Block capital as a tool to rent mining power. The value of the NFT is on its utility to give back Bitcoin to the owner.

MaticNews: Next is tokenomics! What is yours and why did you choose it?
JamonSwap: The $JAMON token had a fair launch, no presale, no tokens for team, no tokens for marketing or development. And it has a 0.1% TX Fee to confront frontrun bots. This 0.1% fee is sent to the stake contract, and fees on the polygon network are shared in a stake of the governance token JSHARE. The fees on the next chains will be used to directly burn Jamon.
We will bridge Jamon token, the only place to mint new Jamon token will be on polygon. When want to move from polygon to other net bridge will lock Jamon on polygon and mint Jamon on other chain and when want come back to polygon bridge un lock on polygon and burn on the other chain.

MaticNews: Which is the current emission rate and how will it change in the future?
JamonSwap: We are not minting new Jamon tokens actually, we have a vesting for some millions that users locked to get Jshares for free. We will mint each year less tokens than the amount burned, so we can say that Jamon is a deflationary token. Jamon mint will be used to reward liquidity providers.
There are also absolutely no fees to use jamonswap.finance aside for the a 0.25% swap fee for all assets.

MaticNews: Besides this, how is revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?
JamonSwap: We are investing in the project and in many related cripto things like mining or farming etc we dont get directly revenue fro Jamonswap itself but we do with some of tyhe partnerships around it. Holding ATR JSHARE and Jamon we believe will give us back our investments and efforts.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs:  are there any audits done for the current moment?
JamonSwap: Yes, we work with solid proof for SC Audits and also chainlink devs review most of our contract before deploying on mainnet.
MaticNews: Do you have a road map or long-term plans that you can share with us?

MaticNews: As further add i suggest everyone to check the docs! Very well made.
Do you want to say anything else?

JamonSwap: Excuse my English, I'm not very used to it. We will continue working hard to present a useful and real product, and personally that with the pro version, and the trading orders we can make a difference.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 3, 2022