The collection of Loaded Nodes NFT's will be complementary to the node, it will offer various benefits that will be linked to a node.

MaticNews x Loaded Nodes AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Another AMA after the big success of past ones! Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, what are your past experiences and roles?
Loaded Nodes: Hi, I'm Morty, Fullstack Dev for Loaded Nodes. I've been in the field for several years now, and I've been contributing to the project first as the Lead Moderator then went to the developping team. I'm currently working on the upcoming Shop and will be participating in all other development tasks in the future.

As for the rest of the team, we're almost 20 now, here's a short introduction to major actors in the project:

  • Mobius, Founder and Lead Blockchain developper
  • Baxter, Founder, Lead Designer and Manager of the project
  • Réglisse, Lead Developper (my current boss hehe)
  • Camcam, Leading the Discord Team
    and a set of designers and others devs.

As for DéDé, I'm a nuclear engineer from one of the best engineering schools in France, a former professional Valorant player as well and have been working in the crypto-currency field for a year with big projects like Neoland (https://twitter.com/neolandgame) and other projects.

My goal is to build a strong and sustainable community by setting up the right partnerships with influencers and other collections.

MaticNews: Out of curiosity why did you choose this name/topic, is there any background story?
Loaded Nodes: Our goal was to build a complete ecosystem out of a node protocol. After consulting the market for several weeks, the Cronos blockchain caught our attention and we looked for a name related to it. The meme "locked & loded" came to us to represent the Crofam.

We chose Defi because we firmly believe that it is an very good alternative to the traditional financial systems (with all the intermediaries i.e banks). We're starting Loaded Nodes as a fundraising channel to develop projects further down the road (which we will talk about shortly) and became a major actor in the Cronos blockchain ecosystem. That is why we're so transparent about what we do and who we are and are very exciting to share this experience with you guys !

Loaded Nodes is an innovative yield farming protocol built on Cronos chain and inspired by $THOR and Polar Node but it's our own code. Through the help of a multi-chain yield farming protocol, it will allow you to earn rewards by creating one or more nodes on our dApp. Then you simply claim your daily $LDN every day, for the rest of your life !

First of all, you need to understand what a node is. For historical reasons we will not go into great detail but calling the project a "nodes project" is a misnomer. By investing into a node, you’re investing into the protocol, its ecosystem and earning passive revenue.

The most important thing to understand about nodes is:
The nodes allow the investor to generate stable returns while being part of a growing ecosystem.
Nodes are a new marketing concept that essentially allow investors and node owners to lock in their tokens in exchange for a regular and perpetual return through a DaaS (DeFi-as-a-service) or real nodes (NaaS, Node-as-a-Service).
In fact, Loaded Node aims to generate a whole ecosystem around DaaS and NaaS, with the objective of expanding to other protocols.

MaticNews: What are the usecases of $LDN?
Loaded Nodes: We have been building the project for months now and even have delayed our launch because of the anticipation of a blood market. That's why we're having this beta test right now so the project launches in the best way possible. If you guys have any feedback, please send them our way, we'll be glad to hear about all your inputs.
As for the usecases, the $LDN token has multiple purposes: first one, it will be used to buy our Nodes. To be more specific, it is actually the only token that will enable the community to buy the Nodes. More on that a bit later !

Our token will also be used on our upcoming marketplace to buy our NFTs and possibly our merch (we're still waiting the confirmation from Crypto.com but it will be purshasable in crypto).

Last but not least, $LDN will also be available for staking. More will come as we develop our platform, so stay tuned !
MaticNews: Which dex will you use for liquidity and which will be the slippage to buy and sells?
Loaded Nodes: Only node buyers will be able to get our token in order to avoid whales buying and selling our token to pump and dump it which in most of the case will kill a project. As for the slippage, it will be very low. We'll be releasing details on that as soon as possible, we're finalizing the last steps of the process.
We also have a partnership with one of big DEX on the Cronos chain, you'll discover it soon enough.
MaticNews: How will Loaded Node secure a long term sustainability?
Loaded Nodes: We have multiple sources of income for the long term, to secure our funds in general and limit the dump:

First, we'll count on NFTs and our own marketplace (with a thorough vision of it which will be detailed in future)

Becoming a Validator for Cronos.

Investing in real estate.

Building other protocols on other blockchains.

Releasing merch which can be purshased with Crypto.

Building a partnership with LMS which will secure the well known pump and dump (@HordeTweets). You guys surely know about it !

Staking/pool with the the secret DEX 😉

As we have stated before, only people who buys our nodes will have access to our token and then sell it.

Nodes we will be burnt after a certain amount of time (we're still defining the lasting time of a node, but it should be around 200 days).
MaticNews: Furthermore, Do you have any marketplace in mind for the future for the P2P trade of your nodes?
Loaded Nodes: We will not be doing it now because it's pretty inefficient at the beginning stage of a project. But this is something we keep in mind for the future if we encounter a huge success, so we'll give you a heads up if we ever reconsider the P2P trade of our nodes.
MaticNews: Would you like to explain the Tier concept?
Loaded Nodes: Well, it's a marketing campaign ahah ! We will let the user choose between multiple nodes as you can see pretty much everywhere in real life (is 32Go enough or should I go with 64 on my phone ? 🤔). This also brings also income and gives a better sustainability to the project, as we modulate our Tiers around each needs and budgets.

For now, we released three types of nodes, each offering a different daily reward. At launch, they will be available at a different price.

The higher the level of the node, the higher the price. This also means that the daily reward is increased. In addition, a collection of NFTs that allows you to upgrade your node will soon be available.
This table presents the breakdown for each Tier's total number of nodes available.

MaticNews: Would you like to add something else on the NFTs side?
Loaded Nodes: After the launch of our dApp, a series of NFTs created in collaboration with graphic designers will be launched. We will take a snapshot of all Node buyers during the pre-sale and airdrop them our NFTs before public mint !

The collection of Loaded Nodes NFT's will be complementary to the node, it will offer various benefits that will be linked to a node.

The NFT outcome will be random with 3 possible rarity (bronze, silver, gold) and will grant one of these abilities:

Boost Reward: Increase the reward of a set tier node category by x number.

Reduce claim fees: Reduce the claim fees by x percentage for a set tier category.

Reduce ClaimTime: Reduce the claim period by x hour(s) for a set tier node.

The user can attach one NFT per category for each Node Tier. In each cases, the rarity of the NFT will have a different impact on it.

Other exclusive benefits will be announced soon, and we might expand our NFTs to other collections unrelated to Nodes (for you art collectors).
We have posted a sneak peek on our Discord this afternoon if guys wanna check it out !
MaticNews:  On which phase of the project are we right now? How can we join your ecosystem?
Loaded Nodes: We are in currently in Q3 of our road map (https://docs.loadednodes.com/information/roadmap), thus in the launching phase (reminding you that we're having a beta test right now for those who have missed it) !

I invite you to join our ecosystem by joining our Discord : discord.gg/loadednodes and follow our Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/LoadedNodes
You should really take a look at the Discord, especially if you have OG role ! 👀

Here's other links (whitepaper, website...) : https://linktr.ee/loadednodes
MaticNews: Speaking about your tokenomics, what is yours and why did you choose it?
Loaded Nodes: The total supply of tokens that Loaded Nodes offers is set at 1 million. We will introduce a burn mechanism in the future.
In addition, the LP (liquidity pool) will be locked in for a year after the pre-sale to ensure the project's sustainability.

58% of the supply will be allocated to the reward pool. The reward pool is the pool that handles the distribution of rewards among node owners.
16% of the supply will be used for the treasury pool, the treasury has the main objective to secure and increase the value of $LDN via different investments and other projects.

14.5% of the supply will be used during and for the pre-sale of Loaded Nodes, it will allow the fixing of the initial liquidity (250,000 $USD in CRO + 125,000 LDN => 2 $USD initial price). To ensure a stable token price at the beginning we have set the initial liquidity to 12% of the total supply of LDN. In addition, the remaining $20,000 LDN will be distributed to Node buyers as Airdrop during the public launch.

3.5% of the supply will go to the team, these tokens will not be vested but every action taken with this supply will be confirmed by the whole team and announced to the community in order to avoid any problem.

5.5% of the supply will go into our reserve, this reserve pool will be used for the development of the project (acquisition of talents with the aim to improve our project), marketing, collaboration with other projects. This reserve will also be used for the maintenance of our nodes validator to ensure the sustainability of our protocol.

2.5% of the supply will be used for partnerships. This part will only be used for future partnerships and collaborations, including partnerships already in preparation.

Our goal once again is to be sustainable: as you can see, we put a high pourcentage in the reward pool and have some reserve as well in case of any troubles coming our way. Moreover, and never seen before, the team is taking the lowest pourcentage in the field. Most of the funds are directed to the project and it's growth.

MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
Loaded Nodes: Hehe well, because we wanted to be a bit exhaustive I think we covered most of it in an answer earlier, I'll reply to it so you guys can read it back. If you guys have more question on the subject, we'll be glad to answer it.
MaticNews: Everyday in MaticNews we cover multiple projects, some of them are scam or just not safe. How safe is Loaded Nodes, do you have any audit or KYC planned?
Loaded Nodes: The Founders and the Lead Developer of the project have already been KYC'd by the company DefiShield. Some of us were also professional esports players and our names have been public for several years now. We're all doxxed in the team by the way and we have set up a multi-sig on every wallet related to the project. 😌

We are also focusing on transparency towards the community by answering all questions on our Discord. A team of moderators on several time zones has been recruited for this purpose.

About the audit, we are in discussion with Certik to have our contracts audited before the presale, and we will also have them audited by experienced people in the crypto world. We will communicate about this as we gather updates from each parts.

Finally, as we stated earlier, we have delayed our launch espacially because we felt the conditions weren't right at the time (the market crashing and everything) and we want to deliver the best product we can. I hope this will serve as a token of our good will and good intention for the community as we want to grow arms in arms with the community !
MaticNews: I saw you mentioned something about it before; Can we expect to see in the near future the possibility to stake your token and farm other tokens?
Loaded Nodes: Absolutely, that will be available on the DEX that I've been teasing about earlier.
MaticNews: What are your current partners and are you open to further collaborations?
Loaded Nodes: Our first partner will be our liquidity manager who will be announced in 24 hours (stay tuned, time to click that notification bell ahah). Two more are planned and will be announced later. We are of course open to any proposal but we are quite strict on the conditions of our future partnerships.
MaticNews: As recap, can you share with us a roadmap of your future plans?
Loaded News: Sure ! Long story short, in less than a month we will launch the first step of our ecosystem which is the Node protocol. The next step, linked to the first one, will be the release of the NFT booster collections. This will allow us to release the third protocol of our ecosystem: the marketplace.

Beside these protocols, a shop related to NFT collections and Metaverse is also under construction (to be precise, a more "arty" and "fashionable" NFT collection), we can't reveal much information about it but it will be an important part of our ecosystem.

Because we're also gamers, we're also considering a video game and a gamification platform, but these will be released much later if we go through, so you'd have to wait until 2024 if everything is going as planned.

Finally, becoming a validator on the Cronos blockchain is also planned and we are already in discussion with the Cronos team about it.
MaticNews: Thank you for joining us in this MaticNews AMA!
Loaded Nodes: I'd also like to thank you guys for inviting us and for everyone to be here and participate to this AMA, means a lot to us. I can already welcome you guys to our big family and can't wait to meet you on Discord for those who join us!

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 1, 2022