MetaDojo was registered in Singapore in July 2021, with the mission to contribute to the transformation of the internet economy and social interactions from Web2 to Web3.We are still in the development stage so not available on any chain yet but a launch is coming up soon in a month or two.

MaticNews x Metadojo AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: What are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on metadojo.io ?
MetaDojo: My name is Echo Guo. I am CEO & Co-Founder of MetaDojo. A proud Chinese-Kiwi, meaning I’m originally from China but have lived in New Zealand for over two decades. I have a Masters Degree in Marketing with first class honors and I spent the early years of my career working for a global market consulting company specialized in the FMCG sector. After that, I had broad experience in a variety of areas such as personal coaching, international trading, real estate development, and started a beverage brand back in 2017.
I got into tech when I bought shares of a SaaS software company called Aimy Limited and became its CEO in 2018. Aimy serves over 70% of New Zealand’s out-of-school care and education service providers and has gone into 5 overseas countries in the first 3 years of founding. It has over 100K end users and processes over US$40M of bookings annually. Since taking over, I have successfully turned it into a profitable business with steady growth.
We are very fortunate to have an excellent team of 10 at the moment. Most of our core team members are currently based in New Zealand. Here is a quick intro video about us.

MaticNews: Please give us a brief introduction about what Metadojo is! On what chains is Metadojo currently available and if there are any plans to expand to new ones?
MetaDojo: MetaDojo was registered in Singapore in July 2021, with the mission to contribute to the transformation of the internet economy and social interactions from Web2 to Web3.
We are still in the development stage so not available on any chain yet but a launch is coming up soon in a month or two.
MaticNews: What is  your mission and your vision?
MetaDojo: Our vision is

  • To provide affordable and ready-to-use solutions for scalable metaverse land development.
  • To empower metaverse landowners with tools of MetaFi utilization.
  • To assist Web 3.0 mass adoption by offering website-integratable 3D virtual worlds to individuals, businesses and organizations.

To fully explain our mission, let’s start by looking at some of the problems we have on hand.

Firstly, virtual economy. Almost all metaverse projects have centered their virtual economy model on land ownership. A plot of land in the Sandbox was sold for a record high price of $4.3 million USD in November 2021. On the other hand, our initial market research indicates that mainstream virtual real estate owners lack clear development plans and options for their lands. They do not possess resources professional digital land developers such as Republic Realm does, nor do they have the guaranteed traffic that celebrities, opinion leaders and bigger corporations enjoy.

Turning their bare land parcels to vibrant, prosperous and fantastical 3D worlds takes time, financial investment and certain expertise (for example, animation design and game development). Furthermore, to stay competitive, they need ongoing support and constant upgrades. MetaDojo aims to deliver purposely-built 3D spaces equipped with In-Dojo Economy to help metaverse landowners to monetize their virtual real estate, increase the value of their digital assets and strengthen the communities they belong to.

Secondly, socialization. Despite being one of the fundamental characteristics of the metaverse, socialization is not a stronghold of most metaverse networks to date. Taking the leading metaverse world Decentraland as an example, hosting events with over 100 attendees has proven to be challenging.

We believe our Dojos provide the perfect place for metaverse socialization because being present in the same virtual space, the visitors naturally share things in common for example acquaintances of the Dojo owner, followers of the same celebrity, customers of the business, members of the same community, etc. Therefore, the MetaDojo team endeavors to develop tools to help facilitate socialization and virtual friendship.

Last but not least - the gaps between Web2 and Web3. Following Mark Zuckerberg’s firm belief of the future of the metaverse in shaping our society, mainstream business sectors such as retailing and sports clubs have started seeking innovative ways of gaining Web3 presence to be future-proof. Unfortunately, the costs and relevant blockchain knowledge required when it comes to metaverse land acquisition can be prohibitive. In some territories and regions, ownership of digital goods on the blockchain is not legally recognized and fully protected.

Given how many years it has taken businesses to transform to be cloud-based and digitalized, few will argue that the Web3 adoption curve is going to be long-tailed. One of the biggest challenges businesses will need to manage would be that while Generation Z is ready to jump in, most of their older customers may remain ignorant or even skeptical toward cryptocurrencies for quite some time.

To speed up the mass adoption of the metaverse, our team recognizes the importance of having an interim solution that links a brand new world with the more familiar Web2 platforms such as websites and online stores. For instance, non-crypto customers can taste the enticing elements of the metaverse such as 3-dimensional animation, avatars, and social interactions, but being redirected back to the Web2 eCommerce platform when it comes to making payment.

MaticNews: How does the Metadojo ecosystem work?

As you can see, apart from the Community Treasury, there are three components to the MetaDojo ecosystem, namingly Dojo Owners, Ninjas, and Creators. Before getting into each of these groups, let’s begin with what can be expected of our Dojos.

Dojos hold a central place in the MetaDojo ecosystem. ‘Dojo’ is a term we use to describe virtual premises despite their shapes and forms. It could be a floating skyscraper, an art gallery in the form of a spaceship, or a nightclub shaped like a planet! Our team will develop them in various collections, to satisfy users with different functional, cultural, and aesthetic requirements.

Second part of this diagram is Dojo Owners. A Dojo’s selling price is determined by a few factors including but not limited to its size, complexity and the collection it belongs to. Buyers can also look in the secondary market for Dojos that are being re-sold. Apart from placing them on metaverse lands, users will also be able to integrate Dojos they bought to Web2 platforms such as websites. We believe this will help bridging the gap and clear some blocks particularly for smaller businesses, so the benefits of the metaverse can be accessed and enjoyed by them as well.

Some use cases of the Dojos:

  • Galleries for NFT display and trading
  • Virtual presence with product/service demonstrations by images, videos and 3D models displayed in the Dojo
  • Extension to existing eCommerce platforms
  • Extension to existing marketing campaigns with built-in P2E mechanisms
  • Online education with built-in P2L mechanisms
  • Virtual team meetings, conferences and events
  • Virtual personalized hangout space for close friends and sub-cultural groups

In line with the Dojos, we have given the term ‘Ninjas’ to the players. Different from most GameFi-focused platforms, Ninjas in the MetaDojo ecosystem can be Dojo visitors, community members, and game players. They are the primary users of the Dojos and their gaming aspects.

Some examples of in-game experience include:

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E): By playing in-dojo games and/or completing missions, Ninjas will be rewarded with gaming tokens.
  • Play-to-Learn (P2L): Apart from earning rewards and monetizing time spent in a Dojo, Ninjas can choose to conduct immersive learning through the photos, videos, NFTs and information displayed in a Dojo.
  • Socialization: Being in the same Dojo at the same time? We reckon socialization will happen naturally through avatar interaction, voice chat and team game playing.

Last but not least, Creators are significant contributors to the MetaDojo ecosystem, by bringing their valuable skills and experience to the ecosystem in the form of enlisting their professional services and/or NFTs in the marketplace. Dojo owners and Ninjas make purchases from them in order to enhance their own in-game experience, to enhance the in-game experience of, or value generated from, their Dojo visitors, or to enhance the value of their Dojo. We also believe the Creators will be a significant force when it comes to mass adoption of the metaverse as they see financial gains, recognition, and career advancement in the metaverse.

MaticNews: Is there any ETA for when we can start to try these features out?
MetaDojo: In fact yes, we are aiming to have alpha lunch by the end of September! It's going to be stage 1 as you can imagine.
Right now, if you go to our website https://metadojo.io/ you will be able to see and experience some of our Dojos.

MaticNews: Speaking about your core, which are the use cases of your native token and NFTs? Perhaps tell us more about your tokenomics.
MetaDojo: MetaDojo’s token economy is based on the utilization of two tokens - DJT and NINT. How they interact with the ecosystem is illustrated in this chart.

$DJT is used to govern the MetaDojo ecosystem. It will be generated during the Token Generation Event (TGE) with a total supply of 1 Billion. It is the platform’s utility token and is used to interact with the platform in the following ways: Governance, Dojo purchases, Dojo upgrades/expansion, Paying a Creator to engage in their professional services, and Paying marketplace commissions.

Staking is a way to reward our community members for their long-term commitment to Dojo maintenance and upgrade and appropriate content display. You will be able to earn NINT rewards when you lock up your $DJT through the staking dashboard. In the near future, staking $DJT will give you voting rights and a say over the use of the Community Treasury.

NINT, our in-game currency, is minted by the MetaDojo Treasury on a daily basis. Its daily supply is calculated using the following parameters
(Total Level of Dojos /NINT In Circulation) * Council Constant

MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs: how safe is your project? Will be any audits done at the launch?

MetaDojo: Yes, I understand security is a high priority. Having the codes audited and any potential security defects found is crucial to all Web3 projects. At this stage, the focus for our team has been non-blockchain related, hence why the need for audit certification hasn't risen yet.
We are currently working on Dojo design and modeling and in-game features development. We will most definitely approach credible auditors to obtain code reviews and all other relevant reports before our launch.

MaticNews: Talking about the future, do you have a road map or long-term plans that you can share with us?


You can find our updated roadmap on our website. Currently, there are three areas of high significance for us right now. First of all, our design team is working very hard delivering architecturally designed Dojos. Here is a video about the new additions Meta Pyramids where our next community event will be held.

The second important avenue of development is in-game experience and the user portal. Our team is doing lots of research and working closely with our metaverse partner Bit.Country to ensure a seamless integration and great user experience for our Dojo owners as well as their visitors. We will have something ready to share with our community very soon. We are also working on what we call Web2 solutions where users can directly embed our Dojos to their website and social media accounts.

Last but not least, a constant focus for us is our community. We ran two NFT competitions in December last year and the past February. Our Twitter followers grew from merely 800 to almost 24K. We have some exciting prizes and events in the pipeline for the coming months, so make sure you join our Discord and/or Telegram channels to stay informed!

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaDojo_IO
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/MetaDojoOfficial
📮 Discord: https://discord.gg/MetaDojo
🌐 Web: https://metadojo.io/
🗞 Medium: https://metadojo.medium.com/

We will have some awesome swags waiting to be won at Meta Pyramid so follow us and stay tuned!

Sorry not forgetting our Ambassador Program. We are in pilot-mode with the first cohort MetaDojo Ambassador Candidates which 24 long-term supporters of the project have been initiated on 30 June. More details of the Ambassador Program will be released soon on our website, to encourage cohort 2 intake at the end of September.

MaticNews: What do you think about the current market moment?
MetaDojo: No doubt we are in a crypto winter, and no one can predict how long it will last. But we have had bad market conditions many times previously, so I believe Web3 will get through this and become better and stronger!

Now is actually the perfect time for us to focus on building so we can be ready when spring is here!

MaticNews: Thank you for this AMA!
MetaDojo: It was amazing, thanks for hosting us.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 23, 2022