WinGoal is simply a Web3.0 Decentralized App,which is born with the FIFA World Cup. It is built on Polygon, powered by the Unity Engine and Opta.

MaticNews x Metaland WinGoal AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Hello, nice to see you joined us in this AMA, please introduce yourself!
WinGoal: Hi guys, I am stevie, one of the co-founders of Metaland. Very glad to be here to do this AMA with Matic News and share our excitement and everything with WinGoal with you!

At Metaland, I am normally in-charge of marketing, collaborations and investor relations. Basically facing the public.

For some of our audiences here, they will remember me with Metaland's first project, Pikaster, as I am normally in charge of reaching out to the public and doing AMAs.

Here is the Linktree for WinGoal: https://linktr.ee/wingoal
And our first project: https://twitter.com/PikasterNFT

MaticNews: What is WinGoal?
WinGoal: Today I am going to talk about Metaland's second project, WinGoal. WinGoal has been in planning since last year in November, knowing that the biggest event in 2022 will be the World Cup. WinGoal is closely integrated with the World Cup, and we will launch officially on the 18/11/2022, just in-time to celebrate when World Cup begins.

Metaland is originally a web2.0 mobile gaming studio , transitioning into web3.0. Together with the developers, marketing, operations, we have around 60 staff members in total. It is not a small team because we adopted  staff structure from web2 developments.

WinGoal is simply a Web3.0 Decentralized App,which is born with the FIFA World Cup. It is built on Polygon, powered by the Unity Engine and Opta.

Unlike a lot of gamefi projects, WinGoal is free to play. There are 4 elements - World Cup Soccer Gaming, Real-Time Predictions + Reality Sports + Live Match Streaming.

Just a word for our audiences in this AMA who are new to Opta. Opta is the world largest sports data provider. They generate real-time World Cup performance data feeds, that will reflect LIVE on WinGoal's NFT soccer characters. Essentially, Opta maks all World Cup data available on-chain and definitely one of the first in Web3.0.
MaticNews: What are the highlights of WinGoal ?
WinGoal: We have learned a lot from our first project Pikaster, in order to design and develop WinGoal.

WinGoal is free to play without barriers of entry

WinGoal has 2 new tokenomics -  Burn to Earn and Win to Earn,

WinGoal connects deeply with reality by integrating with Opta data - so that live World Cup data feeds will impact our in-game NFTs.

WinGoal has proposed new ways to acquire players, and moves away from Ponzi economic model

WinGoal has its proprietary referral based system - the Winning Program.

MaticNews: Can you explain more about the Free-To-Play Mechanism in WinGoal?

WinGoal: When players enter the game, they will immediately obtain 11 white soccer players card to form a team and start playing.

These are not NFTs but purely in-game assets. They are used for convenience purposes, for example, when players are missing certain positions in their team. So our white cards allow all players to experience the gameplay of WinGoal, for free. But only with our white cards are not enough. In order to provide a true free-to-play experience for players, WinGoal has a 500K USD marketing budget to provide all players free-minting opportunities of our green NFT cards.

The Green card is the most common rarity in WinGoal, which are usually priced at 9.9 USD. These green cards allow players to start earning in-game. We have collaborated with 20 partners, providing all players free-mint opportunities before the game launch.

But apart from the white cards and green NFT free mints, we have also designed an in-game ads mechanism, where players can watch ads to earn tokens and bonuses in-game. The ads system is our killer in ensuring a true f2p experience for players.

MaticNews: What about the new tokenomics? Can you elaborate?
WinGoal: We believe for any game project to be successful, we must solve a lot of problems currently facing in the field. The major one is tokenomics.  That is why the WinGoal team has spent a lot of time in reworking our Tokenomics, in 3 ways.

First is Burn to earn : Players can excercise in real-life and burn calories. This data is monitored by the player's mobile. This calorie data will create an impact in the game, and WinGoal will then burn the in-game tokens.  Obviously, by exercising, players will earn crypto as rewards.

Second is Win to earn: Players can participate in World Cup Match predictions. Some players will win and multiply their earnings if they have predicted correctly a particular match, and some will lose their crypto.

Finally, we have integrated advertisements:  We have integrated an advertisment system that do not compromise players' experiences.  Players have a choice to watch ads to receive tokens and bonuses in-game. In other cases, players can reduce the waiting time for some activities, for example, the recovering time for NFT's vitalities.

MaticNews: How WinGoal connects reality with Web3.0, via Opta?
WinGoal: A lot of people criticize the fact that web3.0 separates from reality, and that all activities related to web3.0 are virtual and disconnected to the real world.

To solve this problem, WinGoal has 3 ways:

First, with Burn to earn and win to earn. So real life sports and world cup matches are both real world activities that will impact your gameplay

Second, WinGoal is powered by Opta data feeds, so real live performance affects our NFTs.

Thirdly, WinGoal has an idol system. So each fictional character in-game has real world soccer idol.

Finally, WinGoal is born with the world cup and therefore it has a strong link to a major real world event!

MaticNews: How does WinGoal acquire new players?
WinGoal: This is a fantastic question because Gamefi and web3 projects in general face difficulties in acquiring players. Any project cannot survive without new players growing.

First is that WinGoal launches and born with the World Cup. The biggest event in 2022 for soccer enthusiasts. WinGoal is a perfect super-app for soccer fans to game, do sports, watch, and predict matches.

Second is that WinGoal is free to play.

If we look at a lot of Gamefi projects, many of them have a high barrier to entry, and they require players to spend a lot. Not only WinGoal is free, and if players decide to spend money, the first price point for players is at $9.99 USD and it increases smoothly upwards. We take inspiration from Web2.0 games . Nonetheless Metaland was a web2.0 mobile game developer transitioning into web3.0.

Third is that WinGoal supports Google Pay and Apple Pay. So the game not only attracts web3 players, but it attract players from Web2.0 also.

In particular, it also attracts players that are not only profit-maxis and will casually enjoy our gameplay. So these are casual players who will spend money on vanity items, upgrading their characters appearances, skins and costumes etc.

MaticNews: I have seen in the whitepaper that WinGoal has ways to combat ponzi, can you elaborate more on this?
WinGoal: To answer this question, I will quickly explain what a ponzi-based economic model is, as seen in many GameFi projects:

The essence of Gamefi projects is that they are X-to-earn, with play-to-earn being the most common ones.

The source of earnings in projects normally come from in-game minting of tokens. When all players earn tokens in the game, no matter they win or lose, it is not sustainable because it cannot go on forever.

So, if some games really want to work this way, then eventually, some players earnings will need to come from the investment of the later, newer players, because the in-game minting of tokens cannot satisfy all the demand for tokens anymore.

To solve this problem, again, WinGoal has 3 solutions:

First is with our Win-to-earn mechanics. Some players win while others loses. The source of earnings is no longer only by minting in-game tokens , but mainly because some players loses

Secondly, with the integration of advertisement : WinGoal has diversified its source of earnings. These additional earning streams will reduce the rate of token minting. Not only will the ads earnings support players earnings, but the remaining will be returned back to the WinGoal's community, in the form of buybacks, which also ensures price stability of tokens.

Finally, our 3 tokens model: We have adopted our 3 tokens model design, same as our previous project Pikaster.

We believe the 3 token model is the way forward for GameFi developments. It is not the perfect solution, but pointing towards the right direction.

How it works is that inside our game, there are two in-game tokens, $WT and $SWT. There will be an internal game conversion of $WT into $SWT. The conversion is part of the game, so all players will naturally convert $WT into $SWT.

The fact that we can adjust this conversion rate in-game, allows us to control the inflation of $WT. essentially, if we see inflationary trend in $WT, we will counterbalance with deflationary pressure in $SWT etc.

MaticNews: Awesome! How about the Winning Program in WinGoal that you have mentioned?

WinGoal: Winning Program, in short, is a referral bonus program. Winning program can be described as the best alternative income source for influencers and gamers during the bear market.

You earn money by inviting others to play WinGoal. When your invitees play WinGoal for free, they will make their in-game earnings. And you earn your referral bonus based on it.

You earn money by inviting others to do the same as you. When they invite others to play WinGoal, you will earn money too! Basically, how it works is that when you invitees invite their followers and friends to play WinGoal, so these are your indirect invitees. When indirect invitees make earnings, you will earn your bonus too.

Players who register a WinGoal account will need to ask their invitation code provider to grant them a permission. In this case, they will become Winners. A winner has an invitation code that they can invite their followers and friends.

Among these Winners, we introduced the concept of 50 club. WinGoal will hand pick 50 Winners to become a member of The 50 Club.

MaticNews: How to join the 50 Club?
WinGoal: So some may ask...what is special about The 50 Club?
Anyone who wants to be a Winner in the future, or wants to play WinGoal needs an invitation from the Club. Also, the 50 club will obtain huge support from our WinGoal Official, in 2 ways.

First is that those invitees who register through the 50 club's registration code, will be able to obtain a free-mint NFT, worth $9.99 USD provided by the team.

Second is that everyone who wants to join the game in the future will use 50 clubs registration code, especially with our Official channel promotion, where we will exclusively use The 50 Club's code to promote.

To become a member of the 50 club, you will first need to register an account using an invitation code. These codes can be found in our community. Then use this link https://marketplace.wingoal.io/register

Then, they will need to fill a form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SXjDq-uhPnLVYoWR-bYGPDssjCcc0mlP27Tx_z18MXQ/ which can also be found in our discord, in our - Be A Winner -channel.

Then, all winners will undergo their trial. The trial criteria is based on Total Number of Real Participants in Beta Testing.

The actual Beta testing will start on the 9th Nov and ends on the 13th Nov, and participants will have a chance to receive rewards. During this time until Beta starts, all Winners have time to prepare and connect with their followers and friends.

The list of 50 Club will then be finalised on the 15th Nov.

Top 50 Winners with the most participants in Beta will become members of The 50 Club!

Each week there will be a leaderboard for The 50 Club's contestants, where top scorers will be rewarded. Details of rewards will be announced in the channel. Stay posted!

MaticNews: Furthermore are there any events coming-up in preparation for the BETA launch in early November?
WinGoal: WinGoal has a total of $1.5M USD marketing budget in total, we will have a large number of free-mints events, where players can mint our green WinGoal NFTs for free in raffles or draws, and players can start earning for free when WinGoal launches.

Our main free mint events will actually begin today, until the 4of November!

We have partnered with over 20 partners with our free-mints, including Bybit, Openmeta, YGG SEA etcc. Check it out on our socials and  twitter!


To participate in the free mints, players will complete social tasks on gleam, such as registering a WinGoal account, following Twitter accounts and etc.

The NFT will be sent to your WinGoal account directly.

Please follow our official Twitter Wingoalnft to learn more and stay posted. Dont miss out on free-minting opportunities!

MaticNews: Any other major events coming up in the future before the Official Launch on the 18th of November?
WinGoal: Yes, we are co-hosting a World Cup Carnival with Kucoin from the 17- 19 of Nov, where we allow users to earn their first web3 assets for free.

There will be a huge prize pool with BTCs, famous NFTs such as bored apes, doodles and Azuki for web 3 fans, and for web 2 soccer fans, we have also prepared large amounts of football jerseys, soccer shoes and world cup tickets to be shared with our participants.

MaticNews: Thank you for joining us for this AMA!
WinGoal: Thank you for having us, this was cool!

User Question: Would there be a betting system built around the Win-to-Earn genre of WinGoal? Or for the upcoming tournaments?

WinGoal: The Win-To-Earn concept in WinGoal is represented by our competitive online soccer game, with live Opta Data feeds. Each player will formulate a team of 11, where NFTs attributes, team formations and strategies will all determine the outcome of a match.
GameFi needs as much planning as Web2.0 mobile gaming. Metaland has been constantly laying out plans to be executred. Predict The Unpredictables.
Players use $WT to participate in 64 World Cup Matches Predictions. A variety of Markets for our soccer fans: Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Accumulator, Single, Correct Result, Half Time Result, Total over/under... Learn more in-game!

User Question: What will happen to WinGoal after FIFA World  Cup ends? Do you have PVP and PVE soccergaming? What's your next plan after FIFA world cup ends? Hope you answer my question.

WinGoal: WinGoal will continue to support all functions including online PvP and PvE soccer gamings, real-time soccer matches predictions and Reality sports. Metaland is dedicated to develop a sporting gamefi platforms including all sports, for example basketball, tennis and etc.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 7, 2022