All of our smartcontracts except the Ogami Mage sale will be audited by CertiK. We are fully doxxed, you can check our real names and social medias in the whitepaper.

MaticNews x OgamiConquest AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Another AMA on a Polygon project after the big success of past ones! Let's start with an introduction of you and your team! What past experiences you have all got if any?
OgamiConquest: Hello MaticNews! Thanks for being here. We're a team of currently 10 people who have knowledge in blockchain, game development, 3D & 2D Art. The founders such as me have had experiences in blockchain games as players & investors before. :) You can find our whole team here: https://whitepaper.ogamiconquest.io/9.-team
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name, is there any background story?
OgamiConquest: There isn't a real story behind the name "Ogami". We just liked it to be honest. But it's a name for a species that lives in the fictive world of Endoran. The Ogami are divided into two tribes , the Malkyn and the Tre'zan, which are involved in a never-ending war with each other. This is something that could also resemble a MOBA since you're also constantly fighting against an enemy team. The name "Conquest" is derived from the fact that they're in a constant dispute and fight with each other.

Left concept art of Tre'zan | right concept art of Malkyn

They are the minions in Ogami Conquest

Our wallpaper also resembles their never-ending fight

MaticNews: What is Ogami Conquest? Please introduce the project us!
OgamiConquest: Ogami Conquest is a Play-And-Earn MOBA game with a unique breeding and recycling system, and a new gaming-oriented governance model. Our tokenomics and Play-And-Earn model aims to solve unsustainability issues in blockchain gaming such as hyperinflation.
Here's a showcase (work in progress) of our demo map:
MaticNews: On which chains will be available? Is there any plan to expand to new ones?
OgamiConquest: We’re building on Polygon and will stay on Polygon in the near future. We had several options to go with but in the end, we chose Polygon. To be honest, we didn’t regret the choice since the Polygon Studios team and PolygonDAO is very helpful and support builders however they can.
MaticNews: What is your mission and vision?
OgamiConquest: The ultimate vision for Ogami is to create an ecosystem of games that are building on top of the Ogami IP as well as taking part in other metaverse projects. The current near-future goal is to develop and ship Ogami Conquest. We’re doing it step by step. We want to ensure that we’re delivering a quality product that we as a team can be proud of.
We're basically a team of gamers and have a high standard when it comes to games.
MaticNews: Starting from your core, what is the use-case of your native token?
OgamiConquest: Ogami Conquest uses $OGM which has a max cap of 10 billion tokens.
The $OGM token has utility by design:

  • acts as a reward token for players
  • is a marketplace currency
  • is an NFT purchase currency
  • acts as breeding fee
  • can be staked
  • used for governance.

With NFT purchase we mean cosmetics like skins, Battle Pass etc.

This is the design of the $OGM token

MaticNews: Please tell us about your P2E concept!
OgamiConquest: Our Play-And-Earn concept aims to be sustainable. The $OGM token rewards can be claimed after each season. During a season, players can climb on the leaderboards. Depending on their rank in the leaderboards, they get an allocation of the prize pool of that season. This model is a sustainable way of distributing rewards to the players without the bad side effects of hyperinflating a utility token.
Here is the reward cycle of the $OGM token & our Play-And-Earn model:

Since it's a max capped token, it needs to have some sort of cycle, so that the rewards dont deplete.

MaticNews: Very interesting concept, when will it be possible to test your play to earn concept?
OgamiConquest: We'll implement the Play-And-Earn model of Ogami Conquest in the beginning of 2024. But the game will be playable before that!
Q2 2023 will feature stress tests for selected people and in Q4 2023, we'll let a broader amount of players playtest Ogami Conquest. Our goal is to ensure a balanced game before we introduce any type of earn mechanism.
MaticNews: Speaking about your non fungible tokens, please tell us everything about them!
OgamiConquest: We have two types of NFTs. The first one are Ogami Mages which are max capped to 5,000. They’re your VIP ticket into the ecosystem. The second NFTs are Kodari, the actual playable NFTs.

We’re having our NFT sale starting from August 19 of Ogami Mages.

This is a concept art of a Kodari NFT, the playable characters in Ogami Conquest

The utilities of our Ogami Mage NFTs which will be minted soon are:

MaticNews: When will the native token be launched?
OgamiConquest: This year! Q4 alongside Staking i'd also advise to check out our roadmap for upcoming milestones: https://whitepaper.ogamiconquest.io/8.-roadmap
MaticNews: Will there be any rarity tools that will help us buy the NFTs?
OgamiConquest: Since our collection didn’t mint yet, we don’t have a rarity tool implemented. But there will be tools to determine rarity when the collection launches / NFTs are revealed.
MaticNews: Would you like to tell us about the recycling concept?
OgamiConquest: Every Kodari NFT will be “recyclable” at any point in time in form of a permanent “burn” of the NFT to get 50% of the $OGM tokens back.
This way we have a mechanism to control NFT inflation. And the DPO (Governance) can always activate the NFT buybacks funds as well.
MaticNews: How can we join your ecosystem? In which phase of the project are we right now?
OgamiConquest: The best way is to join our Discord server.

We also have a tg group: https://t.me/ogamiconquest

We post updates on Twitter and Substack as well.
Discord is where we communicate every day and we appreciate Community Feedback.

We're currently in Phase 1

MaticNews: How will you maintain the sustainability of the whole ecosystem?
OgamiConquest: With the tokenomics model we presented earlier. The fact that $OGM has several use cases and with our reward cycle combined with the recycling of Kodari NFTs and our Play-And-Earn model, we’re aiming for a sustainable ecosystem.
MaticNews: Would you like to say something more about your  tokenomics model?
OgamiConquest: We chose this model because our main goal was to ensure sustainability. We identified issues that other blockchain games have had and came up with solutions for said issues.

This is our token allocation and vesting:

The reward treasury will start with an allocation of 33%. Depending on the inflow and outflow from the reward treasury, we're aiming for 25-40% of all $OGM tokens to be in the Reward Treasury. This also means that around 1/3 of all tokens won't be in "circulation"

MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the Clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned?
OgamiConquest: All of our smartcontracts except the Ogami Mage sale will be audited by CertiK. We are fully doxxed, you can check our real names and social medias in the whitepaper.

We are also doxxed to Polygon Studios and Polygon DAO.
And we are gonna utilize doxd.io as well (before our mint).
MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
OgamiConquest: We’re currently in the first phase of our presale of $OGM token. The Ogami Mage Collection and the second phase of our presale alongside private + public sale of $OGM will fund the hardlaunch of Ogami Conquest.

Ogami Conquest has 4 ways of further monetization:

  1. Marketplace fees
  2. Battle Pass NFT sale
  3. Fees from Breeding (small portion)
  4. Sale of cosmetic NFTs such as skins, emotes etc.

Other fundraising possibilities in case we need more funds during development are;

Option 1: OTC sale of $OGM tokens.
Option 2: Monetization of Ogami starts in Q1-Q2
Option 3: Series A & B funding

MaticNews: What are your current partners and the marketing strategy to ensure a good amount of users at the launch of the game?
OgamiConquest: Right now, we don’t have any disclosed partnerships but we are doing organic growth strategies and also collaborations with other projects as well as influencers in the NFT space. Some of our collabs/support we have are from Polygon DAO and Polygon Studios as well.
MaticNews: Talking about the future, as recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?
OgamiConquest: We believe the crypto market is volatile by nature, we just need to zoom out sometimes to remember how far we came and that we are still in the very early stages.

Mass adoption will come sooner or later. We are very bullish on the next years and building looking into the future.

Also, during this bear market, the investment forecast is at an all time high in web 3 gaming.
Here is the roadmap: https://whitepaper.ogamiconquest.io/8.-roadmap
MaticNews: Thank you for joining us!
OgamiConquest: Thank you for having us in this amazing AMA.

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 7, 2022