Of course! Donations are important part of Petto! We are donating 15% of each transaction to animal protection funds.

MaticNews x Petto AMA Recap and Transcript

Petto: Hey hey 👋 from all the Petto team.
MaticNews: Nice to have you here! After so many talks and post that we shared here in our community, finally you are ready to share us more about petto.io ! Excited about it!
Petto: We also sooo glad to be here talk with amazing Matic Community
MaticNews: Another ama with a new project in early stage after the big success of past ones! Let's start with an introduction of you and your team! Which past experiences you all have got if any?
Petto: We are Team of Crypto and WEB3 enthousiasts. Now, we are Team of 10 + experts in their field. Technology, Blockchain, Game Art, 3D, crypto, Tokenomics, Community building.
As well as advisors on all important topics, such as tokenomics, technology as well as social aspects as animal conservation.
The Petto team is composed of industry experts from Switzerland, Italy, Vietnam, Brasil. All team members have been founders or leaders across various areas of crypto innovation and industry.
Takis - Systematic Trading Strategies, Market Making
Leo - NFT, Digital and 3D Artist
Felysia - Game concept artist
Cung  - Game development
Nam - Security and Smart Contracts
Denis - Game design expert
Vladimir - Tockenomics and Game Economy
Viktor - Game Production and Operations
And me Nati - Web3 community expert
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name/topic, is there any background history?
Petto: Choice of the name is a very simple but meaningful story as Petto is Pet from Japanese.
We want to build an exciting and immersive game where the main players are always accompanied by their best friend in all adventures, battles and exploration. And those we are calling Petto’s.🐼🐯🐨🦁🐵
We strongly believe in WEB3, that's why another core element of the game is community co-creation and participation in building of the game. Shortly, it's an experience created by players and for players with love for the planet.
MaticNews: What is https://petto.io ? Please introduce the project us!
Petto: Petto is decentralized multiplayer world with fun-filled adventures for players and creators. Where the community together decides and votes on how the world works. Some of the Petto characters are directly linked to the number of remaining animals in the wildlife. By owning a Petto, playing the game, collecting and trading Petto's, players actively support each of them. We will donate 15% to selected animal organizations and actively involve the Petto community in the decision-making!
MaticNews: Which game did you took inspiration from?
Petto: Actually, it's a lot of nice references that we saw. Thinking on the concept and we had some insights in terms of play-to-earn and metaverse concept from famous giant players on the arena that inspired us.
Petto is designed from day one to be social platforms for user-generated content - "The Metaverse”.
Talking more precisely, the first mini-game, Petto Camp, inspired by Tamagotchi concept that was integrated with Play2Earn logic and amazing high-level graphic.
Our team has true passion for animals and idea to create cool, interactive game, to show that people can have fun and do good at the same time. From here we came to the gamification approach to show the topic from a different angle and focus on creating an entertaining and fun experience, which has an impact logic built in.
MaticNews: Starting from the beginning, about your native token $APES, please tell us more about that! What is the use case?
Petto: APES is an ERC20 utility token of the Pettoverse. It can only be earned within the Pettoverse and it’s crucial to the entire game experience and benefits.
Holders will participate in the decision-making of the future of Petto: supporting game evolution and deciding on the allocation of a community treasury.
Also, APES is a payment and governance token that can be staked to receive frequent rewards!
MaticNews: Speaking about your non fungible tokens, what can you tell us about the NFTs?
Petto: First of all, NFT is your key to the whole Pettoverse. Having NFT, players can access all the game experience.
The unique way to make sure the Petto Owners own the whole 3D assets, and you can also make it playable in the Pettoverse and other games.
If you get a Petto or any other Pettoverse assets, you literally will be able to use it in any other game and have actual decentralized ownership of it. You can sell, collect and make more valuable anywhere you want. You fully own the assets, and it's entirely decentrally stored!
You could even rebuild an entirely different game with Petto NFT assets.
MaticNews: Is there any rarity tool to help us to buy the NFTs?
Petto: Minting itself is gonna be on Petto website. Then, all Petto NFTs will be accessible on OpenSea, Rarity Tools, Rarity Sniper and so on. On our Game portal you can find futher information on the game items, characters, etc. and their specific rarity/availability.
MaticNews: When will be possible to mint the NFTs?
Petto: The team is now working on Genesis Collection of Ultra Pettos. And we are planning to launch the drop in June.
It will be one veryyy special collection. Trust me, I had a chance to see some backstage😎
The Ultras are super rare as those are linked to real animals that are extremly rare!
MaticNews: What is the Petto Camp?
Petto: While our Community is actively building the entire open world gameplay, we didn't want to be one of those paper project and have decided to launch the key game play areas of the pettoverse as a semi 2d/3d Browser game, the Petto Camp. With that we have core elements or the Pettoverse as, P2E, staking, NFT characters available to the community and players.
Petto Camp is an essential part of the future gameplay, where the players can train, and nurture their buddy and prepare them for the upcoming adventures and battles with other players.
Moreover, from level 10 players get a play-earn badge and enable daily APES rewards.
Join our Discord, this is where you can take sneak peeks from behind the scenes!
MaticNews: While speaking about the game, when will be possible to see a gameplay of it?
Petto: We made Alpha Launch of the Petto Camp and it's going now till 10th June. Players can get inside in the current development, explore, earn and help Petto become better!
Everyone can try it on play.petto.io
The Panda model was uploaded in Petto Camp by the team, so literally EVERYONE can enter and try the game and experience play-to-earn logic.
Just to note Ultra Panda which you play during the Alpha is a test model and is not an NFT. In the first five days we got an enormous quantity of feedback. It's the whole Alpha Party on our Discord now😄
We are building an entire platform to accomodate NFT and decentralied games, and Petto is the first game title that we are creating and develop together with the community.
Polygon is the perfect network for gaming! We are very happy to have decided to work with Polygon!
MaticNews: Let’s talk about the tokenomics! Please tell us about yours and about why did you chose this model?
Petto: Important to point out, that tokenomics have to be balanced with overall Game economy principles. Pricing of items, play to earn etc. In comparison non gaming related tokenomics models.
We have a capped supply of 500M APES. We have chosen to cap the token supply in the interest of the holders, to prevent token inflation in the ecosystem.
The total token supply is split across different buckets. The % dedicated to each bucket is being synchronized with the overall game economy to make sure that the token supply is well balanced overall.
MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
Petto: The ecosystem fund will be the intial seed funding for the community DAO.
As regarding revenue, it will be generated from funding, as well from collection drops mint and potentially we will conduct an initial game offering to the community. As well, it will be continuous flow from in-game transactions inside the Pettoverse.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the Clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned?
Petto: Security and system stability are very important to us.
We are constantly stress testing the system and overall game logic, for this purpose we are running Alpha stages and security reviews. We are in consultation with a leading security firm who would finally conduct a security audit of the overall system and smart contracts.
KYC and other measures are not planned for the community members.
MaticNews: Just curious, Do you donate some of your revenue to real animals?
Petto: Of course! Donations are important part of Petto!
We are donating 15% of each transaction to animal protection funds.
Currently, we have one official partner https://wildlifesos.org/
They are doing great work giving the rescue and care for endangered, injured, and exploited elephants, leopards, bears at their facilities. They have the whole campus for helping them in India!
MaticNews: Which are the current partners and the marketing strategy to have a good amount of users at launch?
Petto: So happy to hear that you care of this point too!
First of all, Petto is a part of the Polygon Studio ecosystem, and it's crucial partner.
Furtherly, we have already agreed partnership with Bitkeep and it’s in the process of establishment now. Also we are talking with Chainlink on technological aspects.
One more super exciting thing is the upcoming partnership with OVR to make Treasure Hunt for the community. Just imagine Pettos all over the globe! As well we started a conversation on Signvm on potential partnership. And, it’s coming an upgrade in sustainability field, as we consider to make our NFT as eco with help of climatefutures.io !
We are working a lot on partnerships, but also looking closely how they really fit with us and how can they be good for the community!
MaticNews: And most importantly MaticNews will give always 100% support to help Petto!
Petto: MaticNews is in our heart already 💜
MaticNews: Talking about the future, as recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?
Petto: Sure! Here is the Roadmap

You can see our nearest as well as more global goals here!

MaticNews: Last, but not least, what do you think about the current market moment?
Petto: Aaah, I guess this question is a headache of majority of crypto community😄 Markets dont matter so much, we believe in decentralization on the long term, web3 will outrun everything in the long term, and Games Platform build on those principles are the future.
These market fluctuations just an indicator of viability. Because, today among all there are 2 important things - to have a strong foundation and be flexible, otherwise waves of changes just eat you. We are now right in the middle of a sharp transformation and evolution of blockchain. Looking more closely, it’s obvious that it's a step to a new level - still more solutions coming, still more companies from the traditional economy entering the web3.
Talking about how we see Petto in these changes, it’s the moment to rise!
We are working with huge attention on every aspect that lies inside Petto, to bring it to the world only in the highest value for the community. It’s all transparent. At the same time, we are flexible to market changes.
In all the hurricane, it's a great moment in blockchain history now. Phoenixes are born in the dark😎✨

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jun 7, 2022