Within Tontachi there are a multitude of cute pig-like characters with various attributes. As you raise them they get stronger and can Race against your friends in Augmented Reality!

MaticNews x Tontachi AMA Recap and Transcript

MaticNews: Welcome to MaticNews! Please give us an introduction of you and your team! What past experiences you all have if any?
Tontachi: Hello! I’m John Wolff, founder of Urban Electronics and lead producer of TontachiAR.

I’ve worked in the video game industry for over 10 years, both domestically and internationally being fluent in Japanese, and more specifically have worked within blockchain games for about 4 years.

Our team is made up of other game developers, product designers, and blockchain engineers.
Being fluent in Japanese, I lived in Japan and helped create Japan’s 1st blockchain game, “Crypt-Oink” in 2018. We’ve done collaborations with Axie Infinity & CryptoKitties in the past. I also worked at doublejump.tokyo, which is now the largest blockchain gaming company out of Japan. I have pretty solid experience with NFT creation, GameFi, tokenomics, and general game development.
MaticNews: Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any background story?
Tontachi: Are you familiar with Tamagotchis? “Tamago” means “Egg” in Japanese; “Tachi” is a pluarlizer but also can mean “Friends”. So Tamagotchi stands for “Eggs” for “Egg friends”.

Tontachi features a cute pig-like characters called “Tons” which means “Pig” in Japanese.
Thus Tontachi means “Pigs” or “Pig Friends”!

We gave the game such a name because of the Japanese influence on the project!

MaticNews: Furthermore, what is tontachi.io? Please introduce the project us!
Tontachi: Tontachi is an Augmented Reality Pet-Racing simulator.

Think MarioKart meets Pokemon Go.

Actually, the people who made PokemonGo (Niantic) are involved in our project!

Within Tontachi there are a multitude of cute pig-like characters with various attributes. As you raise them they get stronger and can Race against your friends in Augmented Reality!
You can create custom race tracks that deform to your environment, furthermore you can do live races with your friends where everyone see the same race in real space and in real time.
As you win races, you become eligible for other NFTs and tokens which completes our game economy.

Augmented Reality. We believe that future of gaming will involve more real world exploration and adventure. Of course the "metaverse" has it's draw with 3D avatars and immersive worlds, but we'd also like to create games that allow you to explore the world around you.
MaticNews: What is your mission and vision?
Tontachi: Integrating Blockchain into games allows for gameplay to become more "real" with the ability to earn while going and exploring the world around you. Yes "Move to Earn" exists with Step N etc.. but we're trying to create an immersive game with AR & Blockchain combined together. Our tech stack is pretty strong, so it's all about scaling the core concept which we've proven works in our official tech demo we released about 2 months ago.
MaticNews: Starting from your core, which are the use cases of your native token?
Tontachi: Our $BACON token hasn’t been launched yet, but winning races will get you “BACON bits” which can be converted in $BACON tokens.
$BACON tokens can be used to level up your pet Tons, or they can be used in our “Gacha” machine, which is like a Try-Your-Luck machine to win other NFT game items that have utility.
Lastly, for more composability, burning the Ton NFTs will result in $BACON, so you can literally Burn Pigs to make $BACON. It's hilariously organic!
MaticNews: How do you keep it sustainable and most important profitable to play to your game?

Composability is a big part of it. So again, being able to burn the NFTs we have is good for balance. Furthermore we will not have a token sale, but instead have a utility token with a closed cap that is only generated through playing the game and winning races in real geo-locations.
MaticNews: Would you like to explain your game overview and gameplay flow?
Tontachi: Sure, so you download the game (iOS or Android), and either start with an Eggton (offchain character), or import one of your “Cryptons” or “Newtons”, which are our blockchain based, NFT characters. As you feed them and pet them, they increase in compatibility and then you can bring them into an AR race. You can also take ''Pigtures'' in Augmented Reality.

But the idea is that you go to real location to do races, and then you're able to earn tokens and game NFTs.

We have a "Pigture" Contest right now where you can see Community pics taken that were on Twitter:

MaticNews: Is there any rarity mechanism that helps us to choose the best ones to buy?
Tontachi: Eggton - Offchain assets with no NFT value

Crypton - Blockchain-based pigs that are usable in Tontachi. It is an old collection from Japan's first blockchain game "CryptOink". We support their NFTs in Tontachi and have stats that will work their way into races: https://opensea.io/collection/crypt-oink

Newtons - Is the NFT collection we're creating now, there will be rarity that effects how they race + advantages on the racetrack. Also only Newtons will be eligible for Burning and creating $BACON.

I'm not trying to shill the old Crypt-Oink collection, it's pretty archaic BUT, if you have one, you can immediately play Tontachi. Basically the NFTs are Whitelisted.

Outside of characters, we have other rare game-item NFTs that unlock certain features, so there's meant to be a lot of scarcity and rarity built into the game.
Tontachi is currently in Pre-Production, we're focusing a lot of the blockchain elements now that our key tech stack and AR are working smoothly.
MaticNews: Do love this in depth explanation, is there any ETA for the new collection?
Tontachi: No later than February, you'll start seeing designs in November. So we may be ready to go by January.

We want to do it right you know. Also, they're 3D Assets that are meant to have a lot of utility from the get go..

We strive for quality..which isn't always appreciated in our space. We're going to try to do the NFT sale via Polkstarter or maybe DAOMaker if they think we're cool enough.
MaticNews: Now that everything is clear! How can we join your ecosystem?
Tontachi: Please join our Discord:
Follow on Twitter:
We have a substack too if you want the latest news:
MaticNews: Let’s talk about the tokenomics! Please tell us about yours and about why you chose this model?
Tontachi: Well from my previous experience working on Japanese blockchain-game projects, there was a problem of too much supply, so we wanted to find ways to make the most out of utility and composability. I suppose I can let the audience ask for more specifics, but yea, token sales are subject to pump and dump, so we want everything to be generated from gameplay itself. Having a close cap utility token really give the community the chance to create and derive value from the project, sothat's why we are designing it this way.
MaticNews: Furthermore, how is the revenue being generated for the project itself which can be used to finance future developments?
Tontachi: We have 3 modes:

  1. NFT sales (primary and seconday)
  2. Appreciation of the Token Value
  3. B2B - As a company (Urban Electronics), we built out a custom tech stack of bringing Augmented Reality Blockchain together into commercial apps. So basically we outsource the tech/do custom contract work lol. Tontachi is our first product showcasing that, and is also our first proprietary title as a company

It's possible for us to add in traditional in-app purchases into Tontachi, but we're doing as much as we can blockchain first.

The fact that Tontachi will have AR components in real-locations gives really unique ideas for not only features but monetization, be it blockchain related or not.
MaticNews: Talking about the security side, the clichè question that we ask in all AMAs, are there any KYC or audit planned of your whole ecosystem?
Tontachi: We definitely intend to have our smart contracts audited: Gacha, burning etc. So yes, the game economy will be vetted, but KYC won't be necessary (i believe) since we aren't doing a token sale. Uniswap pools to exchange $BACON for $ETH or $MATIC..and then it's on the end user to find out how to get it from kinda.
MaticNews: Who are your current partners and what is your marketing strategy to have a good amount of users at the launch of the ecosystem?

  1. Working with Niantic (PokemonGo), we're hoping they'll help get the word out.
  2. Interoperability - Similar to Crypton, we want other 3D NFT Avatars etc.. to be usable within Tontachi. Again, think about MarioKart, a whole bunch of IP characters racing together. Interoperability will be pivotal to our growth and user base
  3. Working with a platform for the NFT Sale will help
  4. Targeting Game Guilds & DAOs for sure (if anyone here is part of one, please contact me!)

MaticNews: Talking about the future, as a recap, do you have any preliminary roadmap that you would like to share with us?
Tontachi: Also for anyone who's enjoying this, you learn more about Tontachi on Netflix. We were featured in a Docseries!

So our Roadmap may change a bit, but right now we're designing and creating the NFT collection. Simultaneously we're creating the web3 site. Once that's all ready for launch, we're really gonna be cooking. Next year there will be more robust AR features, but tokenomics to match. We'd like to host our first Live tournament in New York, or maybe at next year's PAX East. For the rest of year expect more solid web3 development from us and new NFTs.
MaticNews: Last, but not least, what do you think about the current market moment?
Tontachi: Blockchain gaming will shine with the most robust and balanced Graphics, Gameplay, and GameFi, which has been long awaited. Such titles are birthed from a bear market of innovation; re-shaped from previous half-assed tokenomic attempts.

With a total $6.7 Billion of announced funding for blockchain-based games thus far in 2022, 2023 demands if not begs for innovation.

“ICOs”, “IDOs'', ''IEOs”, “Rug-pulls”, and the general hype of hot-air and over valuation are optimistically behind us; there is breathable room for genuine growth.
Utility is now demanded in projects, that's a good thing that's come out of the bear market. Better to be forward-facing than reflect on the current market, because we've gone through such a bad spell.

MaticNews: Thank you for joining this AMA with us today!
Tontachi: I really appreciate this. It's a cool format.

Tontachi is early, but an advanced project since it's both AR & Blockchain & Mobile.

I just invite everyone to be a part of the community and help us grow, more than anything that's what we need and that's what drives the game.

Thank you so much!

Oh! And check out the Pigture Contest and Photo Album, you can vote on your favorite one if you want!

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 25, 2022