We will be able to work, study, and socialize from all over the world as though we were physically seated at a table in the same location by fusing new technology like AR, VR, with our avatars.

Metable - The Evolution of Education

The first decentralized virtual environment, Metable, is revolutionizing the education sector owing to web 3.0 and blockchain technology.

The future of collaboration, socialization, and education will be facilitated by the metaverse.

We are transitioning from a 2D world where interaction is only possible through external devices to a 3D one where we will experience the internet as a fully realized virtual simulation.

We will be able to work, study, and socialize from all over the world as though we were physically seated at a table in the same location by fusing new technology like AR, VR, with our avatars.

What is Metable?
The first "learn to earn" training metaverse, Metable, is designed for those who want to teach in a decentralized, global metaverse, work in a field with tremendous growth potential, learn using cutting-edge technology, and communicate in a contemporary and professional setting.

Teachers will be able to create and sell their courses using the latest web 3.0 technologies, entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the massive business potential by purchasing or renting all the assets in the metaverse, students will be able to combine specialized training with income, effectively lowering the cost of education, and businesses will be able to find the most in-demand professionals on the global market thanks to Metable.

You can also earn in Metable by playing. Anyone who wants to earn can take part in the quiz games, win, and receive rewards in the form of utility tokens that can be spent within the metaverse. Quiz Games are live-action quizzes that players can take on any subject taught in the metaverse.

People can acquire Land in the Metable Metaverse and rent it out to other users in order to generate another source of income. Participating in the DAO by voting is another way to get rewarded as well.

Sponsorships are a mechanism that is essential to the ecosystem's stability and growth. By burning their utility tokens, students, teachers, and businesses will be able to increase their visibility in the virtual world thanks to sponsorships. They gain daily visibility as they burn more utility tokens.

Land in the Metaverse?
The areas of the metaverse known as the Metable Land are available for purchase, potential resale, or rental to educators looking to start their own businesses.

The lands are distinct and only exist in a small virtual area.

Other than those listed in the Land Economy, no other lands may be added.

In some places, it will be possible to combine several adjacent lands to get a larger piece of property.

These areas will be defined after the virtual world has been created.

Landowners can be businesses, educators, or investors that want to support Metable's expansion and development.

Anyone will have the chance to create their own school within Metable and begin instructing millions of students worldwide. The best teachers will be available to teach students whatever they desire, and they will be able to make money while they learn. For their personnel, businesses will be able to locate and choose the best profiles. By purchasing and renting out property and buildings to those who wish to educate, investors will be able to conduct business.

With Metable, everyone can become the sole owner of lands, structures, and training grounds thanks to blockchain technology.

People will be able to pay lower commissions and have quicker transactions thanks to Metable, which will be based on the Polygon blockchain.

NFTs are ERC-721/ERC-1155 while tokens are ERC-20.

Python and Solidity will be used to create smart contracts.

Graphics for Metable are created using the Unity platform.

The advantages of 3D, VR, and augmented reality led to the selection of Unity.

Game creators have the option to create 3D games using Unity. More than half of the industry is dominated by Unity since developers continue to use it to create the most popular games. With more than 60% of the developed content, Unity is also the leader in AR and VR.

Unity is renowned for its top-notch, cutting-edge visual effects. Making stunning-looking games is made easier by the game engine's highly flexible rendering technology and a wide range of user-friendly tools.

Through the use of viewers, users will be able to explore and experience the metaverse in both 3D and virtual reality (VR) modes thanks to Metable, a metaverse created with graphics technology.

We have looked at this project and it is quite marvelous how innovation can be implemented into education. We know the developers have been working hard on their goals and we are looking forward to seeing everything come to fruition!

Project Links
Website - https://www.metable.in/
Discord - https://discord.gg/Ucrbtj9XTk
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/metable_in
Telegram - http://t.me/scuola_di_trading

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 2, 2022