The datasets created from the daily updated LAND value data collected by the algorithm are subsequently made available on the Ocean Protocol Marketplace.

MetaGameHub - The partnership with Ocean Protocol will push transparency on NFT Markets to new heights!

What is MetaGameHub?
The MGH DAO, which focuses on the creation of metaverse infrastructure and tools as well as the acquisition of metaverse assets, is the hub for Open Metaverse Experiences. Centered on the creation and commercialization of a sizable portfolio of metaverse assets (primarily LANDs) from various metaverses, such as The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Somnium Space. These assets are managed by the MGH community, which generates income through things like GameFi applications, advertisements, event spaces, art galleries, and cultural hubs.

Open Protocol and the NFT Markets Transparency Cause
For the NFT market to have a fair and transparent pricing assessment, Ocean Protocol and MetaGameHub DAO collaborated. Data decentralization and data transparency are goals pursued by MGH DAO by making valuable Metaverse LAND datasets available on the Ocean Protocol Marketplace.

The ongoing problem is the level of authority and control some businesses have over the data, as well as the purposes for which they use it. The lack of a transparent and open Data Economy makes it evident that the individual has no control over their own data.

Together with Ocean, MetaGameHub DAO is tackling this problem with this alliance. Data unlocking, open access and monetization for individuals and businesses, as well as a fair and transparent pricing assessment in the NFT market, are the objectives at hand.

What is the plan?
The LAND Valuation Algorithm is a key component of the MGH DAO Tool. This tool can be used to determine reasonable and correct pricing for metaverse assets, namely LANDs. First, Etherscan and OpenSea are used to gather historical information on LAND sales from various metaverses. On the basis of the information acquired, the daily median of historical sales on any given day is then determined. Second, a machine learning algorithm that has been trained using previous price changes for the relevant asset is fed the collected data. In order to continue making accurate price forecasts, this system is constantly retrained. LANDs in the Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Somnium Space are currently being evaluated by the valuation model.

The datasets created from the daily updated LAND value data collected by the algorithm are subsequently made available on the Ocean Protocol Marketplace.
These databases contain two different sorts of data:

Data from a machine learning algorithm and data from Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland Marketplaces and NFT Marketplaces, Etherscan, and OpenSea.

How can we access this data?
You only need to visit the Ocean Marketplace and look for the Metaverse LAND Dataset to gain access to these datasets. You can use $OCEAN to purchase the Data Token from the Data Pool after connecting your wallet. You can access the relevant dataset by burning the Data Token.

MetaGameHub DAO is giving the NFT market the infrastructure it needs by adopting this cutting-edge pricing algorithm and facilitating fair LAND appraisal. By allowing anyone to access data with the option to monetise it, another significant step towards data decentralization is taken.

MetaGameHub DAO’s Long Term Vision
The community and its experience in the Open Metaverse are very important to MetaGameHub DAO. MGH DAO is developing user-focused tools and the necessary infrastructure for the metaverse and the NFT market in order to give users a seamless and intuitive experience. For instance, the information made available on the Ocean Protocol Marketplace allow users to discover undervalued LANDs and provide decentralized, transparent access to the data.

Along with Ocean, MGH DAO aspires to a decentralized data economy, where users' data is dispersed among participants rather than being completely controlled by a few central parties. If data is not private, MetaGameHub fights for the cause that it should be accessible to everyone in an open and transparent manner. In addition, it is critical to enable data value unlocking and to provide data exchange and monetization.

MetaGameHub has been community-centric since the beginning, there is no surprise here they are continuing the hard work to help users across the blockchain attain peak ownership of their assets.

Project Links:
Website - https://www.metagamehub.io/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MGH_DAO
Discord - https://discord.gg/8WJVMDXZwH
Docs – https://docs.metagamehub.io/

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 24, 2022