Another unmatched feature brought by Meta Studio is 100% ownership of your content. No more “Once you upload we get the right to …” like today’s platforms.

MetaStudio / METAX - The DAO Creators Metaverse

As the world evolves and technology takes over, the platforms’ abuse and lack of privacy affect more and more the ever-expanding community of creators. This new decentralized platform we discovered is going to be a game-changer for the new generation. Meta Studio is a metaverse platform where you can sell your content in full privacy, retail ownership, receive all the profi and decide the way your community works.

How does it work?
This business bridge for a new generation in between the Web2 to the Web3 will allow everyone to create and sell content in a decentralized and fun environment.

Signing up using the desired certified wallet is all that you need to start creating, and this brings a whole new level of safety for the usual web 2 user. Being built on blockchain technology, everything will be based on Smart Contracts and NFT’s, so creators can buy, rent, or sell under complete safety and anonymity.

Another unmatched feature brought by Meta Studio is 100% ownership of your content. No more “Once you upload we get the right to …” like today’s platforms.

As a fully decentralized autonomous organization, Meta Studio will be governed by its users, from setting up rules to implementing them, what directions will the platform evolve in the future, how to manage finances and so on. The goal is to develop the platform in the way the creators want it to be.

The $METAS Token
$METAS is the Utility Token that will power Meta Studio. Based on ETH and built on Polygon (MATIC) technology, it is fast, easy and cheap, allowing you to use multi-coin wallets and buy / sell instantly with minimal costs. Certified as secure by one of the leading WEB3 Security Companies, Quantstamp, it will allow more than 50 million people around the globe who identify themselves as content creators to obtain a reliable income.

Because the world is becoming more and more averse to classic patterns of work, this team saw the need in today’s society to make work change in order to become fun, free, creative and truly engaging. Freed from the classic constraints of a typical work environment and its outdated dynamics, the creators will just be free to build, expand and monetize their community or provide services without the unfair rules and huge commissions that the main platforms today impose.

This  prime example of a "blue ocean" business potential will change the influencer industry as we know it, bringing a unique opportunity for early stage investors and creators.

We are really excited for this project, we think MaticNews could be adopted inside the Meta Studios Metaverse and communities could meet and make business in this cool environment. There aren’t many projects this big, and we see the potential is quite high when it comes to MetaStudio.

Project Links
Website - https://www.metastudio.land/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/metastudioland
Discord - https://discord.gg/gc23Ag3VuY
Telegram - https://t.me/metastudioland

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 20, 2022