The development team's goal is to establish itself as the go-to option for traders who wish to always have control over their money without disclosing any personal information.

MetaVault is ensuring independence, autonomy and ownership control over all assets for investors!

Metavault.Trade is designed to offer a wide range of trading features as well as very deep liquidity on a wide range of high cap crypto assets. Thanks to the constant innovation pushed by the developers, the platform represents a new type of decentralized exchange. Several DEXs enter and leave the blockspace, but none get to see greatness as much as Metavault.Trade, a platform that actually delivers on its promises, and does something worthwhile for the Blockspace. With tons of new updates awaiting such as a trailing stop feature as well as gasless functions, the DEX is constantly innovating and making sure users of the platform are provided with the best trading-experience with endless benefits.

The Team is initiating multiple new partnerships and integrations one of them being the integration of another web3 wallet on their DApp:

Exodus Wallet Integration
According to a statement from Metavault.Trade, new users are now able to log in and conduct transactions using their Exodus Wallet on the platform thanks to the wallet's integration.

With this integration, Metavault.Trade gets one step closer to achieve their cause for independence, autonomy, and ownership control over all assets.

The development team's goal is to establish itself as the go-to option for traders who wish to always have control over their money without disclosing any personal information. Registration, KYC, or 2FA are not necessary on Metavault.Trade, all that is required to trade is a Web3 wallet, which makes both the trading process and the user experience hassle-free. The Exodus wallet is the best wallet source for advancing this and enhancing platform trust, dependability, and safety.

Integration Numero Dos - Trade $MVX now on KyberSwap
Kyber being one of the oldest and legitimate DeFi projects in the Blockspace has officially integrated Metavault’s $MVX Token. This Integration is a big milestone for the Team, as it provides a new source for trading their token. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of such integrations and partnerships in the future… Little sneak-peek: We’ve heard that the Metavault Team has already made big progress in implementing Cross-chain Leverage Trading with another yet secret partner.

Well, let’s stay tuned and #TrustTheirProcess

Futures and Perpetual Trading
Metavault.Trade features perpetual futures trading with short- and long-position leverage of up to 30x. A DEX with a ton of features that also integrates CEX features such as advanced trading techniques like Limit/Market Orders and Stop Loss or Take Profit.

The developers have created a brand-new class of decentralized exchange through pure innovation. It is intended to offer a broad range of trading options and extraordinarily deep liquidity on a number of large-scale crypto assets.

The elephant in the room, a Centralized Exchange problem
We have observed in the past 3 years since Crypto has become a widely adopted public matter, that Centralized Exchanges have not always been the best place to keep your funds. These exchanges are first and foremost not impervious to hacks and exploits. Even the CEO of Coinbase has admitted earlier this year that funds aren’t safe on Centralized Exchanges, and certainly not insured by any huge custodians, the lack of regulation and backing by real assets leave people wondering, why would they keep their funds on CEXs when DeFi and Decentralized Wallets can give them full ownership of their assets and money without fearing that at any time governments, CEX owners or hackers can block their funds without notice.

Metavault.Trade not only provides full access to a Trading platform that rivals CEXs, in a Decentralized Finance ecosystem, but also ensures their Security Team is monitoring any suspicious activities, not only with the help of 24/7 human presence but also with alarm systems and bots that detect and report any unusual transactions. There are double-layer security checks in place that do not let prices, or the DEX itself be manipulated in any way.

Many may have witnessed the exponential growth that has been taking place lately with Metavault.Trade. The project has reached multiple all-time-highs in the course of this week, achieving all-time highest fees per day since their launch, as well as all-time highest volume per day. Not forgetting to mention that, due to the increasing fees, their APR’s on the day of the reward distribution were already forecasted by many to be ultra high, allowing especially liquidity providers of the platform to enjoy higher earnings, as the APR for their liquidity token MVLP has been at an astonishing 112%!

Certainly, rewinding and looking at everything the project has accomplished in such a minimal period of time, it is suggested to look forward to the weeks ahead especially with the introduction of their new products.

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Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 29, 2022