Metavault.Trade is not just a DEX, it fosters a safe and proactive space for investors to thrive in their trading endeavors.

Metavault.Trade - How it’s becoming the DEX to rule over other DEXs

The Polygon Ecosystem has become the house of many cutting-edge, industry leading protocols. One of these projects has come under the spotlight in recent months, Metavault.Trade. The team behind has taken advantage of Polygon’s stellar performance and roadmap to launch their latest innovative platform and it exceeded all expectations.

Why Polygon?
For scaling Ethereum, Polygon is one of the top blockchain options. The project team is developing new software platforms to enhance network scalability, transaction speed, and cost. The Aave lending platform, the OpenSea NFT marketplace, and the Mercedes Benz Asia private blockchain are all based on Polygon, along with the biggest DeFi protocols. Additionally, Meta started experimenting with NFT support on Instagram based on Ethereum and Polygon in May 2022. The blockchain development has also shifted to become carbon-neutral by the end of 2023 which is an astounding milestone if they can deliver on it’s promise.

Users have already started migrating to Metavault.Trade from other DEXs due to the clean and responsive User Interface and the attractive referral system. The development team optimizes the user experience constantly by offering the fastest and cheapest transactions of all DEXs. Keep in mind Metavault.Trade is not just a SWAP, but a full-fledged trading platform where millions of transactions and inputs can happen at the same time, such as leverage trading, stop-loss, take-profit orders and much more. When it comes to the protocol’s vision, it is to become the go to solution for traders who want to stay in control of their funds at all times without sharing their personal data.

An unbeatable blockchain?
While technologically Polygon has all the right cogs in the right places, on the social and community engagement part it lacks dramatically. The chain doesn’t foster a lively and safe space for NFTs and Play to Earn ecosystems to thrive even though it should be one of their main focuses since the fast and cheap transaction fees are unparalleled and would fit like a glove with GameFi in mind. Nonetheless, DeFi protocols are thriving on Polygon as the chain attracts millions of big and small investors due to the chain’s ongoing efforts to support Financial-centric projects with its easy onboarding process and Grant programs.

With all this said, the recent bear market has seen a fall-off in investor willingness to switch to new and better protocols as their investments are locked until they can achieve ROI or recover their funds. This has created a small bump in the ecosystem’s road to glory creating situations of low volumes and low user activity across the chain as the competition with big CEXs and established DEXs new updates and version launches have managed to keep most investors from switching platforms.

MetaVault.Trade's step into the limelight
There are few projects that have risen above the crowd and one of them is Metavault.Trade. Nearly every bridge supports Polygon, major real world companies are integrated and working with this chain, and nearly every CEX has Matic and is also able to support stabletoken deposits and withdrawals to and from Polygon. Some protocols are even looking to directly integrate the Crypto Visa SWIPE implementation to directly pay for everything in real life from any DeFi Portfolio. Metavault.Trade weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the Polygon Network and decided it would be the most efficient Blockchain to launch on.

In such a short time Metavault.Trade has hit the 100,000,000$ in total volume milestone and this number is set to grow exponentially as time goes on while the development team keeps engaging with the community, improving the platform based on user feedback and adding innovative features to the platform.

Metavault.Trade is not just a DEX, it fosters a safe and proactive space for investors to thrive in their trading endeavors.

Project Links
Website - https://metavault.trade
Telegram - https://t.me/MetavaultTrade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetavaultTrade
Medium - https://medium.com/@metavault.trade
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metavault

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 14, 2022