In only one month, the platform has achieved a volume growth rate of over 66% in the September to October period and their Fees increased by $125K, presenting a fee growth rate of +86%.

MetaVault.Trade - Risk Management and Future Plans

Metavault.Trade is meant to provide a wide range of trading capabilities as well as exceptionally deep liquidity on a wide range of large cap crypto assets; as a result of this innovation, the platform represents a new sort of decentralized exchange. While many DEXs enter and exit the blockspace, only a select handful, like Mutavault.Trade, truly deliver and serve a useful purpose.

Launched on the Polygon chain for its low gas fees and overall performance, MetaVault.Trade is using cutting-edge technology like Chainlink to ensure the highest standard of risk-management possible in Web3.

On this perp-protocol users may forget about the stress of being liquidated due to weird flash-loans exploiters or scam-wicks.

On Polygon, Chainlink offers a sizable selection of price feeds which are essential to the price structure of the platform and are required for the listing of new assets.

MetaVault.Trade Security
The project has been recently audited by Techrate which marks an important milestone for the development team and their Journey. The team is working hard to ensure traders have the most secure and exploit-free experience in Web3, while recent perp-protocols exploits done by malicious hackers made projects and investors lose hundreds of millions of dollars, MetaVault.Trade has been totally unaffected by this new wave of attacks.

With all the hacks and drains going on in the last period, MetaVault.Trade’s developers have added extra layers of security to their systems and are constantly monitoring any suspicious activities that may happen on their Trading and Leverage dApp.

A story of Positive Growth
We have already covered the fact that the platform has hit the $100 millions in trading volume since their recent launch on Polygon, the team is actively engaging with the community, updating the MetaVault.Trade platform daily with new features, bug fixes and more while constantly looking for ways to improve and implement new features and quality of life additions. It is no surprise when we heard that the project has generated some record breaking growth statistics and that in only less than 2 months.

In only one month, the platform has achieved a volume growth rate of over 66% in the September to October period and their Fees increased by $125K, presenting a fee growth rate of +86%. Additionally during this time, they had +697 new users joining their amazing Platform!

This is absolutely no small feat as the Bear Market has been hindering the majority of Web3 Projects growth and success for over a year thus seeing MetaVault.Trade pulling off bull-run like statistics is proof that what they are doing is truly innovative and outstanding.

The Journey never stops
The developers have created and introduced a special, custom made MetaVault.Trade Arbitrage Bot with unparalleled accuracy and cutting-edge performance capabilities. While the Arbitrage Bot is already very efficient, the team is constantly working on it to improve it furthermore.

Their arbitrage bots are scanning Polygon to see if there are any opportunities to arbitrage between Metavault.Trade and other DEXes. The Arbitrage Bots can make an arbitrary transaction if they discover any opportunities thus generating increasingly higher volumes and ultimately through the platform-fee income, reward stakers with more revenue.

With the project mainly established on the Polygon blockchain, the developers are building a massive platform that will be available for all Web3 users, with the upcoming upgrades to their architecture the team is looking to expand their Trading Platform to millions of people through On/Off Ramp implementations and also through the whole blockspace and ecosystem ultimately simplifying adoption for both Web3 and Web2 investors alike.

We have recently discussed with the MetaVault.Trade team and they have given us a sneak peek into what they are working to release in the near future. The platform will feature Synthetics and Forex integration as well as Options Future trading, as time goes, the roadmap keeps getting bigger and surprises are plenty from these passionate developers.

Truly Independent
MetaVault.Trade is backed by MetaVaultDAO which is a decentralized venture capital fund and investing platform powered by blockchain technology. It deploys an internal development team for project incubation and enables everyone to take part in the newest and most successful DeFi initiatives and tactics.

The MetaVaultDAO intends to provide liquidity for MetaVault.Trade making it robust and independent.

Every week we discover more surprises with MetaVault.Trade, their Twitter is filled with updates and plans, while new features are being implemented daily. It’s easy to see that this project is here to stay for the long term and the developers are fully committed to delivering the best trading experience in Web3.

Project Links
Website - https://metavault.trade
Telegram - https://t.me/MetavaultTrade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetavaultTrade
Medium - https://medium.com/@metavault.trade
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metavault

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 22, 2022