A wide variety of trading capabilities and extremely deep liquidity on a wide range of high cap crypto assets are offered by Metavault.Trade.

Metavault.Trade - Trade Forth! SuperDEX!

Decentralized finance is a rapidly expanding ecosystem today, and like other markets with competing products, a number of DeFi protocols have seen their ups and downs, with some rising quickly to the top and others dropping quickly. However, during the process, Decentralized Finance projects never gave up on innovation, which is how the DeFi market landscape we know today came to be.

In the year 2017, the earliest DEXs appeared in DeFi and tried to implement the order book concept of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges , but in the end it was too computationally expensive and slow to be useful.

Today, Metavault.Trade, something we like to call a SuperDEX has implemented cutting-edge technology on a top-tier chain (Polygon), to offer traders unparalleled freedom without the need for KYC, lightning fast transactions, complete asset ownership and an interface that will quickly surpass traditional CEXs.

The Evolution of Decentralized Exchanges
It seems it was very long time ago that DEXs only offered a few token swaps on the Ethereum chain with 2000’s looking interfaces, but the first real Decentralized Exchange, 0x appeared in 2017 and has set the foothold for what was to come in the next years of DeFi evolution.

New chains appeared with tremendous success such as Binance Smart Chain and it’s baby project Pancakeswap that implemented purchase-able profile avatars for users, and Polygon Chain with its iconic QuickSwap Dragon Syrup pools that gave investors a sense of adventure. As technology advanced, and more developers rushed to Web3 for its amazing flexibility and newfound freedom, DeFi has become a place of great experiments as teams were competing with each-other to create The Best Protocol.

There were many disappointments and rug-pulls as the Web3 space is not without its share of maliciousness, Goose Swap was one of the most innovative platform in 2021, implementing multi-layered farming, but also the biggest disappointment as the project’s downfall was the inability to become sustainable for the majority of its users.

Fast forward to the current year, investors have become more educated and vary of their investments, the days of Degen are almost behind us while Web3 users are actively looking for serious projects and development teams that build with a long-term vision in mind.

The advent of NFTs have also created a new utility for protocols to implement while giving users complete asset ownership over their funds and non fungible tokens.

MetaVault.Trade, becoming a SuperDEX
A wide variety of trading capabilities and extremely deep liquidity on a wide range of high cap crypto assets are offered by Metavault.Trade. The platform stands for a novel kind of decentralized exchange due to the ongoing innovation promoted by the developers. The DEX is continually improving and ensuring a high degree of security for users while they are experiencing the finest trading-experience with endless benefits.

MetaVault.Trade is one of a kind due to their transparency and constant interaction with the community and ecosystem as a whole. The team is continuously communicating their intentions and present but also future updates on their Social Media leaving no place for ambiguity or confusion.

With a ‘DEX against CEX’ vision in mind, not wanting to compete with other DEXs directly but with Centralized Exchanges, MetaVault.Trade wants to improve the Trading ecosystem and ensure investors have all the best tools and more to exchange and manage their funds in a Decentralized Finance environment where they are in complete ownership of their money while safe-guarding their anonymity. No KYC, no headaches, no fear.

MetaVault.Trade is creating trust not only by promising and constantly delivering, but also by their ongoing support with helping everyone in need of information or help with using the platform. There are few DEXs that are so closely bonded with the community as MetaVault.Trade is, and this is one of the biggest strengths in a DeFi environment.

The platform also offers Real Yield, staking the native tokens MVLP and MVX distributes 100% of the project’s earnings back to its user base.

The developers have communicated they are working tirelessly to improve the trading capacities and improve trader’s possibilities to exchange more volume as for the moment the trading capacity is limited by users' collateralized amount.

The team is attempting to take different steps and actually want to have an innovative approach on their Roadmap as a DEX. Although Metavault.Trade still has a long way to go before scaling and implementing new features, they have undoubtedly taken the right steps and chosen an innovative path in terms of being a friendly fork of GMX.

In just 2 months, MetaVault.Trade has already achieved unparalleled growth and has made countless updates to the platform’s user experience, trading efficiency, increased yields and much more.

Project Links
Website -https://metavault.trade
Telegram - https://t.me/MetavaultTrade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetavaultTrade
Medium - https://medium.com/@metavault.trade
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metavault

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 5, 2022