The Metavault.Trade team has taken the huge responsibility to strive for excellence, transparency and goodwill while constantly seeking to cooperate, help and create long-term partnerships.

Metavault.Trade - Vision of Cross-DEX Cooperation

Metavault.Trade provides a wide range of trading options and exceptionally deep liquidity on a variety of large cap crypto assets.

The platform represents a distinct type of decentralized exchange because of the constant innovation that the developers support. The DEX is constantly developing and guaranteeing that customers have a high level of security while enjoying the best trading environment with limitless advantages.

As part of the ongoing vision of unity between Decentralized Exchanges MetaVault.Trade is seeking to cooperate and create lasting partnerships with other trading platforms in order to build together for a better and more tight-knit ecosystem. The DeFi space should come to understand that in-fighting and avid competition at the expense of others and sometimes even the projects themselves, is not the way forward.

The reality of DEXs is that Centralized Exchanges do not always, or very seldom work in the interest of users, with upcoming draconic regulations after the latest FTX, Binance and Almeda fiascos we will come to see more and more people looking to Decentralized Finance to safely invest and keep their funds.

With the on going flux of new users being adopted by the biggest chains, Metavault.Trade strives to create an alliance of protocols that openly welcome these investors by offering the best possible experience, to rival and surpass CEXs. Metavault.Trade has a clear and ambitious vision of total asset ownership, unparalleled security of user funds, low transaction fees and Real Yield opportunities. It is only by giving back to the community that one takes the title of SuperDEX and Metavault.Trade holds the crown rightly.

Heavy is the head that holds the Crown
The Metavault.Trade team has taken the huge responsibility to strive for excellence, transparency and goodwill while constantly seeking to cooperate, help and create long-term partnerships.

Their latest endeavor, Metavault.Trade x MM Finance Co-DEXs Cooperation is setting the foothold for all the next steps required to create a great ecosystem.

The Madmex and MMF pools will also be used by Metavault.Trade’s rebalancing bots, and as a result of this use, Metavault will benefit from fee rebates. This hence means, Metavault now produces large volumes and revenues for both: Its investors and the MMF family.This is meant to demonstrate that collaborations are mutually beneficial and that competition is counterproductive.

On the other hand, the MMF team will use earned fees to invest back into their MLP pool, enhancing the value of MLP over time. This relationship is advantageous to the MMF ecosystem. Additionally, a sizable 65% of these protocol fees will be utilized to repurchase MMF in order to maintain the value of their native coin.

Metavault.Trade will use the fee rebates to build its PoL (Protocol-owned Liquidity), which in turn strengthens the exponential effect of amassing liquidity and expands stand-alone capabilities taking the protocol one step closer to independence.

The state of CEXs
Almost every week we have a new CEX fiasco, scandal or foul-play, and as a result all the market suffers greatly, trust in CEXs has seen an all time low in the past week following the FTX dismantling.

Instead of building a better future, CEXs cave into regulations while participating in shady backdoor deals that always come to light at seemingly market-recovering moments. Would it be outstretched to think that CEXs work against us?

DeFi becomes stronger by the day as investors are withdrawing their funds from Centralized Exchanges to find better and more suitable places to use their funds properly and safely. With DeFi taking great leaps forwards in offering On- and Off- ramps, the need for CEXs diminishes and CEOs get greedy when end-of-year statistics don’t reflect their own vision of success.

As a result, everybody suffers due to this fight between CEXs and DEXs, that is why this is a crucial moment where Decentralized Exchanges owners should work together and unite, to form a safe space for investors to place their money.

Metavault.Trade has proven itself time and time again with respecting all promises made to strengthen DeFi and the ecosystem as a whole.

We have insider information that the team is preparing a Trading Competition with awesome prizes soon after their Referral Competition is over.

Project Links
Website -https://metavault.trade
Telegram - https://t.me/MetavaultTrade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetavaultTrade
Medium - https://medium.com/@metavault.trade
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metavault

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 12, 2022