Since Minke is a self-custody wallet (also known as non-custodial) , only you have access to your money and it can’t be accessed by Minke or any other party. The most secure method of long-term money protection, in their opinion, is self-custody.

Minke - The App that makes investing and earning as simple as 3 clicks!

With Minke, the self-custodial DeFi wallet app, you can easily buy cryptocurrency with Apple Pay or bank transfer and start earning income on it straight away via mStable or Aave. The app is natively built on Polygon and has an in-built token exchange, all of which is gas free on Polygon. Featuring arguably the smoothest self-custodial fiat onboarding experience in the market, Minke is available on the app store now.

Minke was founded in Australia but is now handled by a worldwide team of enthusiastic builders in countries including Brazil, Japan, Portugal, and the UK. With experience in crypto, traditional finance and Web2, the team is perfectly positioned to build the first fintech app that brings an intuitive, simple user interface to DeFi.

By creating solutions that seem natural and simple, Minke is introducing new users to DeFi and putting an emphasis on accessibility. The team also aims to educate users about the value of permissionless financing, self-custody of assets, and sustainable DeFi.

At the end of the decade, the top saving and lending protocols in DeFi, according to Minke, will rank among the top 5 banks worldwide and Minke aims to be the standard mobile interface for users to access them. The issue at present is that most people today lack the technical understanding necessary to communicate with DeFi protocols. There is a significant learning curve and a lack of materials to assist regular people in understanding the advantages and dangers involved.

The startup has developed a financial app that is entirely consumer-centered, allowing you to connect with DeFi directly in a way that feels more intuitive and aids in learning all the basics along the way, all the while carefully evaluating the protocols Minke interfaces with.

According to Minke, permissionless, non-custodial finance will complement conventional financial markets by enabling people to safeguard their money across national boundaries. The capacity to save in assets connected to the value of the US Dollar is crucial in nations with high inflation rates and we’ve seen this in action recently, with use of stablecoins surging in places like Argentina.

The major objectives of the project are as follows:

Minke is designed to be an app that feels like a fintech as much as a crypto product. The immediate objectives are to create the default user interface for DeFi that will appeal to both crypto natives and those new to the technology, while removing obstacles to saving so it's as simple and natural to use DeFi as it is to save with traditional finance. Minke wants to foster trust by encouraging sustainable DeFi, whilst also enabling individuals living in nations with significant inflation to access US dollar-denominated assets and deposit them in savings pools.

Earning through Minke
The DeFi protocols Aave and mStable are directly accessible through Minke.

Minke is keen to promote sustainable DeFi. In order to make sure that the interest is generated naturally and is not supported by unsustainable incentive mechanisms, the team thoroughly vet the protocols they incorporate as Savings pools.

Minke's integrated Savings pools have all undergone extensive audits.

The developers recognize that the market is worried about DeFi yields as a result of the failure of UST, Anchor, and Celsius. It's critical for investors to comprehend how interest is created so they can recognize warning signs. The artificially inflated interest rates caused by Anchor's use of their venture capital funding rendered them unsustainable over the long run.

You have direct access to savings networks like Aave through Minke. Then, in order to preserve your investment, your money is provided to clients who have deposited collateral worth more than they borrow. Smart contracts are computer programs that run on the blockchain that handle all of this instead of big institutions. As a result, there is a lot smaller difference between the rates at which you borrow and save.

Is Minke like Celsius or BlockFi?
Since Minke is a self-custody wallet (also known as non-custodial) , only you have access to your money and it can’t be accessed by Minke or any other party. The most secure method of long-term money protection, in their opinion, is self-custody.

Other centralized service providers may charge set or variable fees, but they often profit on interest earned on the money they give you. This encourages them to seek out riskier investment opportunities so they may charge you larger fees.

Minke is available through the Apple app Store and Apple Pay
With Apple Pay, you can quickly purchase stablecoins, Ethereum, and Polygon (MATIC). You may top up in 29 different currencies with 3 clicks. Additionally, top ups are made directly to the Polygon network, so there are no high network fees.

The Minke App works a lot like a DEX but is easily accessible through your phone at any time only a few clicks away, you can swap tokens, earn through investing into the Saving Pools and send Stablecoins to your friends or anybody you want by adding them to your contacts.

Download Minke today and enjoy the full benefits of a simple, on the go DEX and investment platform without all the complicated fluff!

Project Links:
Website - https://www.minke.app/
Discord - https://discord.gg/QwVGY8dSYh
Twitter - https://twitter.com/minkeapp

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 6, 2022