As the launch of the platform nears, excitement is reaching a fever pitch. Edwin, Community Manager for OnePlanet, commented about the fresh start for the platform and for so many projects.


Mission 2 on Roadmap to Launch of OnePlanet Marketplace Now Complete

Two down, only three to go before blastoff. The highly anticipated official launch of the OnePlanet NFT marketplace is one step closer now with the completion of Mission 2.

In May, Polygon selected OnePlanetto be the first NFT launchpad of the Polygon network, in essence becoming the center of their NFT universe. The platform has worked tirelessly since then, assessing eligible projects and communities and offering them financial and infrastructural support. A migration initiative labeled Ark*One was begun to facilitate the smooth transition of Terra-based NFT projects to the Polygonecosystem. A roadmap to the launch of the marketplace with five distinct missions was begun.

Mission 2 was titled Explore to Earn. The OnePlanet team gave more details about the scope of this second assignment. “The goal of Mission 2 was to create an opportunity for the Terra NFT projects coming to Polygon to remind their current holders and introduce new collectors from the Polygon community to what their roadmap and values are. They were able to show off their art and create quizzes where some participants ended up winning NFTs, whitelists, and $Matic. Each project provided their own NFTs from their treasuries and whitelists for their upcoming collections, while OnePlanet provided $Matic to make it easier for the community members to onboard and trade on OnePlanet.”

After the completion of Mission 1: Follow to Earn and Mission 2: Explore to Earn, there is great anticipation for the unveiling of Mission 3. While keeping the name of Mission 3 top secret, the OnePlanet team did share some intel about the upcoming undertaking. “We focused on Terra projects for Mission 2. Now we want to highlight the Polygon-native projects that we have started partnerships with and that have welcomed us with open arms. We want to make sure that we are building long-term relationships with everyone involved in the OnePlanet ecosystem. Mission 3 will feature a gleam event, with participants following the social media channels of these projects and also completing customized missions.”

Many have asked if the launch date for the marketplace, which will begin with around 40 Terra projects and 15 native Polygon projects, has been determined. The OnePlanet gave this response. “We will publicly release a timeline on our website with exact dates for full migration in the first week of August, but we are expecting the marketplace to be live and our community trading their NFTs mid-August. We are putting all of our efforts into creating a flawless migration and high-quality product ASAP.”

Eric, Founder of Space Skellies (@SpaceSkellies) spoke about his appreciation for OnePlanet. “OnePlanet has taken an extreme amount of weight off our shoulders by guiding us step by step, as if they’re opening the gates to a new beginning. OnePlanet saw everyone get knocked to their knees, but instead of giving up, OnePlanet began a new uprising!

David Johnston, founder and creator of The Allegions, has been equally impressed with the OnePlanet team. “OP has been incredibly organized and supportive throughout this entire migration process, making it very easy for teams and projects to communicate and collaborate with each other. I’m lucky to be amidst some of the best developers in the Cosmos!”

As was mentioned, Mission 3 will highlight projects that were already in the Polygon ecosystem, and they are equally thankful for the opportunity to land on OnePlanet. Manny (aka lekraken), Head of Marketing for PolygonApes, echoed the sentiments of so many native Polygon projects. “We want to give a big shout out to OnePlanet, the top NFT marketplace in Web3. Although we are not a former Terra project, we are so thrilled to be part of this amazing journey. We are excited about the next chapter.”

As the launch of the platform nears, excitement is reaching a fever pitch. Edwin, Community Manager for OnePlanet, commented about the fresh start for the platform and for so many projects. “I am excited to see all of the communities of Terra NFT projects rise up again as they bring their digital assets back to life in the Polygon network. There are many collaborations being developed between Terra and Polygon NFT projects that will continue to show the power of this new form of technology that we have all come to love.”

5…4…3…2…1. BLASTOFF!

Written By

The Matic Man

Aug 2, 2022