Adding to their talents professionally, they are also genuinely good people. It’s no wonder that so many are flocking to these developers, prompting this new company to already begin expanding.

New Kids on the Blockchain

0xPioneer’s Innovative NFTfi Protocol a Gamechanger

What is this new paradigm and what sets it apart from existing protocols? Brian offered this overview of his brainchild. “NFTfi, is the infusion of the artist-culture community strength of the NFT space with the fundamental economic strength of DeFi token utility protocols.”

For many eons, traditional finance (TradFi)was the mainstream financial system that ruled the revenue roost. Characterized by a high degree of centralization and controlfrom banks, hedge funds, brokerages, and the like, TradFi often left retail investors out in the cold. Later, the rise of blockchain technology gave rise to a new iteration of finance coined BlockFi, digital blockchain-based banks that are centralized and regulated and require Know Your Customer (KYC), restrictinganonymity. Leaders in this space include the company aptly named BlockFi and the ill-fated Celsius, which is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. Adding to this list of modern financial options is Decentralized Finance (DeFi), digital blockchain-based financial services that are unregulated and do not perform KYC. This enables anonymous users and provides access to basic banking products like savings accounts or loans to anyone in the world without fear of censorship or restriction and with full transparency because of the blockchain ledger.

TradFi…BlockFi…DeFi…wait! The immortal words that thundered from the lips of the towering giant in Jack and the Beanstalk come to mind, “Fee-FI-fo-fum.” There is the strong scent in the air of a unique new entry into the world of finance that combines the utility of a good NFT project with the potential to earn juicy returns through an innovative harvesting/staking protocol. The new “Jack” that has climbed the proverbial beanstalk to enter the financial space has been coined NFTfi.

A GIANT in the Making
0xPioneers, founded by Brian Ludlam (@Brianin802), Ryan Brosinsky (@0xMaverick_GM), Jenilyn Darling (@jeni3152541), Ryan Sweet (@NuFracTal), and Todd Houston (@0x _T_Ho), is only a few months old but is quickly becoming known as a go-to developer in the blockchain arena. The team perfectly complements each other, with Brian the CEO and developer extraordinaire, Jenilyn the COO who keeps things running smoothly, Ryan B. the CIO who networks with projects and keeps the community informed, Ryan S. the CTO who is an NFT rockstar, and Todd the CFO, with their mixture of incredible skillsets a recipe for sure success. Adding to their talents professionally, they are also genuinely good people. It’s no wonder that so many are flocking to these developers, prompting this new company to already begin expanding.

A New Financial Paradigm
One of the primary reasons that Polygon projects are picking 0xPioneers is the innovation they bring to the table. They are not a business as usual, status quo group but love to be on the cutting edge of development. “I love inventing,” Brian said. The enthusiastic CEO was referring in particular to a new smart contract protocol he created for NFTs, which they have coined NFtfi. “I thought of the term while I was in a meeting last week with Ryan,” recalled Brian.

When asked if he views NFTfi as a new direction in the NFT space, he offered these comments. “I’m using that terminology in the GitBook I’m creating for all these protocols, basically calling it NFTfi in general. In other words, to say you know this is an NFTfi project is to know then you’re somehow going to get both fungible and non-fungible tokens. At the midpoint where you’re combining the mint of an NFT with the ideal of a token at some marginal value.”

What exactly is this new paradigm and what sets it apart from existing protocols? Brian gave this overview of his brainchild. “NFTfi, is the infusion of the artist-culture community strength of the NFT space with the fundamental economic strength of DeFi token utility protocols.” Their recently released GitBook offers more insight into the protocol. This, according to Brian, was an important step in the project’s evolution.

“The NFT value is at the very surface of what these protocols that I’ve been working on for over a year now and figuring out different ways to combine fungible and non-fungible tokens and represent value in in sort of an interchangeable way. One of the things I’ve been focusing most on for the past month or so is how to make things intuitive. It’s one thing if I create a protocol that I know works and that I’ve tested out, and it does what it’s supposed to do. But if I can’t explain that to not just the team but to the average buyer, the average user coming in the space…sometimes the most challenging part in these protocols is figuring out an intuitive path through it that makes sense.”

The GitBook details the Recycling Protocol, NFT Harvest Protocol, URI Extension Protocol, Harvest Level Protocol, Leveled DAO Protocol, and Staked NFT Protocol. All of these elements have a role to play in NFTfi, and a cursory read will leave no doubt that a new wave of NFTs is on the horizon.

Ryan spoke excitedly about NFTfi. “The initial values of the NFT’s do come with a claim on them for tokens. What you have to do from an investment standpoint is long that value within the NFT and and determine your ROI that way. If you would think of it as the initial $CREW (native token for CRYPTO CREW project) token price versus the allotment on the NFT. You’ll end up with a value, like if the $CREW tokens are a penny, and you have 100 of them on your NFT, then there’s $1.00 on there, so there’s basically one MATIC. So no matter what, if I were to purchase that NFT or value that NFT, it would have to be worth 1 MATIC. Now if we sold these NFTS for let’s say 50 MATIC, but when we peg liquidity for this token, the  overall claim amount inside the NFT happened to be pegged at three to one value. You just have to count on the project growing. That’s done through liquidity provisions. It creates the DeFifarm aspect isolated entirely within the NFT.”

The NFT space has seen an evolution from a jpeg jungle to a multiplicity of useful utilities. The NFT world, according to Brian, is ready for its next iteration.

“The first aspect is the NFT trader who doesn’t really care about the token market. Then you have the dual trader who wants to play both ends of it (NFTs, DeFi). And then the third aspect, which I think is a bit rare, is just the DeFi farm guy who comes in and says, hey, this is a token ITO essentially. You’re going to get the ITO at the same time where this is an initial token offering above all else. So even if someone comes in as a  DeFi farmer and doesn’t even look at the NFTs, and just looksat the aspect where I’m going to get X number of $CREW tokens for this 50 MATIC mint price, and that’s how I’m going to play it. I’m going to mint ten of them and have 10 times that number of $CREW tokens staked. Then I’ll wait my six months and or over time sell that or play the market. Accrue a certain amount, harvest them at the right time, buy back. Both of the two ends create stimulation in the two markets.”

CRYPTO CREW the First in a Line that Keeps Getting Longer
“The first time Brian spoke to our core team about his vision for smart contracts, we were sold,” commented CRYPTO CREW founder Tony (aka The MATIC MAN).  “We knew that our NFTs would provide great utility on their own (membership in our DAO, Engage-2-Earn protocol on our Discord, metaverse, merchandise, music, comic book, cartoon, Play-2-Earn game, giving to charities, and more), but we wanted to provide our community with something more…something that would make our NFTs stand out in the crowd and give the owners of our NFTs the potential to earn a nice return as well. 0xPioneers’ NFTfi protocol was the Holy Grail for which we had been seeking as a capstone to our project.”

The NFT world will have the opportunity to see for themselves what all the hype Is about, as the CRYPTO CREW launches Set 1 this Saturday, October 8. The Whitelist Mint begins at 9:00 am EDT, and the Public Mint commences at 10:00 am EDT. The Mint price for these NFTS is 50 MATIC, allowing those who mint to become the owner of a unique NFT featuring one of the 10 Crypto Superheroes that are tasked with saving the crypto universe from utter destruction. Minting will take place on the website (https://cryptocrewnft.com/) with secondary sales on OnePlanet.

A number of Polygon projects have chosen 0xPioneers to develop their smart contracts, IIing NFT projects Space Skellies, Arkadia, and Lost Hope Society, founded by Tyler McGoldrick. Tyler (@losthopesociety) spoke about their reasons for picking the Pioneers. “My very first meeting with Brian and Ryan from 0xPioneers left me thinking one thing, and that was that I absolutely needed them and their protocol to be the smart contract developers of my project. Saying that I was blown away would be an understatement! Their understanding of the WEB3 market is outstanding, and I’m proud to be working with a team that aren’t afraid to go against the norm and are happy to share their innovative protocol for the good of all of WEB3 not just the few. To me, the biggest thing was their passion. I believe in 0xPioneers, they believe in me, and that is how something great happens! In this space, there are too many people just trying to make money in any way possible, but this is not the driving force of 0xPioneers. This amazing team is pushing the limits to what we all thought was possible, and I can’t wait to see more projects using this protocol.”

Polygon People
0Xpioneers are Polygon Peoplethrough and through, appreciating the leadership, innovation, technology, and partnerships that are hallmarks of the ecosystem. They are especially thankful for the relationships they have formed and the spirit of cooperation. “The Polygon community is filled with heart and kindness,” Jenilyn said. “The projects and people we’re lucky enough to be meeting have a ton of creativity and motivation.”

Ryan not only is a co-founder of 0xPioneers but also the founder of Powered By Polygon, a group of project founders that meet weekly to support, encourage, and network. This initiative has seen tremendous results already, with the connections made instrumental in helping numerous projects push forward on their roadmaps. This commitment to help one another has become a stable of Polygon projects, and it bodes well for the long-term health of individual projects and the entire ecosystem. Together We Buidl  is more than simply a cliché with Polygon People.

NFTfi Is a Gamechanger
Tony spoke excitedly about the launch of the CRYPTO CREW NFTs and the opportunity to showcase a new protocol. “We are ecstatic about this weekend’s mint. Launching in a bear market has its challenges, and we will not be deterred if the initial mint is below our expectations. We are confident, though, in the long-term success of our project. Our NFTs, like many projects, have incredible art, a myriad of utilities, and an amazing community. What sets the CRYPTO CREW apart from other great projects is our smart contracts and all the possibilities contained within them. NFTfi is truly a gamechanger.”

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Oct 3, 2022