The amazing part is that just by entering and taking part in each tournament, everyone will earn some guaranteed $ICE and $IGG, even if they come last.

NovaCreed is hosting a series of Daily Tournaments on the IGG Professional Gaming platform!

There will be an ICE Hunt Tournament hosted each day between Thursday 7th & Sunday 10th of July at 7pm BST. Every tournament has 16 player slots available to participate in the game and compete in order to gain amazing prizes!

Each tournament prizes are as follow:
200,000 $IGG Tokens
100,000 $ICE Tokens

Players will earn points depending on the position they qualified in each tournament. The Top 4 Winners across all Tournaments will win extra prize bundles!

Top 4 Winner rewards
1st 250K $IGG + 200k ICE + NFT Avatar + Metal
2nd 125K $IGG + 100k ICE + NFT Ship + Metal
3rd 75K $IGG + 75k ICE + Metal
4th 50k $IGG + 25k ICE + Metal

You can see the points structure below.
Tournament Points Structure:
1st = 10 points
2nd = 8 points
3rd = 6 points
4th = 5 points
5th = 4 points
6th - 8th  = 3 points
9th - 16th = 1 point

The Leaderboards will be updated after each tournament.

Keep in Mind
The amazing part is that just by entering and taking part in each tournament, everyone will earn some guaranteed $ICE and $IGG, even if they come last.

You can get your NovaCreed NFTs right HERE.

How to enter?
In order to participate in the tournament and have access to the Ice Hunt game, players will have to own a NovaCreed Spaceship and a NovaCreed Avatar.

Each avatar comes with different role including: Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Gunner, Medic & Deckhand. Each role unlocks a key feature in the game that will help you achieve the highest score possible. For example a pilot will allow the player to strafe, navigators provide a mini map. Choose an avatar that best suits your game style.

How to play the game
Flying over the vast space, players' goal is to acquire $ICE and Fuel by shooting asteroids. Small asteroids give fuel and large asteroids give ICE when shot.

The gamers can deposit their $ICE at neighboring stations to lock in their score and potentially gain bonuses (2x bonus).

Players will be attacked by enemy ships that will try to destroy them. Watch out! One of the stations will house an enemy boss which, are much harder to destroy and deal a lot of damage! Fighting is an option, as is disengaging. The player has complete freedom to decide.


Here are the signup links:
Thursday ICE Hunt Tournament | 200k IGG + 100k ICE

Friday ICE Hunt Tournament | 200k IGG + 100k ICE

Saturday ICE Hunt Tournament | 200k IGG + 100k ICE

Sunday ICE Hunt Tournament | 200k IGG + 100k ICE

A number of interconnected games make up the Nova Creed ecosystem. The roadmap will expand as more items are added. Their portfolio of PVE, PVP, and turn-based strategy games is interesting, captivating, and integrated within the Nova Creed story.

What is IGGalaxy?
There are lots of competitions to meet your hectic schedule thanks to the daily esports events. You can play against opponents of comparable skill thanks to our ranking system, which creates a more level playing field.
With the help of our Tournament Creation Module, you will soon be able to design your own competitions. You can invite your friends or the entire IGGalaxy community to join you!

Join their Discord server for more information! The GAMES BEGIN TODAY!

Social links:
Discord - https://discord.gg/novacreed
Telegram - https://t.me/novacreednft
Twitter - https://twitter.com/NovaCreedNFT

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 7, 2022