We are very excited to cover this as NovaCreed is one of the first NFT Play to Earn platforms to adopt Renting in such a seamless and easy to execute way!

NovaCreed has launched NFTs Renting and is pushing the P2E Ecosystem Forward!

Renting has recently been released in the vast play-and-earn environment of NovaCreed, which is being developed on the Polygon Blockchain.

What is NovaCreed?
A number of interconnected games make up the NovaCreed ecosystem. The roadmap will expand as more items are added over time.

Before sending your spaceships on missions to collect components, gather FUEL in the interactive arcade shooter called Ice Hunt, the main game mode, reminiscent of old fun games from simpler times but with a considerable innovative twist in typical NovaCreed fashion!

The two most crucial things you can do to advance in the game are build new ships and breed your avatars. With 18 various ship types and each one having a unique set of stats, your goal is to amass, trade, or build the ultimate fleet. The same genius behind the design and construction of the Battlestar Galactica spaceships also conceived and produced these wonderful works of art!

Renting Launch
The developers have teamed up with the team behind https://double.one to incorporate the awesome renting system within NovaCreed.

Players can now Renting and Lending through these links:
https://double.one/collection/nova_creed - for Avatar NFTs
https://double.one/collection/nova_ship - for Space Ship NFTs

You can use $ICE, the native NovaCreed token (which you can also gain through the Ice Hunt mode), and $MATIC to rent NFTs in order to play their games!

As seen above, you have the option to rent an Adalios spaceship class Two for the price of 50 $ICE a day, together with an Avatar NFT, this combo will provide you with countless hours of fun and a quite hefty reward by playing Ice Hunt.

Users can check properties to see what role they provide within the gamified systems of the platform.

Users can choose the amount of days they wish to rent their preferred NFT.

Once the renting process is over and the asset has been redeemed, the player can hit the Play button on the right (Gamepad)

Steps are:
1) Connect your wallet
2) Select your desired NFT
3) Click rent
4) Select how many days you would like to rent

5) Confirm transaction
6) Click play
7) Begin Earning

We are very excited to cover this as NovaCreed is one of the first NFT Play to Earn platforms to adopt Renting in such a seamless and easy to execute way! The days of sluggishly checking chat rooms, forums or Twitter to find a Scholarship are truly gone.

Keep your eyes peeled with this project as the NovaCreed team are working on the upcoming PVP & turn-based strategy game, Fleet Wars, to get you ready for battle and engage in head-to-head combat with other players.

Project Links:
Website - https://novacreed.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/novacreednft
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/novacreed
Telegram - https://t.me/novacreednft

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 19, 2022