Your Gym membership will be NFT.OfficialNFT will be the marketplace for all things NFT: sporting event tickets, collectibles, NFT gaming, metaverse land, game-fi NFTs and verified physical products connected to NTFs.

OfficialNFT - More than a NFT marketplace, a Launchpad DAO with ever growing benefits!

OfficialNFT is a dynamic ecosystem that allows individuals, artists, projects and brands to mint and deploy a suite of highly customizable smart contracts in a well-curated marketplace with the best possible user experience for minters, buyers and sellers.

They are headquartered in California and operate OfficialNFT with a based and worldwide distributed staff. This reflects what type of people they want to bring to the platform and they actively seek out use cases for NFTs that are motivated by inclusiveness, diversity and a celebration of decentralization and democratization. These are core principles for OfficialNFT and woven into all of their initiatives and actions.

OfficialNFT is based on Polygon, an environmentally friendly blockchain. Validators can stake a certain amount of cryptocurrency on a smart contract, which then delegate the responsibility to validate/verify transactions based on smart contract regulations and the amount of cryptocurrency staked, rather than having to deploy large computational resources to mine/verify each transaction on the blockchain. As a result, validators shift from a computationally competitive verification method (PoW) to one that isn't a race to the finish, relying instead on smart contract execution.

OfficialNFT aiming for mass adoption by removing entrance barriers and embracing the web3 and decentralization attitude.

NFTs will gradually become the story of you in the not-too-distant future. When you're spotted IRL with AR shades on, your "Bored Ape" will be your AR skin. Your automobile registration will be in the same wallet as your Ape and will be an NFT. Every sporting event ticket you buy will be an NFT, and if OfficialNFT can eliminate checkout friction and give e-commerce-level UX on blockchains like Polygon, most ticket buyers won't even realize it.

Your Gym membership will be NFT.
OfficialNFT will be the marketplace for all things NFT: sporting event tickets, collectibles, NFT gaming, metaverse land, game-fi NFTs and verified physical products connected to NTFs.

OfficialNFT's initial goal was to lay the groundwork for an NFT platform that would support the embryonic ecosystem of NFTs while also advancing the technology's broad acceptance.

Polygon is the best blockchain for OfficialNFT to start this goal because they can integrate ecommerce level cash onramps for purchasing NFTs, keep transaction costs low, and reward all producers and users with the OFCL utility token for participating on the platform.

Long Term Goal
OfficialNFT aims to create an NFT platform that is chain agnostic, crypto agnostic, payment agnostic, and agile enough to capitalize on and grow trends and commercial possibilities. The NFT and metaverse space are still in their infancy. This platform will remain flexible, responding swiftly to market turbulence and trend direction.
The team wants to maintain a growing and engaged community and ecosystem, expand their team while looking to optimize and scale successful business categories and most importantly, contribute to the ever expanding NFT space in a responsible and ethical way.

Web2's ecommerce checkout has been streamlined, making purchasing products or services on the site simple and straightforward. If you aren't familiar with crypto and don't have the correct token in a decentralized wallet, buying an NFT on web3 is fraught with difficulties. The crypto-savvy person can now trade NFTs on Polygon with $MATIC using OfficialNFT's live, seamless UX.

They intend to extend the seamless UX to non-crypto buyers as well.

The main attraction of OfficialNFT – The Launchpad DAO
Transparency is provided via the OfficialNFT Launchpad DAO, which uses a distributed decision-making method. It automates OfficialNFT's launchpad governance, allowing members to actively decide on the launchpad's destiny.

Members of the DAO are compensated by getting 2% of the launchpad charge from each project.

The first objective of the (DAO) Decentralized Autonomous Organization is to make the OfficialNFT Launchpad the "go-to" launchpad for Polygon NFTs. The Launchpad DAO will attract top-tier NFT collectibles, NFT gaming, P2E, GameFi, SocialFi, and metaverse projects launching on Polygon thanks to its rewarded involvement. OfficialNFT Launchpad is the best dapp for launching Polygon NFT projects because of the ecosystem (NFT marketplace, community, social media channels, marketing capacity), strategic partners, and Launchpad DAO members.

If you are part of the OfficialNFT DAO, you will be able to vote on NFT projects that will be launched on the platform, vote on key launchpad decisions and assist the Launchpad in marketing strategy.
The benefits are amazing, DAO members receive 2% of the Launchpad fee from project launches, they can present NFT projects for launchpad consideration and will receive auto-whitelist for projects launching on the OfficialNFT Launchpad.

This is a no brainer for Polygon NFT collectors!

How to become a DAO member?
You must hold an OfficialNFT Launchpad DAO NFT, 1000 Genesis Dao NFTs have already been dropped on June 2, and you can purchase one on the marketplace.
Once you are a NFT holder, you are a DAO member, you will receive your proportional share of the 2% of a launchpad fee for projects launched on the Launchpad. Each NFT held will give 1 voting power.

If the Launchpad receives 1,000,000 in monthly sales, holding 10 OfficialNFT DAO NFTs will bring you 2000$ for that month’s launchpad fee distribution. This is actually a very attractive and incentivising model.

We think OfficialNFT has all the right intentions to become THE NFT marketplace of the moment and for years to come.

Project Links:
Website - https://officialnft.xyz/
Discord - https://discord.gg/5JUwJz5Srq
Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/BsKt-3jZJZs0NmZh
Medium - https://medium.com/@officialNFT
Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/0fficialNFT
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/theofficialbrand/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/official

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 1, 2022