StrongNode is one such project that is working towards creating a decentralized future for computing.

Paving the Way Towards a Decentralized Future for Computing

As the world progresses, it is evident that our current centralized system of data management is no longer feasible. First of all, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and keep track of data as it grows exponentially.

Secondly, centralization of power gives rise to many security risks and challenges. Therefore, there is an urgent need to move towards a decentralized system in which data is distributed among many nodes or computers rather than being stored in a central location.

StrongNode is one such project that is working towards creating a decentralized future for computing. It is a node technology platform that offers infrastructure-as-a-service on demand. This means that users can rent out computing resources from StrongNode in order to run their applications or services.

The StrongNode team is composed of experienced developers who are committed to building a decentralized future. They are constantly working on new features and updates to improve the platform. Some of the recent developments include the following:

Creating the Ideal Infrastructure that is Aligned with Web3 Data Sovereignty Standards

Currently, StrongNode is working on creating the ideal infrastructure that is aligned with web3 data sovereignty standards. StrongNode ID on the KYC front is seeing progress as it has been integrated with the dashboard. Customer care can now be contacted through the admin interface.

KYC is an important aspect of data sovereignty as it helps to ensure that the data collected is legitimate and accurate. This is essential in preventing fraud and protecting the data of users — necessary steps to further legitimizing the crypto industry as a whole.

The decentralized VPN (which is now just called dVPN pending the release of the official commercial name)  is also progressing well. The team has managed to get auto-updating included into the binary and is now working on getting a beta release out as soon as possible.

The dVPN will allow users to connect to the internet in a more secure and private manner. It will also help to reduce congestion on the network and improve speeds.

Their utility token, SNE, is also seeing increased utility — being used as the medium for trading competitions such as those used for DieHardBirdie NFT campaigns. This is a very important development as it helps to increase the use case of the token and creates more demand for it.

What StrongNode's Progress Means for the Broader Blockchain Community

The StrongNode team is ever-expanding, hiring additional roles such as Full-Stack and Back-End Developers who specialize in Javascript, Typescript, or C++ — and these roles are open to anyone in the world.

The progress that StrongNode is making is significant for the broader community as it helps to legitimize the industry and move it closer to mass adoption. The fact that they are constantly innovating and working on new features and updates shows that they are committed to their cause.

As more people become aware of the need for a decentralized future, projects like StrongNode will become increasingly popular.

Project Links
Website - https://strongnode.io/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/strongnodeedge
Telegram - https://t.me/strongnodechat

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 9, 2022