Petto is a decentralized GameFi environment with fun-filled experiences for creators and players. It is based on Polygon and aims to create its own blockchain with its own marketplace and wallet.

Petto - a DeFi Play to Earn Game reinventing Tamagochi while increasing awareness on Endangered Species!

Petto is a decentralized GameFi environment with fun-filled experiences for creators and players. It is based on Polygon and aims to create its own blockchain with its own marketplace and wallet.

Petto was built from the ground up to be a decentralized social platform for user-generated content. The team is developing a desktop, mobile, and augmented reality (AR) experience in which players are co-owners and decision makers.

A Petto NFT is the key to the entire Pettoverse. Players that own a Petto can play the entire game. The engaging experience is another feature that distinguishes Petto from other play-to-earn metaverses. The developers have thoroughly examined user experience in play-to-earn games, and one of Petto's key pillars is to create a truly immersive blockchain-based gaming experience with a high degree of engagement, but not in the traditional play-to-earn format.Because everyone working on this project is increasing awareness about endangered species and animal well-being in general, the game has a built-in positive impact aspect. In addition, 15 percent of all NFT revenues go to animal conservation and support.

While the team is actively building the entire open world gameplay, they have already launched the key gameplay areas of the Pettoverse as a semi 2d/3d Browser game,  Petto Camp.

The Pettoverse's fundamental elements, such as P2E, staking, and NFT characters, are going to be available to the community and players. Using this strategy, the team was able to form an early adopters group and collect input on a regular basis.

The ultimate game mode is multiplayer open world, in which players have one or more PETTO companions and can engage in non-violent game activities all around the Pettoverse. Players and members of the community will be able to design their own areas and objects, which they may then share or exchange with other players.You can access the ALPHA demo at https://play.petto.io/

The Alpha Petto Shell (APES) is a Pettoverse ERC 20 utility coin. Holders will have a say in the future of Petto, supporting game evolution and deciding on the distribution of a community treasury.

APES is a reward system that encourages platform usage, players’ activities, content creation, or other ecosystem-specific functions. Petto uses its native coin to generate platform incentives, rewarding gamers for their hard work and commitment.

Holders will be able to stake APES tokens and receive frequent rewards. Furthermore, the team is developing two advanced staking options - with and without the lock up.  The longer APES tokens are locked up, the higher the respective share of the pool and, therefore, the higher rewards.

Owning a Petto, playing games in the Pettoverse, or conducting value-adding actions to help Petto and the broader community are all ways to acquire the token. Holders of the $APES coin will receive rewards, exclusive metaverse benefits, and the right to vote to decide on the future ecosystem growth.

NFT is the key to all the Pettoverse experiences.

Team is a unique way to make sure the Petto Owners own the whole 3D assets, and they can also make it playable in the Pettoverse and other games.

If users get a Petto or any other Pettoverse assets, they literally will be able to use it in any other game and have actual decentralized ownership of it. They can sell, collect and make them more valuable anywhere. Users fully own the assets, and it’s entirely decentrally stored! They could even rebuild an entirely different game with Petto NFT assets.

All Petto characters share a set of qualities that are separated into three groups. Petto, Mystical Petto, and Ultra Petto.

Ultra Pettos, for example, are all based on genuine animals that are endangered and listed on the endangered species Red List.

The number of Ultra Pettos available is proportional to their population in real life. Ultra Pettos have unique abilities that are portrayed aesthetically and numerically. All Pettos have unique character stats; for example, a Panda Petto is more powerful than a Rabbit Petto. Those precise stats are relevant to the Pettoverse's activities and games. Hunger, health, happiness, and other general and dynamic metrics are shared by all Pettos. These stats can be influenced by a player's actions, affecting Pettos' "performance" in the game.

Land or plots that will be offered to players will be a crucial component of future gaming, allowing players and their Pettos to establish their own place and engage in Play 2 Earn activities.

Petto Alpha Information
The developers are launching the Petto Camp Alpha 2.0 on the 24th of June 2022 and it will be accessible to players until the 5th of July 2022. During the event players can get inside the current development, explore Petto Camp, earn and help Petto to become better!

We think Petto will be a great success, their ambitions and goals have a real life positive impact for the environment, their graphics are special and unique for a Play 2 Earn game, and the game systems they plan to implement are quite exciting!

Project Links:
Website - https://petto.io/
Discord - https://discord.gg/V8fPnX2VsJ
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Pettoverse

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jun 22, 2022