The key to the entire Pettoverse are the Petto NFTs. All of the games can be played by Petto owners. Another aspect that separates Petto from other play-to-earn metaverses is the enjoyable experience.

Petto - The Pettoverse is evolving and these updates will surely blow your mind!

Petto is a decentralized GameFi environment that offers both project owners and gamers entertaining experiences. It is based on Polygon and strives to build a blockchain with a marketplace and wallet all of its own.

In order to create a decentralized social platform for user-generated content, Petto was designed from the ground up. A desktop, mobile, and augmented reality (AR) experience that gives users ownership and decision-making power is being passionately developed by the team.

The key to the entire Pettoverse are the Petto NFTs. All of the games can be played by Petto owners. Another aspect that separates Petto from other play-to-earn metaverses is the enjoyable experience.

One of Petto's main pillars is to provide a really immersive blockchain-based gaming experience with a high level of engagement, but not in the conventional play-to-earn style, since the creators have carefully researched user experience in play-to-earn games. The game has a built-in positive impact component because everyone involved in this initiative is raising awareness about endangered species and animal welfare in general. Additionally, 15% of all NFT profits are used to help and save animals.

Pettoverse Development Updates
The Petto web3 app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The first Petto App version will already include Petto Camp, Petto Wallet, Petto Shop, and several more features.  It's an important step to diversify the gameplay and add excitement to the user experience, which simultaneously increases the resale value of NFT.

Playing Petto Camp allows you to feed your virtual pet, watch it grow in level, and earn token rewards. Using the Petto Shop assets, you may customize looks and add some swag to your Petto NFT, making it valuable and distinctive. Users will each have a profile where they may design their own avatars and gather followers. The Petto Wallet will also give gamers access to Token and NFT management.

How to get the app?
Android App: https://play.google.com/apps/internaltest/4701748427222752599

The invitation to download the Petto iOS App will be sent by email.

To test Petto App on iOS users need to have installed TestFlight - https://apps.apple.com/it/app/testflight/id899247664

The Petto App is available only for Genesis NFT holders who submitted their email on the form below.

To submit email please visit https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=DQSIkWdsW0yxEjajBLZtrQAAAAAAAAAAAANAAUNPJ4VUMU0yS1lZM0o4VVFQSFYwN1NHMDRaSzNNMy4u

The Petto Camp Update
The development team is working hard to add features weekly while listening to player feedback. The latest updates have made sure to improve the user experience greatly by adding a Players Intro Guide, an upgraded Play Screen and a Pettos Overview Tab where you can see all the Pettos you own at once.

Players will also find that their Pettos are leveling up faster and are easier to feed, the best quality of life implementation is surely the fact that Pettos have less chance to downgrade in level and are easier to recover from red and orange status!

Multiple updates to the Pettos NFTs
In addition to the rarity update seen in the illustration below, the Pettoverse development team has added new Petto types.

These new Pettos have been added on top of the already available Pettos such as the Ultra Pandas, which are also incredibly rare. One of the five Ultra Powers is possessed by each Ultra Panda. They are directly linked to real pandas from the IUCN Red List.

And the Kimi Cats, which are among the smartest Pettos. They are capable of taking on difficult undertakings and always coming out on top. They are extraordinarily uncommon, unbelievably adorable, incredibly intelligent, and fight masters.

Kimi Ducks are members of the Kimi category and are self-assured, intelligent, and quick thinkers. Whether she's on land or in the water, Kimi Duck never loses her sense of adventure! They are the epitome of treasure hunters; self-assured and unwavering no matter which way the wind blows.

Dogs that fall under the Kimi category are brave, devoted, and smart creatures. They are each other's closest pals and are constantly nearby when you need assistance with obstacles. With Kimi Dogs, unleash your confidence to see the world!

Kimi Goats are strong, kind, and easily irritated creatures. They fall within the Kimi classification. An unusual ailment in goats causes them to consume objects that are not intended for human consumption. With other Pettoverse players, Kimi Goat was prepared to scale mountains and venture into the uncharted.

Kimi Rabbits are quick runners, inquisitive, and entertaining creatures. They fall within the Kimi category. They make loving companions and enjoy competition, especially in puzzle-solving and speed. In the Pettoverse jungles, Rabbit is an unstoppable fast runner who leads you to hidden locations!

Kimi Piggy is kind, humorous, and a little bossy. Piggy falls within the Kimi classification. They love to leap in muddy puddles and are the ultimate treasure hunters.

Staking Testnet Available to Everyone
When $APES Staking on Testnet was introduced, the community provided amazing feedback.

Check out $APES Staking on the Testnet to see how it operates, sample different staking features, provide feedback, and earn prizes. You can obtain Test APES for testing staking out by submitting your wallet via the form made available by the team or by simply providing your wallet on the Staking Discord Channel.

All staking incentives earned in Test $APES will be converted to $APES tokens and distributed to users' wallets.

We have been closely following the Pettoverse and Petto Team for months, this project is simply outstanding, the community management is irreproachable, they are actively engaged in dozens of activities every week, responding to all members, actively checking and delivering feedback to the development team. We always tell everyone Petto is an example on how to run a project in the right direction, and how to properly engage with a community!

Project Links:
Website - https://petto.io/
Discord - https://discord.gg/V8fPnX2VsJ
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Pettoverse

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 4, 2022