Minting will start on Tuesday, August 16th on https://petto.io/ Genesis Collection Size: 10.000

PettoVerse introduces Petto Beans - The first Petto NFT Collection!

The first-ever Petto NFT collection has been announced by Petto with excitement. The official minting date is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16. We have been closely following Petto and playing their Alpha releases and this is some welcome news for us!


So what is this new collection all about?
First of all, they are called the Petto Beans! They will be a game changer for the Pettoverse, as the team has been working hard to build and deliver a great product over the past months.

Petto Beans are the initial occupants of the Pettoverse. The tribe of Petto Beans was dispatched to an empty Pettoverse to establish their OWN authority after exiting from the Secret Lab. Based on how you treat them, they develop specific in-game traits and participate in Pettoverse activities!

Petto Beans Genesis Drop consists of 10.000 playable characters with unique traits. Owners of Genesis Collection NFT will have exclusive benefits in the metaverse such as whitelisting for private NFT drops, access to closed areas and limited rewards.

Petto Beans are essential to the overall enjoyment and benefits of the game. The only players who will be able to access play-to-earn and gain $APES tokens are those that own Petto Beans NFTs. Beans come with a distinctive skill, they would transform into a Petto if they are happy enough, they are tiny little beings, killingly funny and incredibly cute and most importantly, they have hidden magic powers.

Minting will start on Tuesday, August 16th on https://petto.io/
Genesis Collection Size: 10.000

What is Petto?
The key to the entire Pettoverse is the Petto NFT. All of the games can be played by Petto owners. Another aspect that separates Petto from other play-to-earn metaverses is the enjoyable experience. One of Petto's main pillars is to provide a really immersive blockchain-based gaming experience with a high level of engagement, but not in the conventional play-to-earn style, since the creators have carefully researched user experience in P2E games. The game has a built-in positive impact component because everyone involved in this initiative is raising awareness about endangered species and animal welfare in general. Additionally, 15% of all NFT profits are used to help and save animals.

The multiplayer open world is the best upcoming gamemode for Petto, allowing players to interact peacefully with their PETTO friends everywhere in the Pettoverse. The community and players will be able to create their own spaces and items, which they may then share or trade with other users.

We are thoroughly EXCITED about the launch of the Petto Beans collection and are very curious about all the new features Pettoverse is preparing for us!

Project Links:
Website - https://petto.io/
Discord - https://discord.gg/V8fPnX2VsJ
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Pettoverse

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 2, 2022