The Team has come together to advance a vision that is based on fundamental principles and convictions. As a new generation enters the world of cryptocurrencies, the developers have a strong focus on community, security, and education.

Phenix - 66,666 APY% Right at your doorsteps, Launching on Polygon Soon!

The Phenix Finance project is an endeavor run by a group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and community-driven individuals with a strong focus on providing simple methods of incentives and DeFi services to project and business owners in the cryptocurrency field.

The Team has come together to advance a vision that is based on fundamental principles and convictions. As a new generation enters the world of cryptocurrencies, the developers have a strong focus on community, security, and education.

The Phenix Vision
Phenix Finance strives to be a pioneer in providing services and solutions with real-world utility and power for project and business owners entering the DeFi field. Phenix Finance recognizes that crypto is a part of everyone's lives that will transform the way we work on a daily basis. Through improved accessibility and DeFi applications/services, they seek to lower the barrier of difficulty that keeps so many individuals from accessing this world of DeFi. One of the many outstanding initiatives moving this vision of the future of DeFi forward is the Phenix Finance Project.

The Dapp
The community and all PHNX Token investors are housed in the multipurpose Phenix Dashboard Dapp.

The Dapp provides access to the entire ecosystem as it develops in a small, user-friendly, and distinctive place. Among its many fascinating features, it also enables investors to control and track their rewards.

The Lottery
A P2E (Play-to-Earn) lottery pool, the Phenix Lotto Pool provides regular and sizable prize pools for all players.

The user must deposit tokens into the pool in exchange for tickets in order to participate in the Phenix Lotto Pool. You are eligible to win a prize produced throughout the lotto time as long as your tokens are still in the pool.

Phenix NFTs
An ecosystem-based, non-fungible token collection called the Phenix NFT Series (Flaming Phenix Club) seeks to offer significant usefulness within the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

The Phenix NFT Series is a potent collection of 6,666 strikingly gorgeous, fiery, and distinctive creatures in addition to being extremely gratifying and valuable assets in the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

The MultiSig Wallets
With the Phenix Finance MultiSig Wallet functionality, you can manage the assets of your team or project in a totally decentralized and secure environment while also seeing the actions of your Phenix Vault Multi-signature wallet update in real-time to improve communication and productivity, all while paying absolutely no gas fee!

Access customisable transactions that empower you and your team to take advantage of the blockchain's and contract interaction's full potential. Utilize the quick and simple Phenix Vault Multi-Signature Wallet User Interface to efficiently handle all of your saved addresses and custom token imports. Through the Phenix social media channels, all wallet owners will have access to a Technical Support team. To enhance your experience, the development team will also be making updates and improvements all the time.

The Phenix Mystery Boxes
The Flaming Phenix Club NFT Collection and the PHNX token are both integrated into the Phenix Finance Ecosystem, which includes the Phenix Mystery Boxes as an interesting and rewarding new component.

Users can use $PHNX or $CRO to purchase a Mystery Box, additionally people who own Phenix NFTs can redeem one box a week for each NFT they hold.

The prizes in the boxes include PHNX Tokens, Cronos (CRO), and even a chance to win an FPC NFT. Each box belongs to a distinct tier and has its own set of rewards and opening fees.

The KYC Services
With the help of Phenix Finance KYC Services, projects can show a certain level of trust between the owners and the community without disclosing any personal information or jeopardizing the security of those going through the KYC procedure. All assets and data gathered throughout the KYC procedure are kept in a multi-layered cloud solution for file encryption that is only accessible to the Phenix Finance Core team. This implies that unless there is a legal infraction, your information is never disclosed to the public.

Phenix has already KYCd a lot of projects with the list growing furthermore:

The Polygon Launch and Tokenomics
The developers have been working hard to deliver a cutting-edge experience for all users, with their expansion plan in motion, Polygon is the next stop for their cross-chain launch!

The team's strong and user-friendly tokenomics enable you to automatically become a stakeholder as soon as you acquire or grow your holdings as part of their objective to make DEFI simple to use.

You can use the PHNX Token inside the ecosystem to obtain access to a variety of amenities in addition to the high yield provided by the auto-staking protocol. The Phenix Protocol's planned ecosystem is focused on giving project and business owners in the DeFi Space a special selection of DApps and services as well as a high-rewards system that is ultimately efficient and sustainable.

As the ecosystem develops, the Phenix Finance coin will provide a vast array of growing advantages. The RX3 Protocol's ability to deliver substantial rewards in a regular and sustainable manner is one of the main incentives. This is a cutting-edge Polygon Blockchain product.

The RX3 Protocol provides PHNX Token holders with an annual percentage yield of around 66,666% (about 67,188.209% APY), which is eventually maintained through carefully monitored weekly burns and buybacks conducted by the Phenix Fund Reserve.

We have used the reward calculator to see how this looks like and it surprised us greatly!

Launching Soon - 11 November Pre-Sale
The tokenomics for the Polygon launch is as follows:

Initial token supply: 10,000,000

Public token allocation: 2,000,000 (20%)

Presale allocation: 5,000,000 (50%)

Team / Development Allocation: 2,000,000 (20%)

Bridge Allocation: 1,000,000 (10%)

Soft Cap
350,000 MATIC

Hard Cap
550,000 MATIC

With the Polygon Launch come amazing airdrops and giveaway, join the airdrop right here and get over 250$ MATIC plus Whitelist spots!

Stay tuned to all the Phenix socials for information of the upcoming FPC Phenix NFTs collection launching on Polygon shortly after the token pre-sale launch.

With a Team so passionate, driving this already successful project (on Cronos), launching on Polygon was just an obvious next step and we are truly excited to welcome them to our ecosystem!

Project Links
Website - https://phenix.finance/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/phenixfinance/
Telegram - https://t.me/phenixfinance
Discord - https://discord.gg/4tbsFf5e5v

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 30, 2022