The Pirate Nation team worked hard to provide outstanding solutions to some problems, for instance the game will feature absolutely no Wallet Popups, and the gas fees will be entirely paid for by the developers.

Pirate Nation - Pixel Art Voxel game coming to the blockchain!

We’ve been closely following Pirate Nation for a long time now and excitedly waiting for an update on how the development of the project goes, and finally after a few months, we have been blessed with amazing news!

The development team has been working diligently over the past several months to determine how to most effectively reflect the on-chain game-world that Pirate Nation is constructing. They have thought about what it means to create an aesthetic that complements their goal of creating on-chain games while still adhering to the Web3 principles of endurance and modularity.

Voxel Aesthetics
Pirate Nation has been turned into a Voxel based video game that looks amazing, we are hyped to see and know more about it just by being shown some little sneak peeks!

The Pirate Nation voxel journey started as they told us ‘’with an art-test of a fish shack, a common sight for pirates and sailors’’.

The building components for 3D pixels are called voxels, or volumetric pixels. They have already been employed in a number of well-known games, most notably Minecraft, where voxels were used by millions of players to build enormous 3D worlds.

The first joyful and whimsical voxel asset was made by the art director, Craig Woida, with the help of a number of extraordinarily skilled artists, as soon as they had chosen the first structure.

Advantages of transitioning to Voxel Art
The devs have communicated a number of advantages pertaining to the decision of transitioning to a Voxel based artstyle.

Numerous combinations, arrangements, compositions, and uses of voxels are possible. They may be combined in a variety of ways, which is amazing and gives creators unmatched creative freedom. Voxel art can only be made using the "place a block" and "remove a block" methods.

Even young children can easily learn it because it is simple to use. As millions of people have done before in Minecraft, anyone can create voxel art. Voxel art also cuts the price and time it takes to make static and animated images for developers. The more people who can participate as creators in a Voxel universe thanks to this decreased entry barrier, the better.

Retro, low-resolution art avoids the uncanny valley by having a timeless quality. It has a personality and is not attempting to replicate reality. Voxel art makes a fantastic foundation upon which an ecosystem of on-chain games can be developed.

Voxel art file size is really small. The typical file format for voxels is.VOX, which is comparable to.GIF for 2D images. It is incredibly compressible and compact. Although the team presently holds assets on IPFS, they are looking into ways to directly place this data on the blockchain given its small footprint.

Plans and Vision
The team had always intended for Pirate Nation to exist in a voxel universe, and as they began to explore in that setting, they became more and more aware of how much more distinctive it appeared visually. After months of intense work, the developers and artists thought it was worthwhile to invest time into polishing the voxel art style. They are now very happy and finally prepared to unveil it to the public.

One of the most important milestones for Pirate Nation is that they have been recently audited by Halborn, you can access the full report HERE.

One of the numerous things you can gather in Pirate Nation are resources. Sending your Pirate on missions and using these in-game resources to create new goods are two ways to get a range of additional stuff. In the sample below, the team has converted the 2D graphics to 3D Voxels:

The team has communicated that the original NFTs will remain in 2D, they will only create 2D graphics for the NFTs, making them particularly unique and scarce. The Pirates are your keys to playing Pirate Nation, and they were lovingly made to stand alone as an excellent PFP collection that community members can be proud to represent.

Blockchain Architecture Innovation
The Pirate Nation team worked hard to provide outstanding solutions to some problems, for instance the game will feature absolutely no Wallet Popups, and the gas fees will be entirely paid for by the developers. Additionally, they have built an on-chain engine that is set to optimize everything you do to make the gameplay experience very smooth.

Getting a Pirate!
The collection has been sold out completely with a huge volume on OpenSea already going strong! You can see the announcement here

More information is available on the official Pirate Nations Discord channel!

Buy your own PIRATE on OpenSea right now!

Project Links
Website - https://piratenation.game/

Discord - https://discord.com/invite/piratenation
Twitter - https://twitter.com/piratenationnft OpenSea - https://opensea.io/collection/piratenation

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 12, 2022