Another benefit that Pleasurely users get is efficient payout. The Pleasure Network can maintain a secure database that no one can alter thanks to cryptography.

Pleasure Network looking towards On Ramp and more!

The Pleasure team has been setting up value streams for new products over the past months. One of the main focuses of the team is to improve the user experience when joining the Pleasure Network while also allowing creators to express their creative ideas and share it to the community.

The devs are looking towards offering Fiat On Ramp solutions for customers who wish to instantly top up their wallet with $NSFW directly from their credit card.

An exchange or other facility that allows you to trade fiat currency for cryptocurrency is referred to as a "on-ramp." You can essentially convert fiat currency into cryptocurrencies using an on-ramp.

Another important aspect of the Pleasure Network is educating its users with easy and understandable explanations of what the project and its numerous platforms are about and how they work.

The main goal of Pleasurely
Pleasurely, a platform built on the Polygon blockchain system, aims to develop a user-friendly environment that gives creators all the tools they need for success and offers a safe means of payment. Pleasure Network is developing a platform that will give its creative users anonymity and security so they may produce content without worrying that their income will be restricted by a financial institution or that their work will be removed.
The team is utilizing advancements in blockchain technology in response to censorship and the online removal of adult content on several platforms, giving creators complete ownership over their work and streamlining the monetization process. The artists' platform Pleasurely is dedicated to closing the gap between unfettered content and consumer financial security.

As user content, including submitted movies and photographs, is saved on the decentralized network where only producers have access to it, Pleasurely is first and foremost a safe platform for creators and users. Sumbsub has a contract with Pleasurely, and there is info there about the creators' KYC. To assure the protection of the inventors' identities, Sumsub makes use of cutting-edge AI technologies. The ability to submit content anonymously gives producers the freedom to express themselves without worrying about criticism or censure.

Another benefit that Pleasurely users get is efficient payout. The Pleasure Network can maintain a secure database that no one can alter thanks to cryptography. Contrary to centralized payment platforms, this feature guarantees that security is never erased, removing the possibility of content creators having their assets frozen or blocked.

Users can only connect with the environment by using the NSFW token because payments and interactions between fans and creators take place on the Pleasurely platform. Additionally, after a transaction is finished, there is no way to go back and undo it. The developers claim that the parent business of Pleasurely has introduced the Pleasure Coin (NSFW), a cryptocurrency token used within the Pleasure Network. Once Pleasurely's payment processes are operational, consumers will start using the NSFW to buy content soon, further shielding content creators from chargebacks.

Users of Pleasurely will also have access to a lively community, a wealth of materials, and a connection to a larger ecosystem of adult technology. The team's objective is to provide a setting where everyone may freely produce and distribute their work without worrying about censorship or retaliation and while still being compensated. The creators of Pleasurely are thrilled about the opportunities this presents to build a more welcoming atmosphere where all forms of content can flourish equally and no one is excluded for any reason.

Building such a complex network for users and creators is not easy but the Pleasure Network development team is very competent and enthusiastic to deliver an awesome product with a long-term strategy. Simply put, their goal is to not only surpass the OnlyFans ‘concept’ but become the leader of this segment by sheer innovation.

Project Links
Pleasure Network Website - https://pleasurenet.com
Pleasure Coin Website - https://pleasurecoin.com
Pleasure NFT Marketplace - https://pleasurenifty.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Pleasure_coin
Telegram - https://t.me/pleasurecoin_crypto
Discord - https://discord.gg/pleasurenetwork

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 29, 2022