To take action more quickly and safeguard tomorrow, Polygon is utilizing key products and services.

Polygon - Carbon Efficiency Impact Commitment

We've been considering how the Ethereum Merge may impact Polygon’s sustainability efforts as it finally launched. The main focus of Polygon's first pledge to reduce emissions and eventually achieve carbon neutrality was their business partnership with Ethereum.

That equation is drastically altered by The Merge.  The Polygon network's emissions are almost completely eliminated by Ethereum's switch from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus, known as The Merge, making it one of the most energy-efficient blockchains ever created. However the goal is far from over!

The commitments made by Polygon go beyond simply reducing the carbon footprint to zero. Even if the world immediately achieved net-zero emissions, the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere would still be about twice as high as it was before industrialization.  To assure a future where people and the world can live comfortably, we as blockchain pioneers, users and investors together with Polygon must take immediate action to pay off the carbon debt.

Operating responsibly, in our opinion, is just the beginning. We envision distributed ledger technology and blockchains as supporting and scaling long-lasting positive effects on the globe, fostering the development of a more prosperous, equitable, and healthy society. Moving forward, Polygon’s mission is to serve as a foundation for collaboration amongst scientists, leaders in climate action, conscious technologists, and the Polygon community to invent and create new solutions to the most pressing issues.

To take action more quickly and safeguard tomorrow, Polygon is utilizing key products and services.

To investigate how blockchain and web3 can aid in addressing these important problems. Can it assist verifiabily in carbon markets and improve farming methods? What about supply chains that are more effective, efficient, and fair in their wealth distribution?  The core of the Web3 concept is freedom. Since the Enlightenment, oppression imposed on people by other people has been a major source of concern regarding liberty.

However, the powerful non-human actor climate change enters the scene as a danger to both intensify all current injustices and introduce new ones.  That is something we cannot ignore if we are serious about making the world a better place.

Let's hope for a better future for everyone, and continue building it as we have done up until now!

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 27, 2022