One such project that has recently arisen is aptly named Powered By Polygon (PBP). This potential-packed project, literally only a few weeks old, is making a huge impact already, particularly for new projects or projects that are migrating to the Polygon network.



Powered by Polygon Helping Energize the MATIC Machine

An outsider looking at the phenomenal growth of the Polygon ecosystem in the last year may wonder as to the impetus for this explosive proliferation of Polygon partnerships and products. Who or what should be credited for the growth in DApps on the Polygon network to over 37,000, a 400% increase in 2022 alone? Why all the partnerships, with social media giants (Meta, Instagram, and Reddit), big names from the auto industry (Mercedes-Benz and Bentley Motors), movers and shakers from the fashion world (Prada, Dolce & Gabbana), top teams from the sports world (NFL, DraftKings, Liverpool FC, and FC Barcelona), iconic brands (Disney and Coca-Cola), and industry leaders like eBay, Circle, Tether, and Adobe all flocking to Polygon? Why has Polygon been able to race past the competition and develop important tech solutions like Avail, Edge, Nightfall, Miden, Zero, and the long-awaited zkEVM?

Many credit Polygon’s rapid rise to its leadership. The co-founders (Sandeep Nailwal, Jaynti Kanini, Anurag Arjun, and Mihailo Bjelic) are without equal in the industry, and more recent additions like former YouTube Head of Gaming Ryan Wyatt, among many others give Polygon the best leadership team in the business. As great as the individuals just named are, no small group could have orchestrated such massive growth without understanding a very important leadership principle, what has been coined as the law of explosive growth. Leaders who develop followers will only add one at a time; leaders who develop leaders multiply their growth.

Through understanding the principal of multiplication by division, Polygon has done a masterful job of developing leaders who have helped the ecosystem grow exponentially. Through the establishment of new divisions like Polygon Studios, through the guidance of the Polygon DAO, and mentoring leaders through programs like Polygon Advocates, Village Wonders, and the Polygon Accelerator, Polygon goes the extra mile to attract, support, mentor, nurture, and develop leaders. Polygon has also been very supportive of groups that have originated that have a desire to help grow individual Polygon projects that will eventually contribute to the wider ecosystem.

One such project that has recently arisen is aptly named Powered By Polygon (PBP). This potential-packed project, literally only a few weeks old, is making a huge impact already, particularly for new projects or projects that are migrating to the Polygon network.

What is the genesis of PBP? Ryan Brosinsky, the co-founder of OxPioneers and the founder of PBP, spoke about its origins. “The project was created as an offshoot of weekly project meetups that were occurring to help build collaborations and innovations between Polygon-based projects. Immediately, the value of having an organized community and forum for our discussion to take place was visible to me. I saw the immediate power behind the strength of Polygon's community, and I knew that it could be harnessed into something very unique and effective.”

With the project having evolved very organically, the goals for PBP became clearer through conversations among project founders. In a large ecosystem, it would be easy for a new project to get lost in the crowd. Having a group of project founders who are able to develop friendships and commit to helping each other succeed was just what the doctor ordered, as the Web3 world can sometimes be an island of isolation devoid of frequent human interaction. Ryan spoke about the relational focus of the project. “The goal of the project is to instill community into startup projects, giving them a powerful network of partners looking to embrace the overall growth of Polygon projects, utilizing the powerful social bonds created by the burning desire for the human need for real personal connections. So many of us ‘degens’ are left alone in the real world, being interested in and dedicating our time to such niche subjects, and sometimes people become unrelatable.”

As mentioned, PBP is still in its infancy, but is growing at a rapid rate. “Creating the Discord was a major milepost for us,” commented Ryan. “Just taking the idea and bringing it to life has been such an adventure. Being that we are only 30 days old, we have made so many accomplishments in such a little time. Being the sole operator of the project has been a challenge, and the stresses that come with the balance of work and play have been interesting so far.”

The group has exciting plans and, in true Polygon fashion, is accumulating partnerships like bees on honey. “PBP itself is a community-based initiative,” explained Ryan. “The more the community grows, the more appealing it will become. Overall, we are implementing the SIVA E2E (Engage-2-Earn) ecosystem into the Discord server to encourage engagement, and we will be partnering with various NFT collections to distribute whitelist spots/giveaways to our community members. On a larger scope, DAO protocols are being mentioned and possible collection ideas for the community being discussed but nothing official on that front yet. We are looking forward to announcing various partnerships and even an ecological collaborative effort in the near future.”

In a day and age of scams, rug pulls, and crypto crooks, finding a network of people and projects that you can trust is vital, especially for new projects seeking to develop their protocols and seeking reliable partnerships. PBP is helping meet this need. Lars, co-founder of SIVA, commented on the transparency that prevails in this group. “We know each other in person. Trust is a big thing.”

Ryan expanded on the importance of trust, relationships, and genuine care for one another. “For me, community is everything. I started my journey into Web3 by joining a Facebook group, as a result of a Google search related to escaping Ethereum gas fees back in April of 2020, right after buying some SHIB, my first ever crypto purchase, and feeling robbed by high network fees. This search led me to the 315 Crypto community, and to a post about MATIC by one of my now dearest friends, and now business partner, Brian Ludlam. This led to a Telegram group of people hunting DeFi farm projects, the current craze at the time. That community grew into what we know today as the 315 Guild. A simple Google search had somehow changed my entire life, bringing me forward to collaborate with people who actually believed in me, allowing me to believe in myself and my own abilities. I made some money during the bull run of '21 and decided I was going to dive headfirst into Web3. I quit my crappy, blue-collar job where I had always felt out of place and disliked going to. At this time, Brian and I decided it was time to form the 0xPioneers, a pinnacle moment in my life.”

This company has quickly become a rising star in the Web3 development space, as Brian is an innovator who is well ahead of the curve, especially in the area of smart contracts. OxPioneers is already working with projects like Space Skellies and Crypto Crew, and their client list is rapidly expanding. They are creating a full-service development team, even incorporating website design into the mix.

In the first PBP meeting one month ago, eight new projects were able to introduce themselves and their projects. During their weekly meetings each Friday at 12:00 pm EST, new projects are given a unique opportunity that provides new projects with an instantaneous network of potential partners upon joining. PBP also provides a developmental support network. “Since the community was formed by developers,” said Ryan, “it really allows for innovative and creative ideas to be shared amongst teams.”

Joe, Co-Founder of SIVA, echoed the sentiments of the Powered By Polygon community. “PBP unites projects and helps with their implementation in all areas. Starting with blockchain development, through Web3 applications to marketing, PBP has your back.”

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The Matic Man

Aug 22, 2022