The fully decentralized predictions market system called PRDT Finance is built around the idea of non-custodial round completion.

PRDT - Next generation prediction game on the blockchain!

The first fully decentralized cross-chain predictions platform is PRDT.finance. Present and operational on the  TRON, Polygon, and BSC blockchains.

With PRDT, users can wager on an asset's price and earn rewards for making accurate market predictions.

Predictions are made in a decentralized manner by pulling the most recent and precise asset prices from all of our crypto exchanges using Binance APIs. At the moment, FTX is used in the Tesla market.

What is a Prediction Market?
In a prediction market, participants can exchange contracts that pay out based on the results of unknowable future events. It is possible to think of the market prices that result from these contracts as a type of collective forecast made by market players.

The first prediction asset on the platform, BTC, went live. TESLA, GOOGLE, AMAZON, BNB, ETH, USD/EUR, and many more tokens are being added while endless possibilities using major exchanges to obtain the most accurate pricing will be added by community vote.

The advantage of using PRDT compared to other competitors is the smooth User Experience and beautiful responsive website, the passionate team that engages with the community all the time and a referral system that is very attractive for investors.

The fully decentralized predictions market system called PRDT Finance is built around the idea of non-custodial round completion.

They are obtaining the closing price straight from Binance for their cryptocurrency markets or FTX for Tesla to guarantee the most precise value. In order to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and transparency, a timestamp of the price's retrieval is also given.

Prioritizing contract security and user protection helps to deploy and develop the system.

The contracts are examined by Certik, a leader in the field.

Users will have the option to operate on the chain of their choice by combining the benefits of various chains. BSC was the first chain to launch, followed by Polygon Network. By popular vote, more chains will be introduced.

Governance Plans
A portion of the platform will be represented by the PRDT governance token. Staking PRDT tokens will allow users to gain exclusive bonuses and perks across the network. Reduced prediction costs, a share of the platform's earnings, and other special benefits and features are all included in this.

The SushiSwap Predictions Proposal
The development team has made a detailed post explaining and proposing SushiSwap to adopt the PRDT Prediction market on their website, this goes to show the PRDT team is eager to work and make valuable partnerships with other well known DeFi platforms in order to bring value to the ecosystem. Who doesn’t like prediction markets anyway?

We are excited about this protocol, we have tested it and it is indeed very smooth. The team is very ambitious and has great plans for the future.

Project Links:
Website - https://prdt.finance/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/PRDT_Finance
Telegram - https://t.me/PRDT_Finance

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Sep 1, 2022