The ProtoVerse development team will provide access to an easily understandable step-by-step guide for the premade Figma designs. Project owners will edit text, add images for the website, minting dApp and more.

ProtoMint - The Plug and Play solution for Projects offered by ProtoVerse

ProtoMint is a proof-of-concept application offered to other NFT projects as a branded "Plug and Play" solution as part of ProtoVerse's dApps as a Service suite.

Who is behind ProtoMint?
The Development team is Led by AA, who has, undoubtedly, done a tremendous job in taking the ProtoVerse development team to the next level. Sleep is overrated, AA dreams code, and has for 1.5 years relentlessly pushed Protoverse towards new and successful ventures.

The Community Marketing Managers Oskar and Julian have recently joined the project and have since come up with outstanding business solutions.
Oskar has been working on video editing for a long time and has a great passion for it, he was a freelance editor and camera operator for years before joining ProtoVerse.

As for Julian, he has an innovative and creative mind with a passion for performance marketing, media management and entrepreneurship. Julian thrives in a performance-oriented culture where people are passionate about what they do. From an early stage of his life, he was always fascinated about the different aspects of marketing - especially digital marketing (and now Web3 marketing). When it comes to business solutions, he tends to look at every possible outcome to ensure the most efficient solution is taking place. He sees himself as a very open, sincere and extroverted person - who loves to execute on things in a fast and efficient way. He has been interested in Stocks, Crypto, NFT's and DeFi projects for almost 2 years now. He is a true degen believer and is grateful to work fulltime with the ProtoVerse team.

Veejay, as the Chief of Staff, and Thomas, the content writer and text editor, have done a tremendous job ensuring the staff and showcasing the project through their WP, medium articles, pitch decks, our interactive Wiki, and much more.

Mathias, the Chief Of Global Sales, has worked tirelessly to line up potential users of the dApps and revenue generators while providing efficient calculations and educated predictions to our ecosystem, ensuring sustainability and logic have been applied before every decision.

The ProtoVerse development team consists of 15 full- time Designers and developers. They are currently looking to hire more because they are already working hard on five client projects they’ve onboarded already.

Smart options for project owners
The fast-track option is available to project owners who want a quick, secure, and affordable solution.

The Project owners will be able to choose the dApp design, notably from an initial palette of 10 color themes and templates. The chain they want to mint their NFTs on (currently supporting Polygon, ETH and BSC with plans to expand to other chains) while receiving minting payments directly in native coins or stablecoins.

The ProtoVerse development team will provide access to an easily understandable step-by-step guide for the premade Figma designs. Project owners will edit text, add images for the website, minting dApp and more.

Project owners can opt-in for the Premium ProtoMint service, where they would benefit from extensive support, A to Z designs and metadata creation for NFTs, multi-chain minting bot, multi-chain NFT minting, multi-chain and multi-currency minting payments, full access to the in house ProtoVerse developers to create custom visuals and cater to all your needs, a premium made Roadmap with catchy visuals and description texts and more!

The Protoverse Technology allows all of this to happen under the same roof, and with an amazing development team and talented consultants, all your needs to create a new project from scratch will be catered to.

Whitelisting done by 8mint Technologies

8mint.io is one of the main ProtoVerse partners, they provide the Whitelisting technology for each Branded App created by ProtoMint. Project owners can securely and efficiently Whitelist their users through 8mint’s trustworthy oracle by creating a Web3 powered “Gleam”.

8mint is designed to give you market advantages by targeting Relevant NFT Audiences!

Cryptopia - One of the ProtoMint clients

ProtoVerse has been a true revelation for Cryptopia - we came to them with multiple tech problems, and they not only solved these but also helped us with a bunch of other stuff we didn't even know they could do! The team has also been incredibly responsive and attentive, which is a massive plus.
Richie - Co-Founder of Cryptopia

Using a safe, secure, and open system, inhabitants can purchase, sell, vote, and carry out other necessary tasks in the independent city-state of Cryptopia, which is built on the blockchain. Additionally, Cryptopia, a seasteading city-state, is unconstrained by any preexisting borders, giving its people total freedom to explore and build the kind of society they wish for themselves. The safe sanctuary for humanity that the planet needs to live in is now known as Cryptopia.

Cryptopia is also heavy on Charity and the support of the Guatemalan population!

They will fund & build a medical clinic to serve the local community.

One of the most pressing challenges facing Guatemala's indigenous population is access to healthcare. Average life expectancy is drastically reduced frequently due to very treatable illnesses that are not addressed promptly or comprehensively. 12,000 people live around the clinic and would gain immediate advantage from this game-changing institution.

Upcoming Surprise
We have exclusive information that the Protoverse developers may or may not be developing a super secret technology that would change everything about how dApps are built!

Project Links:
Website - https://protoverse.ai/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/protoverse_ai
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/QGausAggpb
Medium - https://medium.com/@Protoverse_ai

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Aug 10, 2022