The project, inspired by the success of the SolPunks DAO and the Decentraland community, also plans to launch a DAO to allow everyone to have a say in the project’s development.


After Early Challenges, PolygonPunks A Pacesetter on Polygon

He who laughs last, laughs best. This saying reminds us that though it may seem like someone is losing, it is not until the end that the real winner is determined. The final outcome is more important than whoever had the advantage at the beginning or in the middle. After experiencing some early difficulties that threatened to derail their project, the PolygonPunks have rebounded to become one of the top NFT collections on Polygon.

What is the genesis of this rapidly rising star in the Polygon NFT space? What has catapulted this collection from near extinction to a spot in the top 10 NFT projects on Polygon? Sam (@sambnft), Rep (@ReputationBLD), and Michael Redd (@RedCryptoKeeper), who all work on the Core Community Team for the project, paused for a moment from their busy schedules to pull back the curtains and give the Polygon community a closer look at this popular project.

The Birth of the Punks

Rep detailed the launch of the project. “PolygonPunks were launched in 2021 by a team of developers out of India as a homage to CryptoPunks. We can confirm that PolygonPunks were the first Punk NFTs on Polygon, and for many of our community members (including myself), PolygonPunks was our first NFT ever purchased.”

Sam also commented on the project’s origins. “We have grown to a community of over 2.5k holders, with close to $1.8 million in sales! We have a team behind the scenes, but we’re a community driven project, and have a lot of talented Punk holders who’ve helped us get to where we are today.”

Building a Blue-Chip Polygon Project

The core team, referencing the success of CryptoPunks-type collections on other blockchains, sees immense potential in their pet project. Rep recalled the massive success of a similar set on Solana. “We believe that each major blockchain will have a successful homage to CryptoPunks. A good example of this is SolPunks, that has over 23,000 ETH in volume and has been an important part of growing the NFT ecosystem on SOL.”

Sam also commented on the potential of the Punks. “Like CryptoPunks and SolPunks, the first Punk NFTs on a blockchain hold historic value, and we believe PolygonPunks can become a historic NFT collection on Polygon.”

Walking Through the Fire

The project faced two major hurdles in its early days, either of which could have led to its demise. One was an internal challenge, and the other was external.

Rep spoke about a severe trial related to the team that the project faced almost immediately. “Shortly after launch, the original developers told our community leaders that they were leaving the project, and it was up to our community to grow and manage PolygonPunks. They set up a 5% royalty on all sales that goes to our community wallet, gave us all the PolygonPunks assets, like the website, and left.  Once the devs left, we had two options: either let the project die and have our investment go to 0, or we come together as a community to grow the collection.”

After forging a strong community following this initial difficulty, the project was hit with another body blow that would have sent many to the canvas to be counted out. Sam spoke about this potential project killer that had to be overcome. “Our hardest moment was facing a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice from Larva Labs in 2021 and being removed from OpenSea.”

Launched on 1 July 2021, the collection quickly sold out and became the second most popular collection on OpenSea (by volume).  Larva Labs then issued a DMCA notice for the removal of the collection, prompting OpenSea to delist it, setting off a Twitter firestorm in which #FREEPOLYGONPUNKS began trending.

It Takes a Village (Community)

Rep praised the perseverance of the PolygonPunks people. “We had a large amount of community members that refused to let the project die. So, over the last year, PolygonPunks has been 100% driven by our community. The only funds we have are the 5% royalties coming to our community wallet - but even with this small amount of money, we have been able to generate over 1400ETH in sales and grow our community to thousands of members. Our growth as a collection would not be possible without our community coming together.”

Sam recalled how their fledgling community banded together to battle the monolithic Larva Labs, overcoming the DMCA obstacle in true David vs. Goliath form. “The future of the project seemed uncertain, but the PolygonPunks community came together. We beat the DMCA, returned to OpenSea, and saw the project reach new heights! A month after our return to OpenSea, we had our biggest Punk sale ever for $63k! The PolygonPunks community has been unstoppable ever since!”

What’s Next?

When asked about the roadmap for the project, Sam mentioned recent mileposts and future plans.

“Like so many NFT projects, we struggled when the bear market hit, but put our heads down and started building. We expanded our social media presence, moved into the metaverse, and formed partnerships with new projects. We regularly host competitions with other Polygon NFT projects, including Punk giveaways. We also do Twitter Spaces Collabs. Going ahead, our goal is to partner with the biggest names on Polygon (including Polygon itself) to grow Punks, but also help promote smaller projects we love. We actually have some exciting partnership news to announce very soon!”

The PolygonPunks also spoke highly of OnePlanet, the promising Polygon NFT marketplace.  “PolygonPunks are available on Opensea and NFTrade. We’re really excited about OnePlanet! It’s great to see a Polygon dedicated marketplace. It can really help Polygon NFT projects that might struggle to find an audience on cross-chain marketplaces get discovered. Especially being not just a markerplace, but also a launchpad.

The project, inspired by the success of the SolPunks DAO and the Decentraland community, also plans to launch a DAO to allow everyone to have a say in the project’s development.

A Message for THE Man

The PolygonPunks have a message for Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal and the entire leadership team of this burgeoning blockchain. “We’d like to say a huge thanks for all they’ve done for Polygon. The team have been crushing it this year with all these Web2 partnerships: Reddit, Nike, Instagram, and so many more. It’s really inspired our community to build through this bear market, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Polygon People

While their main focus is the PolygonPunks, the core team also has a macro view. They are Polygon People through and through, driven to help the ecosystem they love reach the top. “We want to use our success to promote not just PolygonPunks,” said Sam, “but the whole Polygon ecosystem, and all the amazing projects currently building on it!”

The Polygon community has a family feel, and the success of one Polygon project boosts the entire Polygon community. “We want to use PolygonPunks to also support the growth of the Polygon NFT ecosystem in any way possible through the power of our community,” remarked Rep.

Michael commented on their core team’s shared desire to help move the entire Polygon ecosystem forward. “Beyond our PolygonPunks, we ultimately want to see Polygon itself become the prominent Blockchain. It’s amazing what the whole Polygon community as a whole is doing.”

Who’s Laughing Now?

Perhaps the naysayers chuckled when the PolygonPunks were initially released, doubting that there was room for another CryptoPunk-inspired project. Maybe their laughter became audible when the developers abandoned ship and the DMCA drama developed. But as the project nears $2 million in sales and individual Punks continue to fetch large sums, the PolygonPunks have gotten the last laugh.

In unison, the core team points to the community as the reason for the Punk’s phenomenal success. Sam echoed the sentiments of the entire core team. “We’d just like to say a big thanks to the PolygonPunks community! Its been a wild journey so far, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support. Here’s to the future of PolygonPunks!”

“When the next bull run comes,” Sam confidently stated, “PolygonPunks will be ready!”

Learn More about the PolygonPunks

Website: https://polygonpunks.io

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Polygonpunkscommunity

Email: [email protected]

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The Matic Man

Nov 21, 2022