We are not just a marketplace, but we are trying to be an Ecosystem builder through a ‘one-stop’ platform.


Like a Phoenix, OnePlanet Emerges from Terra Tragedy with Support of Polygon

The current bear market that has seen many cryptos dip up to 90% below their all-time highs, coupled with a global economic downturn, has resulted in the demise of a number of promising projects. Terra Luna, unfortunately, could not escape this market firestorm, and its struggles left numerous projects built on this protocol hanging on for survival. The aftermath of this cataclysmic event could have been even more tragic if not for the quick response of the Polygon team.

Within hours it seemed of the LUNA disaster, the Polygon “Emergency Response Team” had launched the Terra Developer Fund to aid projects affected by the crash of this once-promising crypto. Spearheaded by its developer arm Polygon Studios, millions of dollars were committed to rescuing Terra projects and helping safely migrate them to the Polygon ecosystem.

"Supporting developers is at the heart of what we do," Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt said. "This fund was simply put together to help talented developers find a new home. We're here to lift them up and support them should they need us, and it was really just letting them know they aren't alone during the Terra collapse where no one was there to help them."

OnePlanet was one of the first Terra projects to transition to Polygon and has taken a major role in helping onboard other projects, partnering with Polygon to become a dedicated marketplace for all migrating Terra NFT projects to the Polygon ecosystem. OnePlanet took this responsibility very seriously and has been instrumental in assisting in the reclamation of projects that may otherwise have been buried under the fallout of the Terra meltdown.

"The sudden collapse of the Terra ecosystem left a plethora of innovative NFT projects and their communities stranded in the wreckage," OnePlanet posted on Medium. "In search of light within the abyss, OnePlanet has taken the lead and built its own version of Noah’s Ark to rescue Terra’s burgeoning NFT biodiversity and take it to a new home."

Just who is OnePlanet? Why were they entrusted by Polygon to become the NFT marketplace for all the migrating Terra NFT projects as well as having a vision to become the biggest and best Polygon NFT marketplace? Their leadership team took time to answer some questions.

What is the goal of OnePlanet?

“Becoming an Ecosystem for Holders to Define and Realize Utilities. We believe an NFT can be more valuable when it has utility and if such utility can be exploited by holders. For the value of NFTs to sustainably appreciate, an ecosystem, where holders can discover and realize the utility of the NFT, is necessary. We are starting as a marketplace where creators and holders of NFTs can mingle together, and we will evolve into one-stop platform where NFT holders can socialize and utilize their holdings.”

What are the major mileposts on your roadmap and where are you now on that roadmap?

“Starting with the first project going through our launchpad this January on Terra, OnePlanet supported NFT projects to be launched and listed in the secondary marketplace. Not only providing a platform for trading NFTs, OnePlanet also focused on adding more value to NFTs by expanding their utilities through features like Forge. Moreover, looking further into our roadmap, we have planned to implement a social feature and offer our own token for the benefit of NFT holders and their communities.

As we now found our new home in Polygon, we are preparing to migrate and resume our service, aiming to open the secondary marketplace in August and launchpad in September. We plan an expansion of our utility infrastructure, such as voting, assembling, and disassembling of NFTs. The breeding and staking features will be implemented in Q4. Next year, we will introduce Social and Governance features for NFT holders to get along and grow the projects.”

There are already a number of NFT platforms in existence. What makes OnePlanet special?

We are not just a marketplace, but we are trying to be an Ecosystem builder through a ‘one-stop’ platform. We want to provide bespoke supports spanning across the project’s lifecycle:

▪ Customized Launchpad

o We provide 4 launchpad options which can be customized upon project’s demand

o Optimal launchpad recommendation to effectively create hype

▪ User-friendly marketplace

o We are building a curated marketplace with user friendly UI/UX

o Various tools and supports for NFT builders

▪ Utility add-on infrastructure

o   Our utility-as-a-service platform

o   Enabling voting / assemble & disassemble / card pack opening / breeding / staking / mini game, etc.)

▪ Community management: Social / Governance

o   Putting efforts to bring NFT communities together

o   Building hub of NFT builders

o   Pursue bridge for Web2/3 & Traditional business

Are there any incentives that OnePlanet will give to attract new collections? How will OnePlanet assist with new NFT projects?

“Our team will be working together with the projects throughout the journey from building the roadmap, discussing the potential utilities to be added, and even marketing. For the launching collections, there are different options of launchpads which can be customized upon the projects’ needs. We will also focus on assisting the projects to create more value to their NFTs through our Utility Add-on Infrastructure. Finally, we offer marketing support, using various marketing initiatives to broaden the user base and strengthen partnerships.”

Why did you choose the Polygon platform?

“This decision to migrate to Polygon comes with extensive research and input from our stakeholders. After many days of meetings and conversations with dozens of foundations and representatives from other blockchains, Polygon became the clear partner as a new home for OnePlanet and the Terra NFT projects that are migrating with us. Taking into consideration the key factors such as mass adoption, market opportunities, stability, and foundation-level support, we found that Polygon is currently the most prominent chain with so many big projects and entities onboarding.

If you could say one thing to Sandeep Nailwal and the Polygon leadership team, what message would you give to them?

Pryce Cho, CEO of One Planet, offered this response. “Polygon Foundation has been doing a wonderful job in bringing great builders to the ecosystem. Count on us as we will play an essential role in making the ecosystem thrive with the Terra projects and all the other builders we will be working together.”

Closing Thoughts

It has been said that adversity doesn’t create character, it simply reveals it. The tenacity and resilience of the OnePlanet team has been inspiring, as they refused to give in, give out, or give up despite the devastation caused by the LUNA collapse. This team is talented, hardworking, and well-positioned to become a prominent Polygon project.

From the brink of disaster to a leading role in a Polygon ecosystem that is taking the Web3 world by storm, OnePlanet is a shining example of all that is good about the crypto community. Not only did the “meteor” that hit all Terra projects fail to destroy OnePlanet, but it also became a catalyst for this project to reach even greater heights.

Learn more about OnePlanet

Twitter: @OnePlanet_NFT

Website: https://www.oneplanetnft.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/oneplanetnft

Telegram: https://t.me/polygonNFTecosystem

Medium: https://medium.com/@oneplanet.nft

Written By

The Matic Man

Jul 12, 2022