Each Tic has a variety of aesthetic representations, a fully animated Tic sprite that can be utilized in battle and other game functions, and a special profile image that users can use to promote the Tics they possess.

Safrootics - A truly amazing retro Play to Earn Game that will keep you on the edge of your seats and have you ask for more!

AlabStudio's Safrootics is a mobile P2E game where you begin in Safrootica, a mysterious place full of these mythical creatures known as Safrootics. You acquire Tics, engage in combat with other players, and level them up.

The catch'em all game Safrootics, is free to play and earn on Android and PC. Players begin in a mysterious magical land with mystical creatures called Safrootics, or Tics for short, scattered around. Find and collect them, battle other players, strengthen them, then either sell them as NFTs in the market or evolve them into an entirely new and more powerful Tic and start over.

• There is no entry fee and the game is free to play (and earn).
• Make an entertaining blockchain game available even without a wallet by assisting Web 2.0 gamers.
• Having fun comes first, then everything else.
• To ensure a hassle-free gaming experience, 90% of the game takes place off chain, with the majority of onchain features found on the website.
• Each Tic has a unique profile photo, the 10k kind, and each Tic has its own graphics, metrics, and progress.

Safrootics is developed on Polygon because of its quick transaction times and virtually nonexistent gas costs, making it the best option. The game is created in pixel art style and in isometric viewpoint by amazing creative artists, inspired by how games were prior to the explosion of web 1.0.

What is so unique about Safrootics?
One of the first games of its kind, Safrootics combines and employs two intriguing business models: the "free-to-play" and the "play-to-earn" models. The combination of both models lowers entry barriers for players because it is entirely free to play. Players also have ownership rights over all in-game things, and they are rewarded and given tokens as they advance through the game. The development team is confident that Safrootics has been created to appeal to everyone. Players can choose to spend game tokens to speed up and reroll certain stat points, in addition to the earnings from the NFT marketplace and the integration of minimal ads, and the game has been designed to be financially sustainable.

Every mechanic and system in the game is designed to support the core objective of the game, which is to make players fall in love with their Tics. Another goal of the game is to make it accessible to everyone by eliminating the need for any initial or ongoing investments, and every Tic and item in the game can be acquired with enough time and effort.

Early Safrootics fans and investors will, however, have access to exclusive tics, equipment, and boosts that cannot be obtained in-game without being exchanged or sold on the market.


The Lore of Safrootics
This game features extensive beautifully written lore, here is an excerpt:

‘‘In the mystical world of Safrootica, exists a range of giant - titan like - creatures called Safrootics.. or Tics for short. Tics have magical powers.. like Nature, water and fire... They ruled the lands and had everything they desired.

Other inhabitants of Safrootica, known as lesser creatures, lived in servitude to those Tics providing food, gold and all kinds of gifts. And in return, the Tics shield and protect inhabitants of Safrootica and lesser creatures, from all kinds of danger.
On one fateful day - known now as the calamity - the skies over Safrootica flashed bright, then day turned into night and not a single Tic in sight! All Tics seemed to have Vanished, and chaos began to spread. With no Tics to keep order and protect them from dangers ahead, Lesser creatures believed that they are all dead.
Until a tribe of lesser creatures known as the Vex, found out that Tics - in fact - still exist. To their amazement, the Tics just shrunk, so small they found one in a tiny hole on a tree trunk. All lesser creatures, races and tribes searching everywhere to find tiny Tics. Some search, seeking glory.. some for power... some just wish to trade.. small fortunes to be made.’’

All graphics are displayed for demonstration purposes and will be changed on public launch

Safrootics Gameplay
Visually and statistically random, distinct Tics.
Every Tic in the game will have a distinct appearance and will gain stats as per their growth rate randomly to ensure that uniqueness. Players start in an open world adventure using their various items and their glass for a chance to encounter a wild Tic. If defeated in battle, the player keeps the Tic in their orb.

The likelihood of seeing a Tic depends on a number of variables, including the day of the week, the hour of the day, the location the player is seeking on the map, whether or not the player is using the right bait, and more.

Take your Tics into battle and complete objectives to rank up and acquire experience.
Each Tic in the game obtains stats proportional to that stat development rate on level up to ensure that your Tic will always be unique. Keeping your Tic's amity meter at its maximum also offers that Tic a tremendous buff for fight. PVP arena pays players weekly according to their rankings in $Ting. As the user levels up their Tics, they get more powerful by granting them access to new skills.

Gain access to new locations with stronger Tics to capture.
Although Safrootica is a vast land, getting there is not always simple. To get access to completely new locations with various Tics species to capture and claim as their own, players will need to accomplish missions, obtain the necessary key items, make their Tics stronger, and occasionally just talk their way through barred routes.

Mint it or make it more advanced.
A player can mint a Tic into an NFT after it hits level cap and post it for sale in the market. Players can also purchase a Tic from the market. At level 1 through the prestige mechanic, Tics that have reached their maximum level can develop into a new, possibly more powerful Tic.

Time and date
The 12-hour day/night cycle in Safrootics serves the Tic encounter probability schedules and is visibly depicted in the game.

PVP Arena and regular bonuses
Gamers compete here for weekly rewards including Ting and special Tics as well as other prizes by testing their Tics strength against other players.

If a player's lesser creature belongs to the same race, they can start or join a clan. Clans use flags from the PVP arena to strengthen themselves and grant clan-wide buffs.

Small, Deep Caves
Deep Caves are a Tic PVE activity that player characters can enter for nice and exclusive goodies by using their Tics. Each level in a deep tunnel may only be completed by one Tic, however after a level is finished, that Tic cannot move on to the next level of the cave; instead, the player must select a different Tic for the following level, and so on.

What about the NFTs?
One free Tic is given to each player at the beginning; they are not NFTs. Players can raise their Tics' stat points and level them up to their level cap, which is often level 30, at which time they can be minted as NFTs and sold in the market.

Additionally, players will be able to buy Tic NFTs, evolve them into rarer, more powerful Tics, and equip them for PVP combat.

Each Tic has a variety of aesthetic representations, a fully animated Tic sprite that can be utilized in battle and other game functions, and a special profile image that users can use to promote the Tics they possess.

In game Items
In-game Items that players can earn, buy, and keep as their own are stored on the Polygon blockchain and can be bought via the Safrootics market or another third-party NFT listing marketplace.

The functionality and rarity of in-game items vary; some offer general buffs, while others become much rarer and more valuable after only a few uses or remain with the player indefinitely until they decide to trade it. Items also include various baits that, when used at the appropriate in-game times and in the appropriate map locations, increase the likelihood of coming across a particular Tic.

Founder Rewards
NFT badges will offer special in-game privileges and benefits as well as a revenue share from earnings of Tics secondary market trades after game launch to reward early investors and those who support the team's efforts and the game's goal. One of the team's favorite perks is The Exclusive Tic, which will only be available to First Badge Buyers and will not be acquired in-game. Perks will include faster AP generation (30 mins to generate 1 AP by default), more Tic slots, and many other features.

The $TING Token
Players receive $TING as rewards for ranking up, taking part in combat, and weekly leaderboard rewards, which fuels the play-to-earn paradigm.

A variety of deflatory methods and measures have been established as part of the game's fundamental structure in an effort to maintain positive pressure on the demand for $TING. Features for players to spend their $TING ingame are intended to be more valuable than exchanging it for profits!

From the beginning, players would be able to enter the Safrootica universe without having to make an initial investment. There are several ways for players to gain Ting, including leveling up, competing in and winning arena battles, searching and exploring the world, performing missions, and much more.

Additionally, players would spend (burn) their Ting on a variety of things, such as increasing inventory space, accelerating the generation of AP, adding an extra stat point for each Tic level, purchasing goods and other Tics from NPCs, skipping the search phase, and much more.

The $LAB Token
As the governance token for Alab Studio, $LAB will have an impact on all upcoming initiatives, beginning with Safrootics, such as the Safrootics marketplace where players may use $LAB to buy NFTs and in-game stuff.

The number of $LAB tokens that a holder owns directly correlates to the share of voting power they receive for determining the game's future. In addition, $LAB will occasionally participate in in-game events and liquidity pools on outside exchanges.

The primary trading currency for Safrootics NFT assets, such as Tic NFTs and in-game products, in the Safrootics marketplace and other NFT markets will be $LAB. At launch, players with $TING tokens will be able to trade in the marketplace by exchanging their $TING tokens for $LAB tokens right from the user dashboard. Similar to this, exchanges will offer liquidity pools for additional currency pairs like MATIC/$LAB and ETH/$LAB.

The Safrootics Team has done a tremendous job with their extensive and informative Whitepaper, you can check it out right here: https://safrootics.com/whitepaper/Safrootics-Whitepaper1.12a.pdf

‘‘Join the world of the Safrootics, search for Tics, earn $Ting and much more.’’

We are thoroughly excited about this project, with its complex RPG systems and old school retro pixel graphics, the ambition of the development team and the Free to Play, Play to Earn model, we are sure this game’s success will be phenomenal.

Project Links
Website - https://safrootics.com/
Discord - https://discord.gg/aKns66cF44
Twitter - https://twitter.com/safrootics
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Safrootics

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 24, 2022