Wonder Game is one of the recent entries into the GameFi arena, and they look poised to make a big splash.


Wonder Game is New Entry into GameFi Space

Close your eyes and imagine you are in front of your laptop. On the screen before you is a video game. This game, however, affords you the opportunity to make money. This is not just imaginary, in-game money, but money that can be used to put food on the table. Imagine game assets like characters, outfits, and accessories that are capable of being bought and sold in the real world.

This may sound farfetched to some, but those who have already taken a dive into the GameFi pool realize its enormous potential. GameFi, which offers players the opportunity to earn in-game rewards like crypto tokens, virtual land, avatars, and other NFTs by completing tasks, is one of the hottest sectors in Web3. The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model has taken the video game industry by storm.

With this as a backdrop, it’s no “wonder” that a talented team of Web3 afficionados decided to develop a game to enter this burgeoning market that seeks to wed fun with finance.

Wonder Game is one of the recent entries into the GameFi arena, and they look poised to make a big splash.

What a Wonder!
The Wonder Game website gives this synopsis of this new GameFi project. “Wonder Game is the first collaborative GameFi launching on Ethereum, Polygon, and ICE blockchains. The game is a fun and chaotic place, where the three main Characters NFTs - Alice, Queen & Card try to collect the most prized asset - SHROOM. An experience that will immerse you with exciting new gameplay, lore, and quests every new chapter. Explore, camp, steal, rule, craft, conquer the quests and create the adventure!”

Artechist, one of the project’s co-founders, described by team members as “always active, always building,” elaborated further on this exciting new project.

Wonder Game is a collaborative GameFi that takes players on a cross-chain adventure to different blockchains with each new chapter. The goal is to focus on the intrinsic value - through collective exploration, learning on new chains, and imaginative creation from the community - which will increase the demand and power of the Wonder Game ecosystem. The rich IP of Wonderload and our community-first approach will allow us to build experiences, culture, and games with our community.”

Entering an Increasingly Crowded Space
With P2E, like Pac-Man gobbling up dots, eating up gaming market share at a ravenous pace, there are a myriad of games that seem to drop daily into the ecosystem. What will make Wonder Games stand out from the crowd?

Daniel, Community Lead for the project, spoke about their value proposition. “Wonder Game wants to achieve three things. We are building a fun, collaborative DeFi game, and with every new chapter, we will add a new blockchain. Wonder Game has a really special, active, and welcoming community. Before anything else, we started building a community. Also, by launching on Polygon, we’re giving our community a true cross-chain experience. When the game launches,players will find a fun game where they can work together to earn our in-game token,  $Shroom. This can either be sold in an exchange or used to enhance in-game characters, etc. Also, the NFTs can be taken to every chapter, so it is a pass to every new gameplay and dApp we will release.”

Community First
Haylo, the Community Manager described by colleagues as “the best communication person and the nicest person you’ll meet,” spoke about the premium the project has placed on people. “Wonder Game started at the back of the 2021 NFT bull market. During this period, we’ve seen many projects rise to great heights. However, the current bear market has been relentless. The fact that Wonder Game still continues to build is, to a large part, thanks to the support of our community. Until Web3 achieves mass adoption, we as an industry largely exist by the grace of our supporters. Wonder Game has been community first since day 0.5. We believe in building communities and connecting to the communities of our partners. In the end, this will benefit the entire ecosystem.”

Wonder Games has faced some blockchain-related challenges that compelled them to make some tough decisions. The support of community has been key during some recent transitions. Haylo commented on the importance of community when facing challenges. “Being a collaborative game, we rely on our community. Building a sturdy community where all members feel at home is a challenge in and of itself. Having built such a great community base, we then had to maintain that safe environment when we first bridged from ICON to Harmony. At the time,  it was uncertain how that would play out, but in hindsight, we can say our members have been amazing. And we gained additional members in the process! Now we face a similar challenge by migrating to Polygon. It’s safe to say that our community is excited!

Next Steps on the Roadmap
Wonder Games has come a long way in a short time, but still has some ground to cover to reach its ultimate destination. Haylo spoke about the project’s progress. “The first major milestone was to establish a social media presence and, with that, an energetic community. This was indispensable before initiating the mint. The next step is ‘Strategic Exploration’ where it will be possible to stake NFT’s and $Shroom, followed by other game mechanics like ‘Crafting,’ ‘Potions’ and ‘Player Enhancement.’ After that, Phase 2 will commence, including a Visual UI revamp and eventually the introduction of Guilds and Quests. Phase 2 is very exciting for Wonder Game. By that time, wewill have built a solid foundation and offered our players a complete gaming experience. On top of that, we will mark the next step in our cross-chain adventure by launching on the ICE blockchain, which is part of the ICON ecosystem.”

Wonder-ful Incentives
As was previously mentioned, the P2E space has become increasingly crowded. Realizing this, Wonder Games has gone the extra mile to attract and retain users. Haylo spoke about some of the incentives offered by the platform.

“Besides our frequent NFT giveaways like ‘Giveaway Sunday,’ we host weekly events on our Discord server. Through fun and interactive games, new and existing members have the opportunity to win $Shroom, our native token.

We value all our members. From those that have been with us from the start to new users that join on a daily basis. That’s why we make sure all members can enjoy Wonder Game. Through XP mechanics, every user has a fair chance to collaborate and compete for $Shroom.  While the team is preparing for the launch of the game in the background, we decided to reward our early adopters. Up until the release of the game, each NFT generates daily passive income, ranging from 3 to 6 $Shrooms per NFT, per day.”

Choosing Polygon A “No-Brainer”
Choosing to launch on the Polygon network was an easy decision.

Haylo offered these insights. “Polygon has a highly mature ecosystem, a broad community, and a collaborative and supportive team. The decision to migrate to Polygon wasn’t a difficult one. The technology and capabilities of the blockchain were reasons enough to venture into this, for us, new ecosystem. Add the community and our positive experiences with the Polygon team into the mix, and it turned into a no-brainer.”

Raven, referred to by her team as the Community “Everything,” spoke about why Wonder Games became enamored with Polygon. “Polygon is a great chain with a great community that has been really welcoming to us. The platform is highly innovative and keeps building and is a perfect fit for us and our values. We are looking forward to working more with Polygon and building our community on this great platform.”

The Wonder Games team has a special message for Sandeep Nailwal and the rest of the Polygon brain trust. “You are building something special! You have valued members of a winning team that’s driven by a purpose. Tech, Communications, Marketing, Business Development, goals, and passion all align with your vision to be the biggest L2 solution that will bring mass adoption!”

Early Results
Wonder Games took the plunge into the increasingly crowded P2E pool, and the result was anything but a belly flop. They have already minted the majority of their NFTs, with only 25% remaining to be spoken for. The future indeed looks bright.

A talented team … a community-first approach … a powerful platform like Polygon.

It all adds up to a wonder-ful project!

Learn More about Wonder Games:
Twitter (@wonderdotgame): https://twitter.com/wonderdotgame
Website: https://wonder.game/home
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wonderdotgame
Telegram: https://t.me/+Sd8KnVl_8O82Nzkx
OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/wonderdotgame
Medium: https://wonderdotgame.medium.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wonderland_Game/
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.wonder.game/

Written By

The Matic Man

Aug 8, 2022