Through their innovative Smart Contracts and revenue sharing systems, the Metavault.Trade team has made it possible for investors to trade without any concerns they may spend money on useless transactions or uncompetitive fees.

Ten reasons why you should use Metavault.Trade

Metavault.Trade offers a wide range of trading choices and incredibly deep liquidity on a variety of large size crypto assets. The platform represents a particular kind of decentralized exchange because the developers encourage ongoing innovation.

The DEX is always evolving and ensuring that users experience the greatest trading environment with endless benefits while also having a high level of security.

What makes Metavault.Trade so good and why should you use it?

Metavault.Trade is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange. DEXs are decentralized versions of Centralized Exchanges (CEXs). The main and most important difference between these two is that DEXs provide trust and unparalleled transparency thanks to the public visibility of Smart Contracts, Transactions and Contract Interactions between all parties.

Trust is not something that CEXs can yet offer as we have seen with the recent scandals and fiascos, when big companies are involved in big money, users’ funds are never properly used for the benefits of customers, the same story we have seen over and over again with Banks.

Metavault.Trade offers very low, competitive Swap Fees with Zero Slippage. Through their innovative Smart Contracts and revenue sharing systems, the Metavault.Trade team has made it possible for investors to trade without any concerns they may spend money on useless transactions or uncompetitive fees.

Metavault.Trade has Zero Price impact. Investors can rest assured they always get the most out of their swaps, and the cherry on top of the cake is soon being implemented: Gasless functions for transactions over 25,000$ in value.

Smooth trading experience with the help of Chainlink. Scam wicks are a thing of the past, Metavault.Trade guarantees that users will not be bothered by sudden changes in prices thanks to the implementation of Chainlink price feeds and keepers.

Metavault.Trade owns its liquidity and this is a great thing. As $MVLP stakers earn 70% of the platform fees, the project's team placing a strong priority on sustaining PoL (Protocol owned Liquidity) it gives it a significant competitive edge. Therefore, it's critical to provide liquidity for the $MVLP Token. As a DEX, using this paradigm is crucial to resolving the widespread liquidity issue. This concept is similar to protocol funds invested in the protocol itself because the continuous reinvestment and straightening of the MVLP (from the MVX-PoL & MVD side) ensures the protocol is less dependent on external liquidity providers and can share the significant shares in its ecosystem with stakeholders.

One of the greatest, if not THE greatest UX in DeFi and beyond. Impacting colors, beautiful design and a smooth interface experience is what makes Metavault.Trade stand out. With it’s smart and modern design, time-saving functions and comprehensive interface, the dApp offers an unparalleled user experience.

Great Tokenomics, greater rewards. Staking Metavault.Trade’s native tokens offer a plethora of great advantages. Long-term holders are constantly rewarded with Escrowed MVX (esMVX) and Multiplier Points, both with minimal supply inflation. The system is cleverly designed to incentivise users with a low risk and great reward investment opportunity.

Metavault.Trade is built upon the vision and manifestation of Real Yield. All of the platform earnings, thus 100%, go back to MVX and MVLP Stakers (30/70%). This ensures both the long-term vision of the Metavault.Team comes to fruition as well as the plentiful benefits Stakers take advantage of with this reward structure.

Bountiful days most of the year. Being your own casino and bank by supplying liquidity with MVLP. Holders of MVLP gain more when leverage traders place lost trades because they provide the liquidity. On the other hand, they lose some when leveraged traders earn money off of their trades.

Metavault.Trade is here to stay, long-term is of paramount importance to the team. Options trading, synthetics and forex trading, cross chain leverage trading, and more exciting new features and services will soon be available on Metavault.Trade departing from the direction of their parent protocol, GMX.

Project Links
Website -https://metavault.trade
Telegram - https://t.me/MetavaultTrade
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MetavaultTrade
Medium - https://medium.com/@metavault.trade
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/metavault

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Nov 19, 2022