A prize pool of 1,000,000 $DESU, the platform’s native token will be awarded among the top 10 users on the leaderboard.

The biggest Dota 2 International Competition is brought to the Blockchain Betting scene thanks to Dexsport!

Dexsport demonstrates to investors that wagering can be open and simple. The development team employs web3 capabilities like blockchain technology and smart contracts to enforce the platform’s protection systems for user assets and privacy while making the betting process transparent in an effort to change how customers perceive the BetFi ecosystem. Dexsport is emerging as an industry leader when it comes to enticing GameFi and BetFi products by continuously creating new tools, games, betting opportunities and systems, and ways to entertain users.

Their latest endeavor proves just how technologically advanced Dexsport has become by using the cutting-edge unparalleled Blockchain Contests and Reward Distribution platform SoGraph.xyz to inaugurate their latest and biggest community event – The Dota 2 International Betting Contest.

The greatest Dota 2 teams this year will compete against one another in a series of intense matches for the Aegis of the Champions – the full scale, real life replica trophy for being the best Dota Team of the current year. In order to recognize and reward the finest betting experience on the Dexsport platform, the development team has chosen to organize their own tournament. The leaderboard will keep track of every wager placed during the competition.

A prize pool of 1,000,000 $DESU, the platform’s native token will be awarded among the top 10 users on the leaderboard.

How to join the competition?
As we have mentioned before, Dexsport decided to integrate their API with the cutting-edge platform SoGraph.xyz.

In order to join the competition, participants have to visit https://www.sograph.xyz/space/Dexsport/campaign/0m2JnK5bys and connect their Web3 Wallet, Sign the registration transactions and scroll down the page to complete a set amount of tasks like Following the official Dexsport Twitter page before being eligible to start betting on Dexsport’s Dota 2 competition and join the leaderboards.

All the bets and games played on the Dexsport platform done by a registered user will be converted to their countervalue in USDC on the official Leaderboard to keep track of all the betting actions taken and refresh their position on the competition ladder in concordance to their betting volume.

The competition will take place between the 8th of October and 30th of October.

For more information about the Dota 2 x Dexsport international betting competition please visit the official Contest page: https://dexsport.io/dota2-contest/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 11, 2022