Second, after asking him a few questions about his life and views, I would ask him to modify the way Polygon supports communities, which is probably the only thing other chains do better right now.


MaticNews Bringing Polygon Community Together

Henry Ward Beecher, an American social activist during the 1800s, understood the value of getting important information into the hands of the community. He once said that “the newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” Several months ago, Polygon People were given a gift of inestimable worth when the MaticNews was launched, signaling a new era for the entire ecosystem.

MaticNews was the brainchild of GP (Co-Founder and Marketing Manager) and Eve (Co–founder, Graphic Designer, and Partnership Manager), and from its genesis, the project has had a singular focus. “Connecting people has always been the aim of MaticNews,” Eve said. “Community is one of the core values of the crypto industry. Communities are the people who create it and make it function. As a team, we were excited to bring all different types of people together in order to create a strong, entertaining, and educational informational resource for others who share our enthusiasm for cryptocurrency.”

Early returns following the project’s launch make it clear that MaticNews is accomplishing its objectives, as they have become an integral cog in the MATIC Machine. How did this powerhouse project begin? Its roots can actually be traced back to its Telegram community that was launched about 18 months ago and that has quickly grown into one of the largest, most engaged Telegram communities around. How was this accomplished?

The Journey Begins
Interestingly, this leading source of written content actually began as a graphic design project, as GP and Eve used their incredible skills to create telegram stickers, branding for projects, art for NFT collections, assistance with whitepapers, and whatever else was needed to help move Web3 projects forward. Through these interactions, they were introduced to myriads of new people, engaged in countless conversations, and made real connections with the community.

“GP started to create MaticNews to find new alphas and together with this team, a group that has community as its first focus,” said Eve. “But not only a community made of degens and investors but also a community of developers. His previous experience has been the key element to understanding what would be needed back then in a new chain, as was Polygon.”

GP is the driving force behind their Telegram channel, somehow finding the time and energy to send literally hundreds of messages each day to engage with their vibrant community. His down-to-earth, genuine demeanor endears him to others, making him a virtual magnet, drawing scores of people to him seeking support, encouragement, and most importantly, friendship.

“MaticNews was created by real individuals who experience daily challenges and happy and sad moments,” remarked Eve, who is the artist behind the stunning designs on their website and in each article. “Creating a genuine community with genuine stories and genuine enthusiasm—the passion that drew us together—was always our goal. Everything is connected with good tech analysis and research by the whole team.”

Overcoming Obstacles
Launching a project of this magnitude with no external funding and support has been a daunting task, filled with challenges that have tested the resolve of the team. Eve spoke candidly about the highs and lows that the team has faced as they have embarked on this amazing journey.

“Every day brings new challenges. That is the only way to grow, and it is what makes building a project both fascinating and difficult. Also, tough situations build strong people. We learn on a daily basis from our partners, team members, and new consumers. When you make a mistake, you should only do three things: accept it, learn from it, and don't do it again. Failures are natural details of success.”

“Let's be honest, we had many ups and downs with MaticNews: project and client management, team members, and many other things. Sometimes, we wanted to close and forget everything. However, seeing how people drink their morning coffee with the MaticNews community chat, receiving the words of support and appreciation from our partners, and just understanding that some people need us. Simply realizing that some people need us motivates us to work even more for our people.”

Finding the Recipe for Success
GP and Eve have surrounded themselves with a talented team, making navigating the rough patches a little easier. JZ (Community and Marketing Manager),  Ionut (Journalist), Salim (Customer Service Representative), and Andreas (Founder Developer and PhD scientist) give MaticNews a highly skilled team on par with any in the industry. Mixing all of their talents together, the team has found the recipe for success.

“MaticNews is the result of our never-ending experiments,” said Eve.  “Something works, so we use and improve it; something doesn’t, we remove it and find other aspects. You often see these very successful people on the Net, but you never realize the rough side of what they did to reach that glory. We had the opportunity to experience it by establishing and growing MaticNews. There is, nevertheless, something magical. You feel how you get stronger and more disciplined. You gain new perspectives since you are continuously surrounded by virtual people, new alphas, and new technology advancements, some of which are truly fantastic.”

Although there were already a few Polygon-themed sites that provided news about the ecosystem, Eve believes the niche they fill makes them stand out from the crowd. “Every project is an imaginary race of the most original ideas, the most innovative concepts, the most cutting-edge technologies, and so on. There is nothing wrong with this because it advances our goals and makes the cryptocurrency industry more diverse and vibrant. However, we should not forget about people. People are the reason we build the project. We would describe the distinguishing feature of MaticNews as a powerful bond that brings people together. The community where you'll meet friends, potential co-workers, and fresh concepts. Where articles are written with enthusiasm and passion. The community is created with love and joy.”

Although they have made great progress and accomplished a lot in a very short time, the team is not content to rest on their laurels. There is still much ground to cover on their roadmap. Andreas spoke about some of the next signposts on their trek to the top.

“Our main goal is to reach 100 ecosystem partners, which will significantly strengthen the networking infrastructure. The next goal on the roadmap is to collaborate closely with the community to rate projects. The following stage will be to obtain official Polygon support. Although this step is difficult and doesn’t depend on us, it might be a great opportunity for Polygon to have a 24/7 interaction with its finest projects and clients.”

Connecting with MaticNews
GP has a message for projects desiring to be covered in the MaticNews. “Security and potential are the two key criteria for being featured on MaticNews. Both points are crucial because the community is constantly looking for new alphas. Unfortunately, there are situations when this has nothing to do with security. Our goal is to always strive to keep both levels balanced, especially when there are complex projects that need to be reviewed. Sending a DM on Twitter or Telegram is a great way to get in touch with us if you have an interesting project with a valuable team behind it.”

Picking Polygon
Although they have not yet secured official backing from the network, GP has no regrets about picking Polygon. If he could travel back in time, he would make the same choice again. “Polygon was a new chain, and after the BSC explosion, Polygon had all the characteristics to be the next: faster, cheaper, and more decentralized. Communities were still very small and were mostly focused on memes and low-cap coins. MaticNews's focus has always been on more structured projects.”

A Message for Sandeep
GP was asked what message he would deliver to Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal if given the opportunity. In his typical down-to-earth manner, he spoke candidly about his appreciation for Polygon leadership but also about what he sees as an area of improvement as the Polygon ecosystem continues to expand at breakneck speed.

“I'd definitely compliment him on his excellent team and the significant move forward in his life. Projects, in my opinion, are just temporary in the lives of people; what should be really asked in such a powerful personality as Sandeep’s is his mindset and perspectives. Second, after asking him a few questions about his life and views, I would ask him to modify the way Polygon supports communities, which is probably the only thing other chains do better right now.”

Mission Accomplished
The MaticNews website is clear about the purpose of this amazing project. “Since the beginning, the main goal for us has been to develop interactions between projects in order to maximize the Polygon Space and create a true community of founders and users.” Anyone familiar with the MaticNews team would quickly say that they have not just reached but exceeded their goals. From GP’s growing influence in the Polygon community, to Eve’s amazing work behind the scenes connecting projects, to Ionut’s insightful articles, this trusted news source about all things MATIC has already helped scores of projects, demonstrating the power of connections.

These words from GP provide a fitting summary of the motivation and mission of this great team. “MaticNews team is here for you, to be your ally and supporter.”

Written By

The Matic Man

Sep 6, 2022