The starship from the whitelist, presale and launch will reward you $2.1 a day, where the Whitelist has the bonus earnings and the biggest discount.

The WARP Ecosystem and Season 2 Updates Recap

The WARP project is a multi-chain GameFi initiative with a vast ecosystem. An internal NFT market based on OpenSea, an online multiplayer arcade upcoming game created in Unity, a turn-based blockchain strategy game that will be available in Season 2, and other components are all integrated into WARP's sci-fi metaverse with built-in multi-chain interactions through the WARPGATE.

Season 2 will debut with fully deflationary tokenomics, regulated supply and a cutting-edge WEB2.5 architecture that will enable smooth interactions between players on all chains. The WARP Ecosystem will be available on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Ethereum and AVAX PVE and PVP, idle gameplay, racing, quests through expeditions, minigames through the arcade, tournaments with Guild Wars, and interactive Space Lore are some of the new game modes.

Partnership System for the Ecosystem - The WARP Alliance
The WARP Team thinks that the success of the ecosystem as a whole depends primarily on partnerships and communities. As a result, they are constantly searching for new chances and partnerships to complement one another and support the development of strong and enjoyable cooperation between projects.

The WARP Partners community was created as an extension of your community and is based on existing communities. Join AMAs and fireside chats to discuss your ideas. The WARP ecosystem makes it simple to scale and include features from your project. When they announce new seasons or even a mid-season upgrade, WARP can discover ways to integrate parts of your product into the ecosystem if you communicate with the team about it. WARP is also giving your community whitelist spots as well as the chance to participate in the token presales when Season 2 debuts.

Infinite Scalability, Interoperability and Seamless User Interactions
The main WARP Ecosystem is on a centralized server, which allows the Team to launch new games and features without having to install new smart contracts for every chain. The elimination of Gas Fees for 99% of actions carried out within the dApp and the Games is one of the most innovative aspects of this implementation. Another great addition is the way users will be able to deposit funds into the dApp straight from whichever chains they like, like sending funds from Binance, and withdraw them effortlessly to Polygon without using any external bridges.

The WARP ecosystem acts as a center for the quick integration of new games, including partner games that currently utilize Web 2.0 infrastructure into the blockchain environment directly.

One excellent example of Web2.5 is the connection of Web3 assets, like NFTs and tokens, to Web2.0 payment systems. Centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges with onramp solutions, which allow individuals to swap Web 3.0 assets using Web 2.0 infrastructure, including fiat currency or credit cards, are the finest aspects of Web 2.5.

Factions, a novel way to connect with friends and strangers alike
A Guild may be created if the Faction Leaders own at least 20 Starships. By creating a unique system with the Guild Archetype NFT Faction Starship for the Faction Leader who acquires 20 or more Starship NFTs and allowing his Guild to be registered on gDEX, WARP is offering excellent incentives with the pre-sale of the Starships. The Exclusive Faction Starship will have a 3000 Strength and a 100% Reward Bonus. A Monthly Care Package that includes various loot, NFTs, and other stuff will also be available to the Leader.

Players won't need to own a Starship to join these, which were founded by the Faction Leaders, thanks to the built-in Scholarship Program. Faction Leaders will be able to hire players and give them a Starship for the term of the Scholarship or of their time in the Guild.
The Season 2 Alpha
The MaticNews Team was able to Alpha Test the WARP Season 2 features, and we loved it. It was an amazing experience worthy of being called the most AAA Experience on the Blockchain.

You can access the full review of the Season 2 Alpha in our article here

Join the WARP Ecosystem
In a cosmos that is continuously changing, you can acquire your own Starship and travel through space at warp speeds in quest for glory, filled with brand new features, games, and complex yet accessible systems.

1000 Season 2 Starship NFT Whitelists are being distributed by WARP.

Seven days before the mint date, the winners will be selected at random from among all participants.

The starship from the whitelist, presale and launch will reward you $2.1 a day, where the Whitelist has the bonus earnings and the biggest discount.

To enter the Whitelist Giveaway and have a chance to win your very own outstanding NFTs, visit https://warpcountdown.com/

Updates for SEASON 2 Launch
NFT Presales - On the 14th of November and will last for 1 month or until sellout. Both whitelist and public sales will take place on the same day.
Launchpad IDOs - IDOs with various Launchpads from the 15th of November
WARP TOKEN IDO - WARP Game will be starting their own IDO exclusively for WARP community members from the 21st of November to the 27th of November.

Ecosystem Launch - WARP is aiming to launch SEASON 2 on the 30th of November

Project Links
Website - https://warp.game/
Discord - https://discord.gg/warpbond
Twitter - https://twitter.com/warpbond
Telegram - https://t.me/warpbond
Gitbook - https://warp-bonds.gitbook.io/
WHITELIST - https://warpcountdown.com/

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Oct 20, 2022