0VIX aims to create a decentralized lending and borrowing platform, and that's where the $VIX token comes into play.


DeFi Leader 0VIX Takes Dive into NFTs

In the rapidly evolving Web3 world, projects must continually stay on the cutting edge of innovation or risk being left behind. In recent weeks, an exciting movement has begun, wedding the fun and functionality of NFTs with the financial benefits of the DeFi market. What has begun as a ripple may eventually develop into a tidal wave, as DeFi and NFT projects seek ways to stand out in the crowd and bring more value to users.

0VIX, a rising star in the DeFi world, has taken the NFT plunge, announcing an exciting initiative to benefit their ambassadors. In a recent Roundtable event hosted by OnePlanet Community Manager Edwin Monroy, 0VIX developer Ian Flexa gave an overview of the protocol and shared some alpha about upcoming events.

“0VIZ is a lending protocol on Polygon, and there you can supply and borrow blue chips and stable coins and get APY for supplying, and also you can get $VIX mining rewards for supplying and borrowingyour assets. Our goal is to be the the primary lending market on Polygon while supporting the 40,000 DApps in existence and be the native money on Polygon ZKEVM. Our focus is providing scalable and sustainable yieldsthrough the native token,the $VIX token, for Polygon users and across the Polygon multi-chain solution.”

0VIX has made a big splash already in the DeFi pool, no surprise given the strength of their team and their lofty goals. “0VIX was founded by an experienced DeFiand FinTech team,” commented Ian. “The 0VIX protocol aims to bring in billions of dollars of liquidity to Polygon with crypto native as well as institutional focus. We have a lot of features that differentiate us from other lending markets,like dynamic interest rate curves that we innovated. One of the most important also is the veTokenomics, which is inspired by Curve finance.”

0VIX aims to create a decentralized lending and borrowing platform, and that's where the $VIX token comes into play. Once holders have the token, they take part in governance, able for example to vote on different parameters, deciding which tokens get put in the marketplace and the LTV among other things.

While ascending the ladder of the DeFi world, 0VIX decided to show appreciation to a special group that has helped boost them to these heights, leading to a decision to enter the NFT space.

“We have an excellent ambassador program called the 0VIX Chads,” said Ian. “We have 4 roles: the 0VIX Chad, Mega Chad, the Ninja Chads, and Alpha Chads. When you join us as a 0VIX Chad,you play an important role in adding value to 0VIX by bringing our project in front of more people, engaging with the Web3community, proactively providing feedback and input, and making suggestions on on how to grow the economy.”

“We have launched an NFT collection for them with a protocol that does credentials for communities. These are not just jpegs but are managing tokens that that can give people in projects reputations and even rewards. It’s like a membership NFT. We'll give to the Chads exclusive access to certain benefits on 0VIX, which will be revealed soon, so please follow our Twitter accounts and join us on our Discord to find find out more.”

Finding ways to show appreciation to valued organizational members is not a new concept; incorporating NFTs into the mix, however, is. In so doing, 0VIX has helped usher in the wave of the future.

Written By

The Matic Man

Oct 19, 2022