While juggling work, school, and a family, Tyler finds time daily to interact with the Polygon community as well as the LHS family as they chart the course for their future.


Lost Hope Society Brings Unique Twist to NFT Sector

In The Lorien Legacies, Pittacus Lore made this soul-searching statement, “When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.” There is a new entry into the NFT space whose unique lore and approach are restoring hope for many in the NFT sector.

The Lost Hope Society (LHS) was created earlier this year with the intent to create a community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts in which early adopters would receive higher ranking that would allow for discounted perks and free exclusive access in the group. Their website gives this introduction to the LHS realm. “In another dimension where only the strongest survive, the factions are born. The strongest beings in existence claim the title of Faction leaders and are on the lookout for faction members to fill their ranks, all in the effort to reign supreme and claim the title of Leading Faction. Faction will battle. Faction will fall. In the end, All Hope is not lost.”

What is LHS all about? What are its goals and mission? How will this project impact the Web3 space? Tyler, a young man from Wales who is wise well beyond his years, is the founder of the project. Recently, he along with some of his core team took the time to discuss their entry into the NFT arena.

“The goals of the Lost Hope Society are to give our community a safe place to grow, explore, and feel part of a real family, all dedicated to a transparent project where everyone benefits,” said Tyler. “LHS aims to bridge the gap between NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse through our unique Faction-based system and detailed roadmap, all while providing a deep and expansive lore for our community to get involved in and help shape. The Lost Hope Society wants to share our future success with our limited community of 2000 Faction members, giving them all a chance to grow in the Polygon ecosystem and feel part of their own Faction that has a voice in its future.”

Tyler prioritizes helping others and building relationships, a personal character trait that spills over into the LHS community that he has helped to build. Although there are many NFT projects in the Web3 space, Lost Hope Society Community Manager Cory Roberts is confident that their project is unique. “What sets LHS apart from other projects are the bonds or connections we make with our community. We strive to show them they are very important and integral to the success of the project.”

Launching an endeavor without a large team or extensive funding is not for the faint of heart, but the project, according to Tyler, has made good progress. “We have a 5-phase roadmap and are currently in Phase 2. The milestones that we have achieved include our first collection of 10 NFTs named “The Faction Leaders” which onboarded our 10 Faction Leaders. Other notable milestones include the creation of our DAO and LHS governance tokens, which provided a voting system for our community while sticking to our goal of fairness by implementing non-transferable tokens. This means everyone in the DAO holds one token each, making the voting system completely fair.”

“At present, we are in Phase 2, which is our biggest phase to date. This includes the creation and launch of our Faction Member Scrolls, which act as your membership to the Lost Hope Society. We have developed the 3D animated scrolls and have started our WL roll out. Soon, we will be ready for the 1000 scrolls to be minted (250 WL, 700 public mint, and 50 free mints).”

Apart from the challenges already mentioned, there are also the macro challenges that all Web3 projects are facing. “I feel every project in this space is struggling with the market conditions and always alert due to rug pulls and scams,” commented Tyler. “The biggest challenge for LHS has been getting exposure to the Web3 community; however, due to making some amazing partnerships that include Siva.gg, nobank Finance, Centurion NFT, and Powered by Polygon, we have had a great amount of support from the marketing side of things.”

Despite the obstacles, the LHS core team is excited about the progress of the project and thankful for the multitude of positive interactions they have already experienced. Deb, who is the LHS Lore writer, is new to the space but has been met with open arms, allowing her to use her unique talents to the fullest. “Web3 is always looking to bring new people into the space, and the community is always willing to teach new people. I’ve joined a lot of Twitter spaces that are dedicated to both onboarding new people into Web3 and helping people to adapt to new ways of working. Web3 is still new, so everyone is still trying to figure things out as they go along, and, if you have a particular question or issue, all you need to do is ask your question in a Space, and people are very willing to help.”

Dan (aka Munch) the Lead Designer, spoke about the steady, organic growth of LHS that has allowed each new member in the community to be properly introduced, onboarded, and woven into the community. When asked about the best Web3 experience he has had that highlights the importance of community, he quickly replied, “Slow traffic with a personal project.” This incremental growth has allowed each new member to be heard, essential to the LHS vision of a truly community-driven project. “We onboarded community members to the team,” said Dan, “allowing us as a team to gain a perspective from the community, as it’s the community that’s going to invest in your project.”

As they approach their mint in the near future, Tyler spoke about some of the incentives that have been offered. “For our upcoming Faction Member Scrolls mint, the incentives to purchase one will be having the opportunity to choose which faction you’d like to join with an in-depth lore provided, DAO LHS governance tokens for free, a free PFP character NFT when that collection drops in the future, access to the Faction Grant Fund and LOST stable coin, and finally, beta access to our very own Metaverse. We are currently in the process of looking at tokenomics that could be included in the mint also.”

While juggling work, school, and a family, Tyler finds time daily to interact with the Polygon community as well as the LHS family as they chart the course for their future. Things have ratcheted up in recent weeks as they get closer to their mint. Although a decision has not been finalized, LHS is in talks with Polygon-based marketplaces. They also plan to use SIVA Coin’s Engage-2-Earn protocol and no bank’s non-custodial wallet.

Like so many other projects in the Web3 space, LHS decided to launch on Polygon. “I chose the Polygon platform for several reasons, including its eye-watering low fees compared to its competitors,” explained Tyler. “The platform’s development team is constantly partnering with the best up-and-coming projects, and most importantly, I felt the Polygon platform is a family-orientated space that believes we are all in this together. I have never felt that Polygon projects are in competition, but more that they are growing side-by- side.”

Tyler is appreciative for Polygon’s leadership team and has a message for them. “Polygon is the greatest network, and there needs to be a clear connection between the leadership and the projects working so hard in this space! We respect you and thank you for giving us a platform to create in a cost-efficient and safe way. If the leadership embraces the many projects coming together to shape the Polygon NFT/ DeFi space, Polygon will become an unstoppable force built on a mantra of sharing each other’s resources and growing together as a collective while creating unique creations.”

In a world that seems to offer little hope for many, Tyler draws strength from the friendships, connections, and support of the Polygon ecosystem. “Firstly, we’d like to thank our amazing Faction Leaders, Moderators and community along with the amazing people we have met along the way, i.e Tony (Crypto Crew) Brian and Ryan (0xPioneers), Joe and Lars (SIVA), Mario (no bank), and all the other people who have engaged with us and helped us grow. Without you there would be no Lost Hope Society. Secondly, we would like to thank our amazing partners and future partners for taking the time to get to know our vision and wanting to share it. Finally, we would like to share a message to our community that if you want a project that cares about you as an individual, shares in the rewards, and gives you a voice to truly shape the future of a project…. then Lost Hope Society would love to welcome you to our family!

In a world of wars, crime, and heartache, people yearn for a bright light in the midst of the darkness. With the launch of LHS, there is HOPE.

Written By

The Matic Man

Sep 12, 2022