THX Network enables users to unite their off- and online channels around a shared expression of value. Your token becomes the center of your universe!

How THX Networks’ easy as 1-2-3 tooling makes web3 accessible for everyone!

Many creators, brands and other communities are looking to take their first steps into web3, but are unsure of where to start. THX Network has developed a solution that makes creating your own tokens and NFT’s as easy as 1-2-3, bringing web3 to the masses!

Their ground-breaking API enables deep integration with any existing platforms these communities may already have, allowing them to embed gamification elements to drive engagement and revenue. By enabling communities to do so, they can unite their fans and supporters around a shared expression of value; their own crypto token!

THX Network enables users to unite their off- and online channels around a shared expression of value. Your token becomes the center of your universe!

Use Cases
Due to the nature of THX Network’s tooling and their extensive API, use cases are often only limited by the imagination of its users. However, to give potential customers a hint of what’s possible, THX Network has created various presentations that outline use cases for different types of users. These use cases are freely available in their documentation.

Professional and amateur athletes can start using web3 technology today, no technical or programming skills required, thanks to the tools that THX Network provides. By integrating tokens into both their online and offline activities, they can reward their fans for showing up and giving their support.

THX Networks enables athletes to connect with fans, partners and others in unique new ways, offering exciting opportunities for their fanbase and business.

Artists & Creators
On web2, artists, musicians and creators still rely on platforms they don’t own or control. Companies like TikTok, Instagram or Spotify play a major role in gaining popularity, but creators can have a hard time extracting value from them besides exposure. By using THX Network’s low/no-code infrastructure and tooling, they can embed tokens on their existing platforms which enables creators to stimulate desired behavior among their fanbases, even off-platform! Check out the use cases for Artists & Creators in the THX Network documentation.

Community Rewards
The THX Network team is utilizing this technology themselves as well, to stimulate community engagement and rewarding users for their valuable time. For instance, the team is regularly sending reward links through DM on social media, if users complete valuable interactions like retweeting or liking content. In addition, they’ve hidden a few reward links and QR Codes on their website and in presentations. Following these reward links, users can claim a predetermined amount of $THX in their THX Network wallet; a token of THX Network’s appreciation!

Using these rewards helps to create cohesion and a strong bond between THX Network and their community. Ever since its inception, the team has been working tirelessly to actively engage with their users and create a fun and long lasting environment for everyone to take part of.

In total, THX Network has allocated 20% of its $THX tokens towards Community Incentives.

Sales Mining Program
Enrolling protocol users and establishing protocol fees are currently the two most important metrics for THX Network’s growth. The company recently introduced their Sales Mining Program after a successful vote on the DAO. This program encourages everyone to become a THX Network evangelist and inform their favorite creators, friends and project owners about the benefits of creating your own token to engage and unite your community.

The Sales Mining program incentives are determined in close collaboration  with the community, proving how strong of a bond THX Network has with its users. Everyone within the THX Community is able to onboard new THX Network users and be handsomely rewarded for it with an onboarding fee of up to 40.000 $THX!

Organizations will be able to build their own business models on top of the THX asset pools and scale furtherly, as an example: a creator agency can charge a 20% fee and keep it, in order to design and market NFTs for artists or creators that they manage.

Currently there is a 100,000 $THX allowance towards the Sales Mining program to incentivise users to refer and onboard new projects.

People can apply for the Sales Mining Program right HERE.

We think the THX Network has all the right tools and motivations to help bring the Web2 communities, artists and projects over to Web3!

Project Links:
Website - https://thx.network/
Discord - https://discord.com/invite/TzbbSmkE7Y
Twitter - https://twitter.com/thxprotocol
Github - https://github.com/thxprotocol
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/thxprotocol/
Medium - https://medium.com/thxprotocol

Written By

Petrache Ionut

Jul 7, 2022