Assign vaults where tokens produced by the THX Network Dashboard can be distributed. In essence, this is a little section of the THX Network dashboard where you can divide your whole token supply among several balances.

THX Network - An EPIC Roadmap that showcases Innovation

We've been taking a peek at the next product improvements and roadmap that the THX Network development team has been publishing. Utility, personalization, collaboration, distribution, configurability, business, security, and people are the eight topics that the upcoming features are grouped into.

The THX Network team has been doing a great job integrating outstanding features for community engagement and growth over the past few weeks.

What is coming next?


Stripe Integration
For online businesses of all sizes, the Stripe API suite powers online payment processing and commerce solutions. Users can establish conditional rewards for Stripe API interactions including payment registration, checkout success, order added, and many other choices by integrating their API with THX Network.

Giving your consumers tokens or NFTs as compensation for completed transactions
If you run an online store and want to reward clients for completing their fifth order, purchasing a certain item, or making a certain amount of purchases. You can automate the entire procedure because the Stripe integration checks to see if the prerequisites for the incentives have been satisfied.

Conditional rewards for Instagram and Facebook
Additional development of the conditional incentives functionalities on THX Network. People can set conditions for rewards in the THX Network Dashboard so that only users who have met those conditions are permitted to claim said awards by connecting with Meta's API.

Rewarding fans for completing an action
Creators can encourage people to like Facebook posts or follow Instagram accounts. This benefits both the creators (more fans/algorithm boosts) and the fans (who get tokens or NTfs to use in the artist's ecosystems).

Conditional rewards are currently supported for YouTube, Twitter and Spotify.

Token Allocations
Assign vaults where tokens produced by the THX Network Dashboard can be distributed. In essence, this is a little section of the THX Network dashboard where you can divide your whole token supply among several balances.

Establishing a monetary token
It is usual practice to explain to investors what you intend to do with the complete quantity once it has monetary worth; for an example, see the token page on the THX Network website. With the help of this technology, it will be possible to lock particular token quantities in particular pools for particular uses. The actual rollout strategy will depend on client usage and needs.


Trust Levels
Introduces reputation indicators, governance features for pool withdrawals, and further measures to prevent system misuse. The technological framework is still being developed.

Filtering abuse
An appropriate amount of filtering out system abuse or misuse should be introduced via Trust Levels for reward features. The system needs to filter out claims made by bots, false users, and people who don't want to improve the community. Additionally, it needs to encourage excellent behavior and elevate exceptional users by giving them more privileges.

Expansion beyond the currently supported Polygon blockchain to additional EVM-based blockchains. Practical client demands will determine which chain we will enter initially.

Expanding beyond
While the Polygon network is almost unparalleled for its efficiency, environmental friendliness, and cheap gas prices, giving THX Network consumers greater flexibility is always a plus. As a result, initiatives, creators, and organizations that have already embarked on their web3 journeys on other chains can choose to partner with THX Network to engage and bring their communities together.

Deploying your own tokens is currently limited to Polygon and testnet.


Transactional Emails
Implement Sendgrid as a method for sending transactional emails to encourage user engagement in critical areas of the ecosystem.

Keeping your community informed

For any project, creator, or brand, it's important to keep your community members informed and updated! THX Network gives token owners and community managers the ability to automate email flows for things like account activation, received airdrops, and notifications for unclaimed tokens by integrating this capability into the THX software.

JavaScript SDK
For a more branded experience, developers can incorporate THX Auth and API capabilities with this software development kit.

Technical Development
Makes it simpler for developers to deal with the THX software and incorporate it into their current platforms thanks to the JavaScript Software Development Kit. This will include features that provide clients' developers more flexibility to use customization choices, like a unique login screen.

Hosted Wallets
Allow you to set up your own (sub)domain for the wallet app using a personalized Dashboard UI (e.g. wallet.community.com).

Branded Experience
By adjusting wallet settings in the THX Network dashboard, community leaders may give their customers a better branded experience. When customers access their wallet through the custom domain, this functionality makes it possible to apply custom backgrounds and logos.

Custom Single Sign On
In addition to the previously accessible Google, Spotify, and Twitter Single Sign on, give customers the option of using their own SSO solutions.

Easy login and account creation
SSO makes it simple to create new accounts and login using existing credentials. By giving members of your community the opportunity to log in using your community's or organization's credentials, you foster confidence and make it simple to compare data with internal systems.


Access Management
Invite additional accounts to access your dashboard. Permit collaboration on the management of your tokens, awards, NFTs, and other essential features while allowing for various access levels.

Different accounts and access levels
The necessity for numerous users to work together on a project will increase as the teams that oversee tokenized marketing initiatives expand. The THX team will provide strategies enabling teams to collaborate on the same project while utilizing various accounts and access levels, as sharing accounts is not advised.

Withdrawal Governance
The managers of pools may work together on withdrawal governance. Enable the designation of specific wallets as managers, who must consent to reward withdrawals before a user can withdraw a claimed reward.

Consensus Mechanism
With the help of this capability, collaborators, community members, and fans can distribute tokens in a way that promotes consensus. In a blockchain, distributed nodes come to an agreement on a single network state through a consensus method, which is fault-tolerant. This means that in the instance of THX's Network, several power users must consent to a transaction before the end user is given the tokens. For instance, payment with tokens won't happen until all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome.


Token Swaps
In the THX Network Web Wallet, enable token swaps according to predefined criteria. Any swap's specifications, such as a multiplier (for example, token A is worth four times token B) and the token address it can be exchanged against, can be established by the pool owner.

Create Value
Build worth with (and for) your partners! Let's imagine that you watched the newest Marvel movie and received 1000 tokens from your neighborhood theater. Based on the utility value of their partners' tokens and redeem choices, the theater has set up token swaps for their partners' platforms in their dashboard. Through this, users can exchange their $CINEMA tokens for other tokens, such as $POPCORN, $BEER, or $STUDENT. Allowing members of your community to use their tokens in the ecosystems of your partners (and vice versa!)

Cross Chain Payments
The THX Network is planning on having a multi-chain future and is keeping track of possible EVM-based blockchains. They are experimenting with using the Polygon POS bridge to enable ERC20 payments into THX Pools on layer 2 Polygon from layer 1 Ethereum, thus the initial steps toward making this happen have already been taken.

Multi Chain
Providing more flexibility for customers is always a positive. This also allows projects, creators and organizations that have already started their web3 journey on other chains to adopt THX Network as their partner for engaging and uniting their communities.

Chat Bots
Although THX Network already has built-in support for Discord and Slack, they choose to move forward with adding and improving those capabilities because of the low demand for them.

Automation through bots
Although there are countless applications, chatbots are typically used to automate routine tasks. Users can give each other rewards (tokens or NFTs) by using certain emoji reactions, or you can keep track of which members of your community are the most active and reward them accordingly. You can use bots to automatically reward users for being active in Discord communities.

NFT Authorization
To gate content sections in software or on websites, provide an SDK that uses the THX login system to validate NFT ownership. Accordingly, people who possess specific NFTs can log in using their THX Network credentials to gain access.

Exclusive Content
Based on the NFTs that members of your community have in their THX Network wallet, offering them access to special material, experiences, or features. Consider that you want to encourage offline event attendance and thank your devoted followers for attending. In order to thank attendees for coming, you produce an NFT that users can only redeem during the offline event. You develop an exclusive NFT owner-only pre-registration area on your website for a future meeting, enabling your engaged community members to once more acquire a front-row seat.


Saas Checkout
Create an automatic checkout system for free and paid accounts. The THX Network payment gateway and (for instance) a USDC pool for cryptocurrency payments will be available as payment options.

Decreasing the difficulty for paying customers to switch from a basic to a free account.

Know Your Customer - KYC
Implement a thorough KYC routine in the authentication environment on the account page.

KYC Implementation
Know Your Customer (KYC) standards are used in the financial services and investment sectors to confirm customers' identities as well as their risk and financial profiles. Although most of our current clients won't find it useful just yet, we've chosen to put it on the roadmap so that we can offer it to users in the future.

We think THX Network is on the right path when it comes to being the most proficient integrator of Business-to-User reward programs and engagement implementations. We’ve had the opportunity to test out some of the features ourselves and simply getting rewarded for engaging with the project or just being a fan, is a feature that should become the standard of any existing or upcoming protocol seeking to improve retention and approval.

For my part as an user, I would definitely remain loyal to an artist or a creator that values my interactions and interest by personally rewarding me and other fans for simply supporting him. And I am definitely more interested in taking part in projects that have a strong bond with the community.

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Petrache Ionut

Aug 29, 2022